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  1. Flight and hotel booked. Bring it onnn
  2. Are we ever going to find out what day we are getting!?
  3. Hampden for me. Doesn't matter the size of any club that makes it they deserve the big day out. Sure hampden isn't the best stadium in world or country for that matter but it's all about the journey to get there and it's a big day out for fans. Just because it might be more empty than full isn't a good enough excuse to move it for me. They don't kick up much of a fuss about queens park playing in it everyone week in front of a handful of people
  4. i would also like to hear of the confirmed day for our game as i have flights and hotels to book too
  5. 10 years off my life after that game. Was near out in the street when Doran bagged the winner. I fecking love this club. See you all at Hampden
  6. Caley do me out of £450 and another trip over 😡
  7. Grim sounding. I guess I was stupid taking us at 2/1
  8. Phew. Gotta love ICT for raising my blood pressure but it was all worth it. Fantastic 3 points to pick up on the road. Be a happy trip back up the road for those brave souls that ventured down
  9. 3-2 making this hard for ourselves. Classic caley thistle way
  10. Had a great day out yesterday. Doran was a good pick for MOTM well deserved he played well and could/should have had more. Fair play to Kilbride they kept plugging away even after the game more or less being over after half an hour, their keeper also pulled off some cracking saves. Hopefully we get a decent draw later and can get ourselves into the next round
  11. Get in!! That will get the lads well ready for next week. It's gotten me ready. Looking forward to getting over for next week's game even more now. That combined with the caravan club getting pumped has made my weekend