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  1. I live in France and have supported Caley since the days of Bobby Bolt et al.  I don't get all the latest gossip but it seems to me that everything is based on "cheap".  Foran well meaning but not too god butr  no corage to sack him until it is too late.  Owain Fon Williams still on the books, still being paid I imagine but we still sign a cheaper option although still paying Fon Williams and now we let Draper go so that we can sign another cheaper option.......or am I just totally wrong??

  2. brianm6261

    New Manager

    Daren Dodds on a one year contract with options at the end of the year, The Board has to free up some money to make sure we get the best available and who want to play in he Championship!!!!!
  3. brianm6261

    All give £100

    Finance will be required next season and we should be very grateful to the business men who finance the club but it should also be up to "the little guys" also. If every true fan, or almost true fan gave £100 - everyone who went to Hampden for example - it would add a reasonable amount of money for the Championship challenge. It would need some organising. They could also speak to the local shops bars and businesses.
  4. brianm6261

    Who should we keep, who should we punt?

    Finance counts but if we want to get back up at the first time of asking we should try to keep the best. Maybe Foran was one of the bad apples????
  5. brianm6261

    Richie Foran leaves the club.

    Foran going is only good if they get the right manager and are willing to pay the right price. If not I will do it for nothing because basically I am useless and cheap,
  6. brianm6261

    Ownership of ICT stands

    From afar ( France ) the running of ICT seems to be in good hands so whatever move this is I would trust the Trusr
  7. brianm6261

    Caley Fans Love of Iain Vigurs

    I live in France but come up when I can and all in my opinion is that if Vigurs was still with us we would be in Europe now. I still do not understand how we only picked up 3 points from the last five matches ......