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  1. That makes a lot of sense. England has announced up to up to 50% of capacity or 4000 outdoor, whichever is lower, for the equivalent tier there, presumably variable according to capacity and the need for social distancing.
  2. Hard to tell if Keatings’ corner crossed the line. MacGregor and Deas were closest and both felt it had.
  3. Report on club website: https://ictfc.com/match-report-ictfc-2-0-raith-rovers-21-11-2020
  4. I have had a reply at 1341 from Luca Rossi, copied time Keith Haggart. As he seems to take an interest, in case anyone needs it, his e-mail is [email protected] His reply read: Hi Robert Hope you are well. I an aware of the ‘genetic error’ message that seemed to appear for a large number of fans yesterday. I am currently working with our technology partner, StreamAMG, to get to the bottom of what happened. It is extremely frustrating as despite testing going well throughout the week the issue only became apparent slightly before kick off. This is completely unaccep
  5. I was in the e-mail header to get the 1613 time. My reference to 1616 and yesterday was what the e-mail listing was showing In my in box yesterday and now today. So, yes, I know 1613 is the time they sent it and the SPFL cannot deny that or try a smokescreen. That said, I agree with your final sentence about not discussing further how e-mails are laid out, but will share any response I get to the e-mail I sent them last night, as we have a right to know what went wrong, how it happened and what has been done to avoid a repeat for us or any other club. I copied the club in on it and
  6. Good to finally see the first goal! Two nicely crafted and well finished goals.
  7. Fair enough, transformed maybe overstated it a bit, but we did seem to have overcome the issues from the first two games, and then get landed with this. We still need all the income we can get so hopefully the club can instil confidence in the system for both home and away fans, and we don’t lose what pay per view custom there is.
  8. It shows 1613 in the header on the one I received. It also shows as 1613 in the reply I sent last night so they cannot dispute the time it was sent. I will let you know if I get a reply. Not holding my breath. Its a shame this has overshadowed a great performance and result.
  9. I have sent a strong e-mail to Luca Rossi at the SPFL, copied to Keith Haggart, ICT’s Commercial Director, in response to the e-mail I received with the back up log in details at 1616. In it, Salinger with referring to the AI issues from the first two games, I have said the SPFL needs to publicly state today’s issues were not the fault of the club. I doubt I will get a reply but it made me feel better. Perhaps others can do the same? It is great to read the feedback from those able to attend today.
  10. If people got tickets but did not tell the club they couldn’t attend, in my opinion they should be excluded from all ballots until normality returns. Many of us would have been delighted to get a late contact with the chance to attend today.
  11. We need to highlight on those forums that today’s problems were down to the SPFL and that our offering has been transformed since the first couple of games. The club needs all the income it can get, and hopefully as our next home game is three weeks away, it doesn’t deter Dundee fans from giving us their money.
  12. They were swapping a bit during the bit of the stream I saw. Sutherland was on the right quite a bit, but all the front four seemed to be mixing it up. At one point both Storey and Sutherland were wide.
  13. Can we vote if we had the live stream issues and missed most of the first half?
  14. Had a very nice meal there once a few years ago when we just missed the ferry and decided to eat and get a later one. Great views too.
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