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  1. Re underhand, undercover board members, I very much doubt that any of us say anything on here we wouldn't say in an open forum e.g. the AGM which nobody seems to know hellish much about? I'm not really bothered about board members being on here if I'm honest as my hope would be that they may actually glean a sense of what the majority are thinking? I use a pseudonym as the forum asks for a nickname when you set up. And yes, let's get Hearts pumped and get to the final against Aberdeen and beat them on pens please.
  2. Will work for food...! 😀 Aye, it's not the glamorous Karen Brady role, this is a CEO with plumbing skills - I think people have no idea what's involved doing a job like this at our level - me included - but we need to take our time to appoint the right person for the role
  3. I’ve emailed also. May not get a response but might get some traction for them to get the collective digit out and announce. About 6 hours ago so interesting to see what their timings are....
  4. For what it’s worth I think the position needs either someone with a previous connection - like a Billy Urq or Jags equivalent - or someone with a far greater business experience and networked to fill the role. I don’t doubt that she did her utmost and was committed to the post, but with a background in PR and a reasonable unknown in terms of football and local business, I think it was too big for her? Anyway, wish her all the best for the future and I’m sure the back room team can pick up the slack meantime.
  5. That's maybe a step too far. Although....... 😀
  6. If we get Celtic in the final would it be bad taste to have a "Josh Meekings was innocent" banner made up? Asking for a friend...... 😜
  7. Preparations underway for departure. A win today? Yes please 🤞
  8. BDU, thanks for your response. Your points are valid and clear. My fear is that if we got PT (or the youth gets chopped) there may not be a way back from that as we seem to be fundamentally unable to get bums on seats. Either of these options may make that even more difficult to achieve and whilst I don't live in 2015, I think that we do have a club to save. As I'm sure we all do. I think between us - board included - with full transparency and engagement we will find a solution. Or I certainly hope so.
  9. Interesting points and prudent advice. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  10. For clarity you’d rather see the club go down without a fight? And a plaque, on that basis, will be of use to no one as the club will be consigned to history. I’m far from affluent but I’m certainly not wishing to see my team disappear. Nor am I naive; I’d certainly look for transparency and a plan as to where the money will go and what it will be used for but in principle I support the idea to crowd fund. A lot of what we shouldn’t do in your post but I’d like to see what suggestions you have to drive the club on. I’m sure you must have some as your posts are clearly well constructed and thought out. NOT sarcastic for clarity. We need input from everyone as to how we go forward?
  11. Ok, but what other spending given the low revenues the club generate? If we lost a back room salary or 2, would this make a difference do you think?
  12. Bravo. Eloquent and factual. We can bitch and moan about the past and who is doing what but is this not a call to arms which, if not answered, will see us facing the reality of no club at ICT?
  13. Look at the numbers though. Let's say 2000 home fans. Not all will be Full price (kids/ concessions etc) so if we agree an average gate receipt of £17 a skull just as an example. £35k for a game. This is to pay operating expenses - catering, gates, stewards, ground staff, management etc - as well as playing staff from FT, coaching and youth/ apprentice. These just don't stack up I think we'd agree and IMHO confirm that the club are not spending way above or on the wrong things - our spend is perhaps aspirational but I don't think any of us want a return to PT football or to cull the Youth? That's why we need to consider SheepSlagger's crowd funding angle? For clarity I'm not on the board I'm a season ticket holder in the family section in the North Stand.
  14. 243 views but only 17 comments, some of which don't actually say if they feel it is worthy of support or otherwise. Mmmmm. Is this call to action to be ignored and post administration there will be lots of whatabootery around why the board did nothing? is this the depth of feeling we have for our club? Not if the last game against RCFC is anything to go by. Or do we as fans "only raise our game" against them the same as the allegation leveled at the players by some?
  15. I'm going Option 1. Said SheepSlagger does seem to have the interest of the club at heart and seems unafraid of tackling the issues. Transparency is what we are all after eh?