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  1. Having been at the game today, unlike some other posters, I felt it was possibly one of the worst performances away from home since ICT entered the top division. We look like a side devoid of a game plan - either home or away. I still believe Warren, Tansey, Draper and Tremarco have the quality to pull us through but I worry where the support staff are coming from? Polworth, Vigurs and Doran certainly have the capability to do well for us but the inconsistency is obvious. As for our attacking options? Since Billy Mackay left we have been a mile off replacing him.
  2. Yes Alex we are playing to a different system - battering it forward at all times and hoping for a break! But as you say not our worst start to the season - however possibly the most concerning? Given our lack depth in the squad, the reduction in home support and the unlikelihood of immediate outside investment as a season ticket holder since day one I feel that the club are faltering badly. I would question the salary/spending policy of the current board/chairman - as somebody recently asked can this club survive on player salaries of £50,000 plus? Older fans/shareholders will remember the days when the club cemented their days in the top league whilst the top paid players earned around the £30,000 threshold. Obviously times change but the club MUST live within it's means and, after the recent cup runs and player sales , to see us toiling in several fronts is not good? For the first time in a long time (possibly ever) Ross County are undoubtedly ahead of us both on and off the field and that doesn't bare well for the future.
  3. Bughtmaster - I have to laugh at ur usual dig at former players - i.e. Barry Wilson & Ryan Christie. Barry was spot on today as that was absolutely dreadful fare and simply not acceptable for a team aspiring to finish in the top six .As an ICT fan from day one I would have loved to have Wilson in the team today. As for your disparaging comments regarding Christie it is quite pathetic that you don't wish a young man who did our club proud in his time with us all the best! You seem to have an awful lot to say on many matters - you must have played/coached at a very high level or are you just another who has much to say with little football experience to support your 'gifted' opinions!!
  4. rimet

    Ryan Christie

    My word - what a heap of nonsense. It shows just how little the fans who post on here really know about the club. Ryan Christie first and foremost is/was an ICT fan who has watched more ICT games than most posters. Due to his father having an( unsuccessful time) at Glasgow Celtic he obviously had a connection with that club and went to watch them on occasion. He obviously wants to test himself at the highest level and sees Celtic as a step in that direction. And who can deny him that chance? Would our fans prefer him to stay at ICT and walk out the door for nothing in a couple of years? (Shinnie/Ross/Rooney/Hayes etc.). We have gained the largest transfer fee in the clubs history - if the board have not had the foresight to spend this wisely then surely that is a worth more discussion than Christie saying he is a Celtic fan? Which I am not sure he is? It should also be noted that Christie, Ross and Shinnie could potentially still be ICT players if the board/chairman did not take them for granted and put others in front of them when it came to contracts/financial offers in the past few seasons? Again something our fans know little of but would be astounded at.( I know Nick Ross's father well and know how disappointed he was at the club's offer to retain him). Football is a fickle business and whilst I am unsure whether going to Celtic is the right move for Christie I would thank him for his huge contribution to the club and will look forward to cheering him on next Friday against Hearts.
  5. rimet

