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  1. Can't make out all of the text as the quality is rubbish but the back page of the P & J on Twitter confirms the Ridgers move and apparently means that OFW will be moved on.
  2. I wouldn't expect megabucks fees if we were a Premiership club either.
  3. All the teams in the group have agreed to charge fans the same admission for each of the games. A good move from all the sides. http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/prices-slashed-for-betfred-cup-fixtures/
  4. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1269483/shearer-frustrated-did-not-get-face-to-face-meeting-with-caley-thistle/ So folk on here think the appropriate way to tell someone their services are no longer needed is to do it via email and leaving a voicemail rather than have a face to face chat with them? Regardless of how Shearer left the club before two wrongs don't make a right and this is a pretty shoddy way to treat a long serving club employee. Whilst there was a follow up phone call between the chairman and Shearer that doesn't disguise the fact that it was initially handled in a piss poor manner. Yet again the club find themselves having to take corrective action to clear up another PR mistake. We just don't seem to learn.
  5. Irrespective of whether or not we had a development side going into this season to get rid of a long standing employee of the club by email is absolutely scandalous*. *Disclaimer: Again, if this is true.
  6. That's the sole "source". Sadly, as Yngwie points out, it seems Birmingham are ready to listen to offers but apparently it would command a transfer fee of around £150,000. Just a wee bit out of our reach unfortunately!
  7. Have a look 14 posts up.
  8. That's fucking pathetic if that's true. The P & J are also running a story that Danny MacDonald is the new GM.
  9. Excellent prices for the Brechin (and Falkirk) games. Obviously the free entry for ST holders is only for the Brechin game. Good stuff from the club.
  10. Because (some of) these former players are good ones who might be available so they might be considered less of a risky, unknown signing. If we were offered the services of former players like Shinnie x2, Watkins, Christie you'd say no because they were former players? Doubt it. ETA: Just clocked who I was replying too
  11. He was playing at this level last season with Hibs and their fans didn't seem to think much of him a lot of the time. He should come back to a side where he is really appreciated...
  12. Were those colt teams in the league taking up promotion slots from other sides? I've zero interest in watching my team play what is ultimately a reserve side in what is meant to be a competitive league.
  13. How many outfield players do we have signed up? Something like ten isn't it with the potential for some to move on (thinking Draper, Fon Williams here). Realistically, Robertson might need to bring in a minimum of 8 players in the next month. Going to be some task to undertake. There's obviously been a lot of chat about "don't go back" when it comes to managers recently but what about players? I wonder if Nick Ross might return to ICT and maybe we could get Storey in on loan from Aberdeen depending on what plays out at Pittodrie in the next few weeks. Fon Williams Raven Mckay Warren Tremarco Polworth Draper Doran Ross Mulraney Storey Sadly I don't think we can rely on Doran being fully fit all the time so we'd need an extra wide player and another midfielder. Whilst we have Boden I think we'd need another striker and an extra defender as well preferably a CB and LB. I would imagine that some signings will be loans of young lads brought in just to pad out the side as well