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  1. Decent thread! I wish we could recreate the old Howden End atmosphere. Sometimes feel like Juggernaut where I am perhaps berating an official or opposition player and have an uneasy feeling I’m being stared at like a lunatic or being sized up to be sectioned....but I’ll carry on 😆🔴🔵
  2. What's your source Stan? Markarian for here you mean? Acchh Robbo, look at what happened everyone else who left............ 🤣
  3. Jaysus it was all going so well and then someone went off one one. Did we over achieve under achieve or did we achieve what was really expected? I'm slightly confused as a North stander as I am neither a moany old man nor a 15 year old wannabe casual as I can't afford Chivas Regal or Stone Island. But I am a fan of the club and am as p1ssedd of with how it unfolded as anyone. But rightly or wrongly I do think we had a certain spirit about us in the run in which will hopefully kick on in the new season with a couple of good signings. Chalmers away - fine. Coll - maybe. Fine. Money talks, we need to deal with it and Robbo is doing so with the financial constraints we have until we can work out WTAF can be done to engage with the wider community and get gates back up - a different thread, I know. Tired, jaded, long season - that's just me. Back for more next year - already bought my season ticket (different thread I know) and working n being an old moany git instead of just a moany git. #ICTTID
  4. McHattie and all of the 2020 brigade for me if I'm honest. Thanks to Wyness for that 👏
  5. Agreed DD. It's like the old "was a sh1te ride anyway" back in the day. He did a shift for us but ICT will outlive all temporary players hopefully. Personally I think Joe came on vastly as a player with his time at ICT and made the move from left back to centre mid then blossomed. His confidence was rock bottom - from Motherwell I think? - when he came but what a change. Yes a very different midfield next year but might give other players the room to make a role their own. I'm looking forward to next season, I must confess, with perhaps more enthusiasm than had we made the SPL. I think we could do some real damage next season and go up with a consolidated squad and hopefully on a more sound financial footing off the park. Maybe passing RCFC and Hamilton on the way... 🤣
  6. Agree with Fraz. I was there as a guest, there was a FB page and a Twitter account set up for it but yes, it could have been better advertised. That said, it was chocca, a great night and an extremely long Sunday, followed up by a beer fear Monday I think. Ho hum....
  7. Come on Alan, you love Big Jordan really. You're just hiding it really, really well!! They could be a great combo. If Keatings is top scorer, I'll buy you a beer in the Sports Bar at the end of next season. There, it's public.
  8. Oooft to Jockdoonsouth. Tin hat on, ready for the Pro Polly brigade!! I agree, though it's good to see Robbo being proactive and all joking aside, wishing Polly the best at Murderwell. Unless we are playing them and then he can get tae
  9. Could generate an insurance problem as it may be considered as Hire & Reward which they won't be covered for I'd imagine. I know, exciting stuff...... I'm still thinking of jumping in the car if I can clear my desk and if I do, I'll see if anyone needs a lift - possibly two seat going spare. Wonder if you can pay at the gate....nver thought of that. Doh!
  10. Indicative of the apathy which exists in the town. But in terms of PR, a bizarre statement for them to make no matter if the boy supports that lot or otherwise. The Arab fans were all over it though, didn't like allegations about McMullan and Connolly and referred to us as hammet throwers so it was a good bit of sport. But if places like that engaged with the club instead of either ignoring us or worse, would it help? Is it an opportunity to engage with them now to see if we can boost gates? Realise I'm setting myself up for an "all been done before" response but happy to give somebody something to aim at before the biggest night of the season. So far.......
  11. Do feel for Kevin McHattie who had ben having a fairly torrid time with rat boy Tom Daley McMullan but to be fair was containing him with no decent balls coming from the wee sh1te. Unfortunate that the header lacked any power or direction but he seemed to react late as if he wasn't expecting it to reach him. That said, we were very slow to react to the ball off the post, as if we thought it had gone in which we have been guilty of before. I give you rat boy's clear hand ball in the last game where we all stopped but the whistle didn't go. Wals is a terrible ref and wrecked the game against the gadgies too. Arabs are greeting about how we are hammer throwers and Charlie should have been off for various challenges? Perhaps I'm looking through ICT tinted glasses but I don't see it that way. They, on the other hand, spend more time going down that a two dollar hooker. Swithering whether to get down Friday with work etc, juggling now. Genuinely think we can turn them over in scumdee though. Great shift from all the boys, Doran well deserving of MOTM
  12. I just download them to my phone and do the same for the wee man. A tad inconvenient as I need to do two separate transactions whereas before I think I could "gift" a ticket to him but no biggie. System works well and if you buy online it also goes on to the season ticket/ credit card which I have also renewed. An expensive week, now expecting my player sponsor renewal to come in and I'll be greeting! Mon ICT, be happy to pay for a couple of extra tickets for the final....
  13. Mmmm. Yeah, fairly reasonable authority that the house is correct so I wonder. Robbo had suggested that all players out of contract had been offered so I’d have thought we’d have heard about Joe by now. Be disappointed as feel we have built him back up over the last couple of seasons buuuuut I suppose he needs to follow the money.
  14. Shirley Knott RiG. I like Joe, the prospect of booing him next season doesn't fill me with joy......
  15. Soft Pen? Maybe. Offside? Maybe. Do we deserve a break after some of the sh1t decisions we have had against us. Of course. No bus parking Saturday, let's go out and play our game and kill the tie off - sensibly! Was there another game on last night.......?