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  1. Very sad news. Going ballistic was a great history lesson for me when I first started supporting the club and I was delighted when I got milestones and memories for Xmas which was another fantastic edition and they will represent his legacy and always remain important history for the club. RIP Ian
  2. Haven't posted here much this year due to the madness we find ourselves in. Been over a year since I've been over and I don't half miss it. Cant wait until the day I can walk through those gates again. Hope all of the ICT family have a great Christmas and a happy new year
  3. Ordered my shirt today. Best design in a few years, can't wait to strut around Belfast in it. Many folk over here alway confuse my ICT shirt for Crystal Palace ones and it gives me the opportunity to spread the caley about when asked about it
  4. The title was gone a long time ago. The difference has been they are consistent. We have dropped way too many valuable points this season and yesterday was more about pride than anything
  5. More disappointed than anything with last night's result. We played well and certainly deserved the draw. What annoys me is we just can't get a result against this lot. They have lost to Alloa and Arbroath this season but we just can't seem to get over the line against them. We will be doing well finishing second at the rate we are going. Entirely our own doing too, our inconsistency this season has been nothing short of astonishing
  6. Hopefully there wont be any issue and the game goes ahead. I get spoiled in the next few weeks with ICT games being on TV would be gutted if this gets called off. Need a big response against this lot they have hammered us this season it would be nice to get a much needed result against them. Certainly a more important game for us rather than them I'd say
  7. I haven't been on in a while but thought I'd report that Curtis Allen has left glentoran back to Coleraine on loan until the end of the season and then signed a 2 year deal with them next season on. He spend most of this season at the glens injured and only played a few games. Gutted to see him go. He carried the team single handed at points in the last few seasons
  8. A much needed result after our recent run. Hopefully that has put the confidence back into the team and we can start to consolidate our position in the play offs
  9. Well looks like part time footballers ain't too bad. That's where we are heading with results like that! Shambolic
  10. That didn't stop queen of the South putting 4 past them. We have pure and simply bottled it play offs at best I reckon
  11. Great result last night. Was fearing the worst after Morton and the recent decent run from QOTS but well pleased we came away with the points. I'm glad the brave 39 than made the journey went home happy. Massive game this weekend now
  12. Brilliant result! Great to bounce back from last week's disappointment. With the Arabs defeat last night that was a Carlsberg weekend. Very happy chappy today
  13. Thought we managed the game well and restricted QOTS to very few chances. Thought everyone had a good game bar maybe white who really should have scored. Vincent, Walsh and Welsh all had a fantastic game and if it wasn't for some great goal keeping and the wood work it would have been more. Thought we played some lovely football at times yesterday too and it was a throw back to how we used to play. More of that in the future please! Had another cracking trip over and I am already looking forward to my next trip over whenever that may be
  14. Sitting in the airport treating myself to a liquid breakfast. Hoping for a big 3 points today. Hear the caley club calling my name
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