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  1. Hugh Johnston

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    A very true summing up of our season Johndo.
  2. Hugh Johnston

    Angus Beith

    Unless it can be proven otherwise, that is pure speculation on your part. Just look at the injuries Hearts have suffered this season to simply show that sometimes these things can happen without any underlying issues.
  3. Hugh Johnston

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Should also have said that even if we had won last night, I think there would still have been negativity towards the team, especially some players. I really do think this forum has become a whinging for many posters.
  4. Hugh Johnston

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    Spot on tm4j. I am astonished though not surprised at some of the criticism and negativity after last night's game. Had it been us scoring the late equaliser, I doubt there would be so much negativity. This is not the best team we have ever had but it is not the worst either. One mistake last night cost us and it is systematic of our season that every mistake we make costs us big time. The players gave their all last night but for many that isn't good enough. Some have blamed the board for falling attendances but perhaps the constant negativity on this forum also plays a part. Maybe we have got the team we deserve.
  5. Hugh Johnston

    Worrying Low Home Attendances

    There are many reasons our crowds are down but having substantially lower away supports is a factor. Don't agree that the level of performance/results is as big a factor as some people make out. Falkirk reported a crowd of over 5000 for their recent home game against us and they were almost bottom of the league. Not sure what those criticising the board expect them to do as most of the suggestions here have already been tried with no success. In my opinion, the city of Inverness has no affinity for the club. Whether that is because so many people now are fairly new to residing in Inverness and have no history for the city, I don't know but until that changes, cannot see attendances increasing hugely. I also think some fans need a dose of realism. For the majority of our existence, things have been positive but now they are not. Most football teams go through this, even the Old Firm and we just have to work our way through this.
  6. Hugh Johnston

    Vice-Chairman Resigns

    Not sure if anything can be read into this at all. I have known Alan since secondary school and spoke to him in September about this. He indicated then that he would be resigning when the transfer of the stands was completed so maybe that is what is actually happening.
  7. Hugh Johnston

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Just expressing mine, if you don't like it you can red dot me as well.
  8. Hugh Johnston

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Just like your arrogance in assuming that is what SP meant in his post which, given the nature of his previous posts is highly unlikely. There really was no need to red dot the original poster in my opinion.
  9. Hugh Johnston

    January signings

    Don't think so. Looked overweight and unfit and he is playing for East Kilbride for a reason.
  10. Hugh Johnston

    Next Season

    I'll bite. Like the majority of Dougal's posts, it was absolute nonsense.
  11. Hugh Johnston

    Fans Forum

    The issue of why fans no longer attend games is the most serious issue we need to address. No amount of meetings or fans forums will, in my view address that issue fully. For some reason the people in Inverness just do not want to come and support the team. I am also tired of the constant criticism of the current board by some posters who seem to want to blame them for all our current ills. Yes they have made some mistakes but to suggest that it is the board that are driving fans away is nonsense. As for suggestions that IHE is bullying, get real and read his posts properly.
  12. Hugh Johnston

    QOS -V- Inverness CT

    Not only the board though. More fans need to attend on a regular basis to make our finances more viable. Support from the board needs to be matched by commitment from supporters.
  13. Hugh Johnston

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    While I agree that the club has acted appropriately and as quickly as it could, some of the intolerance shown to posters who dared to have a different viewpoint is depressing. It seems to be the way today that tolerance of different views is not permitted.
  14. Hugh Johnston

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Agree totally with you on this IHE. Too many posters seem to have an agenda against the current board. This seems to be that they want the board to communicate on everything and anything even when it isn't required and would add nothing in terms of moving the club forward
  15. Hugh Johnston

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Who said the whisky has to be 25 years old?. All it has to be is something to celebrate 25 years.