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  1. Wow, that’s a shocker. What a striker. Best wishes to a speedy and full recovery.
  2. Decent performance so far. First 10 minutes a bit shaky but finished strongly. And cries of ooh to......😂
  3. Great result. Officials really sh1te but does that come as a surprise anymore? We do seem to have an awful lot of decisions going against us without wishing to sound like old firm whatabouttery..... And possibly the coldest I've been at the stadium and that's saying something. Easter Road here we come.
  4. Wow. Still waiting on the post match appearing on social meeja. Poor, poor result and everyone at the game agreed Arbroath completely outplayed us. Don’t care if they’re part time or full time, it’s just not acceptable. Important three weeks coming.
  5. Aye, that was weird. He came on as 44 and then changed?
  6. Trafford was immense. For me, even if Jordan won the ball, where is the second man dropping in or showing for a knock down? Would Toddy have to plough the same furrows? I’m old fashioned, and not that old - ffs get some width and get some crosses in. Had Keats converted from Walsh and made it 1-1..... and if yer maw had baws etc. But yeah, poor today. Utd ain’t THAT good though. If Dundee do the biz next week, the brown stuff gets real again.
  7. All been said. We simply are not able to play out a game so we either need to train in that area of weakness or stop trying surely? To carry on doing the same thing without the appropriate game plan is absolute feckin madness.
  8. Tell you what, if I was a potential investor (read donor) and took time out of my busy life either running a medium to large sized business (which is what you need to be doing to inject the levels of capital the club need, let's face it) I'd think twice after seeing some of the posts and disdain that "we" seem to have for the board, their motives for doing what needs to be done, the way they run the club etc. The cynicism in quite staggering - and I can do cynicism - but some seem to chip away at everything without making any suggestion as to what they would perhaps suggest. We could maybe do with damping things down for a bit and thinking how we could perhaps look to pro-actively assist in our clubs future. Or is schadenfreude the way forward when we go part-time, run out of money, sell th eground and we can sit back and say "See, told you so", fiddling whilst Rome burns. Jaysus.....
  9. I've heard the unfortunate news that Hugh passed away, I believe yesterday. Just heard this morning. Remember him at Telford Street, certainly larger than life. Condolences to his family.
  10. Not good, lost in a poor manner. Yes Jamie had a difficult one but the pass played to him was right in the middle of his feet. Do they not know their strong sides ffs? One poor game had to come, dust off move on. Aye, forgotten how McCall plays the clock....not that Fox needs any encouragement! Just not at the races, let’s clear up the back room nonsense and hopefully the team are still here to get back to winning ways....
  11. regrettably, I have to agree. I have been to the boardroom with clients on a few different occasions and each time I have "met" Mr Rae, it is as if it is the first time - very little p1sses me off more to be honest. Mine is not a big business but I am a supporter and do waht I can. I'm not asking for a man hug and a high five but to remember at least something of those you meet in your own boardroom must be a pre-requisite. Two clients of whom I speak would be MORE than capable of sponsoring the club to a reasonable degree but little attempt was made to engage with them either so I must side with Scotty. Nothing personal against the chap but lessons to be learned by the incoming I think - you have no idea who is able to come up with something that could help the club. And I include, I'm afraid, our CEO in this also - completely blanked in the boardroom.......
  12. For clarity I meant anyone in general, not specific to these two individuals - apologies. However, question remains where is the source? It would be an idea for the board, IMHO, to have a mix of those with cash deposits but also those who can bring some business acumen or connections or indeed any skill that the club currently does not have behind the scenes. This may be naive, but....
  13. I'd love to know what source has decreed that Messrs Fyffe & Dalgarno are ready for the off - is this backed up by fact or just from the rumour mill? Anybody who puts money in to the club must know that they are not getting it out so whilst I am not saying we should graciously accept, perhaps there should be less vitriol around who we are willing to accept money from? Yes, we all have the best interests at heart and would hope that any new "donor" (not investor as that suggests a ROI at the end) has the long term future of the club as their goal but the brutal facts are we need money, we need stability and we need a board who have the cojones to make the hard decisions NOW to balance the books, re-engage with the wider community - importantly Fan AND Business - and ensure that we retain FT football and at least top 3 in the league with an occasional spell in the SPL to boost coffers from time to time? Can't be that difficult...... But please, anyone, don't come in with a blaze of glory on here with suggestions of how to shape things going forward and then disappear without a trace. We need staying power and sleeves rolled up.
  14. Relief. I’d heard that he didn’t have one. Would have been naive....
  15. Late to the party but pretty much nail on head with most. Successive regimes have clattered on about reconnections with both the fan and business community but I for one must confess to seeing very little evidence and I qualify for both. Although not a big business. That said spoke to Dave Mackay at the club and there are various sponsorship opportunities available with vastly varied budgets so a step in the right direction. A good guy. Just not sure if the club are doing enough to get this out there - can’t rely on one person. Think I will attend EGM though as a shareholder- could be interesting......
  16. Defence rotten for the first goal. Doran has no left foot that’s why he didn’t score his first couple but you’d think the players would know that and play him in on his stronger foot. Like Keatings did for the goal. Poor day at the office for White but I’ll just casually drop in he was top scorer last season and await the tirade. Poor entertainment but a better start points wise to last season. Play offs here we come......??
  17. What an uplifting place to be this morning. Same as last season surely. But agreed, the Dundee games and tomorrow seem very poor and we look off the pace - surely fitness shouldn't be an issue for us?? Hopefully three points at home this saturday against Arbroath and a decent home support to set us on the right path. Could be worse, you could be at Belladrum.......
  18. Aye was a decent afternoon. Don't think Charlie knows how to NOT compete and I thought he was either going to end up getting battered by Sandy Macleod (who was playing for Clach) or Billy Ferris who was on his own side. Some decent play, savage craic from both dugouts and a sum raised for charidee. All in all a good afternoon out.
  19. 5 points Todorov. 3 Carson. 1 Ridgers. Ref Poor
  20. On a positive note, no cup run to serve as a distraction. A couple of boys from Herchies game yesterday could have done a job for us today....
  21. Agreed. Think he is a good signing or looks it so far. Thankfully. Unfortunately thought Jordan was poor, albeit a dreadful service.
  22. Well that was p1sh...... Think Robbo will have a hairdryer going full blast in 5,4,3....
  23. Just not good enough. Smash n grab for a draw required. Toddy showing impact?
  24. Jesus this is woeful. Bereft of imagination, aggression and constantly giving the ball away. Toddy and Currie but no chance of making an impact. Defence have been sleeping through all the home games too with opposition just getting behind and cutting back. Yet we don’t react.?