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  1. Defence rotten for the first goal. Doran has no left foot that’s why he didn’t score his first couple but you’d think the players would know that and play him in on his stronger foot. Like Keatings did for the goal. Poor day at the office for White but I’ll just casually drop in he was top scorer last season and await the tirade. Poor entertainment but a better start points wise to last season. Play offs here we come......💪😎
  2. What an uplifting place to be this morning. Same as last season surely. But agreed, the Dundee games and tomorrow seem very poor and we look off the pace - surely fitness shouldn't be an issue for us?? Hopefully three points at home this saturday against Arbroath and a decent home support to set us on the right path. Could be worse, you could be at Belladrum.......
  3. Aye was a decent afternoon. Don't think Charlie knows how to NOT compete and I thought he was either going to end up getting battered by Sandy Macleod (who was playing for Clach) or Billy Ferris who was on his own side. Some decent play, savage craic from both dugouts and a sum raised for charidee. All in all a good afternoon out.
  4. 5 points Todorov. 3 Carson. 1 Ridgers. Ref Poor
  5. On a positive note, no cup run to serve as a distraction. A couple of boys from Herchies game yesterday could have done a job for us today....
  6. Agreed. Think he is a good signing or looks it so far. Thankfully. Unfortunately thought Jordan was poor, albeit a dreadful service.
  7. Well that was p1sh...... Think Robbo will have a hairdryer going full blast in 5,4,3....
  8. Just not good enough. Smash n grab for a draw required. Toddy showing impact?
  9. Jesus this is woeful. Bereft of imagination, aggression and constantly giving the ball away. Toddy and Currie but no chance of making an impact. Defence have been sleeping through all the home games too with opposition just getting behind and cutting back. Yet we don’t react.🙄
  10. Decent thread! I wish we could recreate the old Howden End atmosphere. Sometimes feel like Juggernaut where I am perhaps berating an official or opposition player and have an uneasy feeling I’m being stared at like a lunatic or being sized up to be sectioned....but I’ll carry on 😆🔴🔵
  11. What's your source Stan? Markarian for here you mean? Acchh Robbo, look at what happened everyone else who left............ 🤣
  12. Jaysus it was all going so well and then someone went off one one. Did we over achieve under achieve or did we achieve what was really expected? I'm slightly confused as a North stander as I am neither a moany old man nor a 15 year old wannabe casual as I can't afford Chivas Regal or Stone Island. But I am a fan of the club and am as p1ssedd of with how it unfolded as anyone. But rightly or wrongly I do think we had a certain spirit about us in the run in which will hopefully kick on in the new season with a couple of good signings. Chalmers away - fine. Coll - maybe. Fine. Money talks, we need to deal with it and Robbo is doing so with the financial constraints we have until we can work out WTAF can be done to engage with the wider community and get gates back up - a different thread, I know. Tired, jaded, long season - that's just me. Back for more next year - already bought my season ticket (different thread I know) and working n being an old moany git instead of just a moany git. #ICTTID
  13. McHattie and all of the 2020 brigade for me if I'm honest. Thanks to Wyness for that 👏
  14. Agreed DD. It's like the old "was a sh1te ride anyway" back in the day. He did a shift for us but ICT will outlive all temporary players hopefully. Personally I think Joe came on vastly as a player with his time at ICT and made the move from left back to centre mid then blossomed. His confidence was rock bottom - from Motherwell I think? - when he came but what a change. Yes a very different midfield next year but might give other players the room to make a role their own. I'm looking forward to next season, I must confess, with perhaps more enthusiasm than had we made the SPL. I think we could do some real damage next season and go up with a consolidated squad and hopefully on a more sound financial footing off the park. Maybe passing RCFC and Hamilton on the way... 🤣