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  1. Hugh Johnston

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Agree totally with you on this IHE. Too many posters seem to have an agenda against the current board. This seems to be that they want the board to communicate on everything and anything even when it isn't required and would add nothing in terms of moving the club forward
  2. Hugh Johnston

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Who said the whisky has to be 25 years old?. All it has to be is something to celebrate 25 years.
  3. Hugh Johnston

    Bairns Away

    As long as we win, I'll be happy. Only seen White briefly but he looks to have better game intelligence than Oakley.
  4. Hugh Johnston

    Hearts Game

    Didn't see the game and only switched on the radio in time to hear Hearts first three goals. Only listened up to half time as had work to do but the commentators seemed to indicate that while Hearts were worth their lead, we were unlucky and had played okay. Whether these comments were accurate, I cannot say but perhaps puts a slightly different complexion on some of the comments posted. To have some posters virtually writing off our season is ridiculous. Results like this happen and our season will be defined by how we do in the league. Judge the team and manager on that performance. One thing that I would agree with is that I think our defence does need some work. I have only seen the Raith game but thought only Donaldson played okay that night. Changes needed for Saturday perhaps?.
  5. Hugh Johnston

    Hearts field ineligible player against Cove

    You've lost me there I'm afraid.
  6. Hugh Johnston

    Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    It's only the second game of the season FFS and effectively still pre season. As long as we win, surely that is the most important thing.