    Ryan Christie

    Agree with much of whats been said. Whilst Christie would certainly be a loss he wouldn't be irreplaceable IMO. Also agree with Kingsmills in questioning why the Chairman/Board have not already extended the young player's contract given his obvious potential and his contribution over the past 12-18 months. I am led to believe that Christie earns a fraction of what the other first team players earn and would hope that this is not the reason for the board to be dragging their heels on a new deal? As for transfer fees this would very much depend on which club, if any, makes a firm offer and as PerfICT alludes to what league any potenetial buying club play in.
  6. Totally agree 12th Man - the smart alec comments from Renegade etc. do little to give the young man or the club much deserved praise. I've just listened to young Christie's interview on ICT twitter and he speaks very well, seems very down to earth and talks about the club in a very positive manner. For our club to have a young player win the SPFL young player of the month and get an U21 call up in a couple of days is tremendous news and I am delighted for him and his family. I only hope he will stay and perform for ICT for a good while yet and then maybe earn a move his talent deserves.
  7. Like Davie I was at the match yesterday and thought we played reasonably well and perhaps deserved to go in at half time in front although would have liked us to have seen us test their GK more. Doran and Christie both contributed well and Christie actually had more efforts on goal than any other ICT player but Vincent was anonymous and Watkins was certainly missed. Billy didn't quite seem at his sharpest but was often isolated and I would have liked to have seen Christie play higher up to get closer to him at times. We looked solid enough defensively until a dreadful refereeing decision by the ref to award a penalty for an obvious dive albeit Christie's back pass was under hit. Draper's red was also very harsh although having just watched the game on TV it was perhaps over aggressive from him but surely just a yellow? We have played an awful lot worse at McDiarmid Park but we badly need a result in our next two matches which won't be easy. With regards to the team/shape next weekend I would like to see Doran, Watkins, Christie and McKay in the starting line up which would give us real attacking threat and with two defensive midfielders in front of our back four it would allow for enough defensive cover. Four points or more in these two games would surely see us in the top four going into the new year which would be a real bonus and hugely commendable.
  8. Terrific recognition for one of our own and well done PerthICT for finding this as I didn't even know such a list existed! I also agree with points that Caleyboy and Doofers Dad mention when they state that they hope the club looks after young Christie, develops him and maybe, just maybe reaps some future reward in the transfer market. Alex Jones suggests that Christie's future will depend on his work ethic/lifestyle but from what I've read from messrs Butcher, Malpas & Hughes on several occasions is that Christie's attitude & workrate to training & games has been first class but maybe Alex knows something they don't? Having met the lad in hospitality at the stadium he seems a very grounded and pleasant young man and for me and many, many other season ticket holders in the North stand he has been a welcome breath of fresh air at the club in the past twelve months! Well done young man and I sincerely hope you get the chance in the future to show your talent at an even higher level.
  9. Certainly wouldn't be swapping Christie for Sekajja whether he is fit and raring to go or not. Christie, along with Watkins, were the main reasons we got such a positive 2nd half display against Ross Co and both certainly deserve to start on Saturday. If anything I would hope that Yogi might go with one 'sitting' midfielder and not two. Brill Raven/Draper/Meekings/Shinnie Tansey Watkins/Williams/Christie/Doran McKay. Draper has certainly not been at his best in the last two matches and Williams might offer more flexibility although I also feel that Aaron Doran also needs to contribute more than he has in the last two matches.
  10. Having spoken to Ryan's father in the past two weeks I know for a fact that his wish is for Ryan to stay and try to develop as a player at ICT over the next season or two at least. He is extremely proud that Ryan has done so well at the club but one of his main reservations is the potential 'pressure' on him from ICT fans and the obnoxious comment from Alex Macleod earlier in this thread perhaps backs up his concerns. Having met Ryan on a few occasions I must say he is a very pleasant, level headed young man who has a real desire to do well for his home town club and I for one wish him all the best.
  11. rimet

    Ryan Christie

    Chicory Tip, Brilliant Ten 4. Fantastic news for the club and good to listen to Christie juniors' interview on the club twitter - seems like a very level headed young man. Sincerely hope he fulfils his real potential and agree with Caleyboy that he's possibly the brightest young player the club have ever produced. Also had a chuckle at Iamthecaptain1! - 'decent wee player'! what an understatement and perhaps indicative of how little some fans value top notch home grown quality. If the club can get Graeme Shinnie to sign up longer term I feel the future could be very bright for the club.
  12. Renegade I certainly don't 'dislike you' as I have no idea who you are? My reservations concern your posts regarding the team performances. If you regard Watkins performance as being 'quite good' and Dorans display as acceptable that makes little sense. I think it's superb that you attend almost every match and are a regular season tkt holder but I would ask why you would not feel secure enough in your posts to use your name. In fact would this web site not be a better place and more beneficial to the club if we all used our real names and we all(myself included) had the balls to stand up and be honest when we posted opinions on the club?
  13. rimet

    nick ross

    Forres Jags - another positive post??? Many managers throughout football make substitutions with minutes remaining to 'break up the game' and run down the clock. Especially when their team has several first team players missing through injury or suspension as was the case today. If you think Nick Ross's performance's of late have deserved a starting slot you are delusional.
  14. Having watched the game I thought the team did very well considering we had 4/5 first team regulars out! Unfortunately the consensus on this site seems to lean towards the negative aspects of the game - definitely not a positive but certainly the easier way to go. There was certainly signs of Hughes' new methods taking shape especially first half and Williams, Tansey and Christie did very well. Sadly Doofers Dad, Renegade, Kingsmills etc. will thrive on the negatives and have a field day that we didn't beat a team that pay over twice our average salary and have over twice the number of season ticket holders than ICT enjoy? But moaners will be moaners!
  15. I would ask Renegade and Kingsmills to have the 'balls' to give their names on this web site as they seem to have negative posts on almost everything. Renegade thinks Christie should have been subbed after an hour because of fatigue??? can he please tell me what Watkins or Dorran contributed in the match or does he think their contribution to the team was acceptable?