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  1. Semi will be against Brora, Clach or Fort William.
  2. Final score 5-1. Seemingly they have won 5 NoS cup games since they won their last league game! So it is Brora, Clach or Fort William in the semis for us!
  3. Clach beating County 2-1 as things stand.
  4. 5-1 with a double for Jack Brown. Taylor has got the other three: think he was in the documentary on tv.
  5. Hope they can take their cup form into the league: 4-1 up.
  6. Fort William 1 up at Rothes in the North if Scotland cup.
  7. Hope the youngsters get Fort William through tomorrow evening.
  8. Surprisingly strong team: hopefully not a bad sign that we are only 1 up at half time. Great to see Welsh featuring. Hopefully he is close to full fitness.
  9. Gringo, the Dundee game has closed to predictions a week early.
  10. That’s a real shame for Daniel. He has had a rough time with injuries and now this. Hopefully it is a clean break to minimise his recovery time.
  11. Sadly both lost 1-0 at home. At least Fort William only lost 1-0 so clear signs of improvement!
  12. What’s the story here? Trafford was on the bench last weekend. Have we let him go?
  13. Daniel was on MFR this morning, clearly relishing the game time at Elgin and his goal. I think the loan will do him the power of good. Hope he avoids injuries and comes back in January and starts to fulfil his potential and become a first pick for us.