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    Under 20s

    Was Ryan Christie involved?
  2. Forget El Classico on tonight - as we had ElKessocko!
  3. http://www.pieandbovril.com/spl-news-and-views/627-coldfirm-review
  4. New nickname for County - the Fios! Shadow Dwellers
  5. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/video_audio/173548.html
  6. I.C.T - 2 The Village People -1
  7. http://www.facebook.com/CaleyFans Expecting a full house now!
  8. School kids and I.C.T youth getting some of section A.
  9. I.C.T clearly winning the tug o'war!
  10. Persuaded 5 others to go now. Is it defo all ticket? Will there be a turnstile open to pay at gate?
  11. Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  12. Great to hear that you're both "doing your bit" ferben94 and caleycalum. I've persuade 2 lapsed attenders to go along. Hopefully many others will do the same!
  13. Huge game on Friday - we all know that. There will be a large support for County. We all know the south stand will be swathed in gadjicoff. Shame they'll be crying at the end of the game when I.C.T gain another three points, following up three today V United.Hopefully there will also be a large, vociferous I.C.T support. In an attempt to make the home support as large as possible I am hereby urging ALL I.C.T supporters to bring a mate. Perhaps someone who has attended games in the past but has lapsed recently or someone who likes the idea of having after game pints - anyone and everyone who ha
  14. No it doesn't mean it was empty. Who said it was? Not me, I said that one table had been booked which is factual. You ask me to read the other threads and I'll see that you're not the only one saying it. No!
  15. What a load of tosh. So how many tables were actually booked according to the ever wise you?
  16. On as usual but sadly only 1 table booked.
  17. By all accounts County have sold out all their hospitality packages right up until Christmas.
  18. . . Back when Aberdeen were sucsessful, they played to nigh on 24 000 for most home games, Don't think so. Average gate was about 14000.
  19. But that's where inconsistency and discrimination creep in and cause problems. Are you saying it's OK for a dad with a young child or for a "respectable" looking middle aged lady to be allowed to break the rules but not a group of perfectly decent youngsters who are wearing team shirts. If stewards use what they think is common sense and initiative it will mean that some supporters will get annoyed not just because a silly rule is being enforced but because the steward has made a judgement that the person they have targeted might just be the type of ned who will throw a bottle onto the pitch
  20. I think you draw the line at common sense and using your initiative.
  21. ......and we wonder why attendances are reduced.
  22. At least there is an effort though. Imagine what the crowd would have been otherwise.
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