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    CEO Stands Down

    Questions then for the selection panel/hiring committee. Where was post advertised, how many applications were received, who did the long listing and shortlisting, was the interview process rigorous enough, were the references followed up on properly.... Oh, wait...
  2. You didn’t use any bullying language, no. Sorry, to be clear, the bullying has come from IHE - it was ok for him to name-call club staff once - calling Terry Butcher a narcissist - Now it’s members of the Trust board, by starting threads to initiate it all. The subsequent escalation of ICT Paisley and then your affirmation, is what had me upset. It has been going on for a while. There may or may not now be a fishing emoji on the next post and try and pass it all off as banter, once again, but it is what it is. There is no such thing as fun bullying and rather than join in or ignore it, I have just said what issues I have against it.
  3. “Vultures, helmets, Ann Widdicombe (!)” I think that it is time for this language to be stopped. However much you disagree, there is a big difference between offensive and derogatory name-calling v appeals for transparency. The Trust and the club have been working together closely on ICT25, bowling, etc. recently. and nothing has been said on here that hasn’t been raised directly with the club and professionally so, without ever being personal. And as for true fans, another issue. Appalling bullying language - and nothing to ‘great posting’ about, is it? Do you see the Trust board you have issue with, or other posters here who have issues with the board’s interaction (transparency), using this language? I knew there was opposition to fan voice and why not, but some are now going over and above and getting worse. Legitimate for people to re-direct the discourse on a fans forum, SLO, even the need for a Trust, hopefully next week at the AGM there can be a long-awaited members forum to get the Trust on an even keel. I don’t care whether a few of the Trust board members are right or wrong, members can direct them/vote them out, but I have zero time with this ridicule and name calling and zero time for the people who do it, members or not, nobody is answerable to irrational bullying.
  4. Ryan Christie on the receiving end of a head butt in Albania match. Getting good reviews alongside... Stuart Armstrong. Shinnie and Mackay-Steven on the bench.
  5. The club are not commenting (yet) on this in P&J. The key insert in their report is “sustained”.
  6. Glover

    Online Shop

    ICT Twitter said August 23rd.
  7. Certainly seems like a win is there for the tacking. More possession, shots, corners. Only behind on fouls.
  8. Glover

    Online Shop

    The Online Shop being down for so long is in the same vein as the poor Hospitality page (below). No pictures? No info? Bit of a waste being in the most prominent website space. Neither reflects the CEO's marketing background or our director Liam's commercial background. These austerity measures being implemented need to be combined with better efforts to increase revenue than this.
  9. From what other teams do, and the path travelled by the likes of the Scotland U21 squad players, it's probably too soon for the U18s up until they are in 20s to be in and about the first team. There will be one or two exceptions but I think once 20-21 we would want to be seeing a good number on pitch/bench. The Irn Bru Cup reserve teams show the gulf, but Robbo seems to have his eye on three for end of this season/next season.
  10. Excellent stuff - we do indeed have a talented 11 at U18. Nice to see Machedo is around and making an impact.
  11. Raising awareness of this and also fundraising while on your own road to recovery is an inspirational thing. You have a city with you on this.
  12. Glover


    Yep, Jordan is joint fourth in the BBCs Top Scorers chart for the Scottish Championship with a goal every two games ratio. If a team was employing a Moneyball approach, Jordan would be in the running and if I had scored and got booed, I'd be non-plussed too.
  13. Calder - excellent stuff. Real attacking potential.
  14. Your Higginbotham schadenfreude is intriguing, what was it? Mine is for Kenny Shiels and his lack of wanderlust to the Highlands. And then had the temerity to apply for the ICT job five years back. Anyhoo - should be a win, Dunfermline are in a rut. Any win is ok. Even 3-2 would be good.
  15. Upon relegation we got 4.5% of the league money for 12th in premiership - £1.07*m, and then £300,000 parachute and £374,000 solidarity. So there was £1.65m floating about before season ticket sales, sponsorship etc. (£900,000 was also reported to have been 'injected' by July 2017) This season we will have 1% of league money for 5th in Championship £237,000* and then £150,000 parachute. So there is £387, 000 floating about before season ticket sales, sponsorship etc. If performance progressive alone exceeds that (in the region of £467,000 according to Falkirk - Partick had it higher...) then season ticket money is vital and, to be frank, the people who pay for the season tickets should collectively be recognised as the club's no.1 priority. *from P&B
  16. Isn’t it more the financial case that between investing / borrowing to get into the Premiership the strategy now is to remain in the Championship, with a largely home grown team, and break even - “sustainable”. And, if the Premiership can be reached on the cheap, once every five years to a decade, so much the better. Sadly, that means waving goodbye to £1.5 to £2m in prize money and instead getting £200k. Our Chairman is a risk management executive and it isn’t too much of a leap to see that in our dealings and I’m sure some agree with that strategy and some don’t. But any season ticket renewal PR next year should at least avoid overpromising and just state the plan ahead rather than muddy it and disappoint.
  17. Vigurs, Draper, Cowie - I fear Polworth will be next come January.
  18. To be honest, the way things are, maybe it is being overly ambitious to have an SLO like Ross County or Partick. I though the SLO was a real tangible thing that (not just in of itself) could reduce the disconnect between fans and the club. Keeping/taking SLO in house and adding it as a role to a full time job, and then moving the website too after so many years, I'm just not seeing the strategy here. Anyway, onwards and upwards.
  19. Our 'strict fiscal discipline' does not lend itself to having a sought-after striker. Captain is 33, vice-captain is two months from being available to clubs, sponsor is leaving, stadium naming rights gone unsold, solidarity and parachute income now well in the rear mirror and a exodus of 1000 fans since our last period in the Championship (a decline over a six year period...). Now we are out of the playoff positions. Need some good news and money - huge infrastructure at the club that needs Premiership money. I think Ross County and Dundee Utd will be in the top two, we have to muscle QotS or Ayr out but need our own Dobbie and Shankland. Need to get a loan or two come January, JR doesn't like them, but unless Austin/Oakley can dazzle in the next 10 games...
  20. One goal wins it now - Daniel on, all to play for in last 15 mins
  21. Absolutely need first team football next season. 19/20 half a season in League Two, half at ICT then 20/21 half a season in league one, half at ICT? This is what clubs/U21 Scotland players have done and why we should be signing them on contracts for three years after U18 season is done - they've earned it. All things equal, should JR really expect anything before 21 in terms of first team? No loans to Highland League.
  22. They are certainly head and shoulders above their peers. How to capitalise on it all after this/their U18 season ends?