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  1. Im probably his biggest fan, but am I the only one who thinks Greg Tansey is well overdue being dropped? He hasn't been himself since the Aberdeen saga. Consistently gives the ball away, offers very little protection to the back four, set pieces are consistently poorer, and just lets games pass him by. He used to be the anchor who everything we did flowed through - now he hardly looks for the ball! I find it particularly peculiar as personally I rate Liam Polworth as our top prospect - shifting him out wide to accommodate an ineffectual Tansey seems bizarre, especially when it means dropp
  2. I agree. I sit in section E of the main stand and am probably the only person who will be remotely alive so Yogi will hear me!
  3. I can't help but feel ashamed of the managements decision regarding a fantastic servant who has already expressed a desire to stay. I think the management owe us, the season ticket holders, an explanation at the very least as to why he hasn't been offered a new deal as he is a key and very popular figure at the club. Is there any way we, as fans, can show our displeasure? He has just favourited a tweet of mine saying I'll vent frustration at the management!
  4. Just because he wasn't at his best at the beginning of the season does not undermine his importance to the team. Funnily enough our worst run of form coincided with his worst run of form. Don't see in any way how that is relevant, just because I don't think he was at his best at the start of the season doesn't mean I don't rate him. If anything it shows how high a standard the player has set himself at.
  5. I hate to say it, but if Tansey leaves we are genuine relegation candidates. He's so integral to everything we do. £200k is a pathetic transfer fee in relation to his importance. Should be learning from what's happened at Dundee United what happens if you sell your top players in quick succession. I'm utterly deflated.
  6. Not decided whether I'm going or not yet - but my team would be, bearing in mind how physical Hearts are; OFW; Raven Warren Devine Williams; Polworth Draper Tansey Roberts; Mutombo; Storey. Really want to see Roberts given a chance
  7. Between Miles Storey and Liam Polworth for me. Tansey was really poor at the start of the season and hasn't been anywhere near his best. Literally every other player has been injured/inconsistent, hence the underwhelming season so far. Danny Williams has probably been the most consistent alongside OFW but neither have been anything spectacular.
  8. Lewis Grabban couldn't get in the Motherwell team once upon a time. He's just signed for Bournemouth for £8 million. The quality of a player can only flourish within the right environment. Connolly looks a prospect and we could do a lot worse than giving someone like him a chance
  9. John Hughes confirms Stokes will not be joining Caley on loan, according to the BBC's Martin Dowden on Twitter
  10. I think people are panicking too early. I'm far from a happy clapper, and although I understand the frustration, things are not as bad as being portrayed. Barring two stupid last minute equalisers, our very patched up side which started the season would have us sitting outside the top six only on goal difference. The margins in this league are very small, as outside of Celtic and Aberdeen(and arguably Hearts) there is absolutely nothing between the rest of the sides. If we can bring in a striker, get the likes of Meekings, Vincent and Roberts(who I'm really excited by) back as soon as possible
  11. I see Billy Mckay has been dropped from the latest NI squad. At least his bank balance has grown though... There's more to life(and career!) than money
  12. Fresh rumours today of a £500k move not down South, but to Celtic. Wherever he ends up(hopefully still here) all the best to him, cracking player.
  13. Fon Williams; Horner Draper Devine Raven; Polworth Tansey; Mutombo Christie Williams; Lopez. Polworth deserves a chance in the team IMO, been really impressed every time I've seen him.
  14. I'm not suggesting the concerns aren't reasonable, it's clear we need huge improvements, however I feel that it's being blown way out of proportion. Celtic would struggle with the amount of first team injuries we have! I feel last years 'history' is very relevant. All but Watkins, Ofere and Shinnie that started that game are still at the club and surely past success should teach you to have faith in our quality having seen what our players are capable of?
  15. Think a few of you need to watch this and relax. We were abysmal on Saturday and our lack of goals is concerning, but it's times like these we need to get behind the club we love and be real 'supporters'. http://youtu.be/rBLGZ0EwF1w
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