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  1. Tremarco out for six months according to Jamie Durrent. Maybe ICTBob can see the future!
  2. At least 200.
  3. As expected Hartley has been punted. http://dundeefc.co.uk/news/club-statement-paul-hartley/ Dundee have rolled the dice in a bid to stay up whereas we look content to fall away into the Championship.
  4. It's clearly a bug bear of his and something he has been punished wrongly for in the past with the Guidetti dive.Pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of Celtic and their fans is hardly tantamount to showing disrespect to ICT.
  5. That was clearly not the point of the tweet at all.
  6. Looks like Dundee are set to sack Hartley to halt their slide down the table.
  7. That's what I think whereas a red card suspension is immediate. I don't know what's more surprising - Sportsound getting something wrong or Sky Sports getting something right!
  8. Liam Boyce is meant to miss the Motherwell game not the derby according to Sky Sports. Sportsound said he would miss the derby but later corrected themselves to say his suspension won't kick in until the Well match.
  9. I had typed something up but I just don't care enough to post it. It's the same stuff most of us are saying on here week in week out and I just can't be bothered to repeat it. Foran never learns and the players don't seem to think they can get out of this mess. Fisher was our MotM and I thought Laing, McCart and Polworth did well. Again, some of the senior players let the side down badly yesterday but given the line up and selection from Foran we were on a hiding to nothing.
  10. Who are these "goal scoring" players and what is this new found defensive strength? I've not seen much of it at all this season. I don't agree with refusing to go to the games because of the manager in general, but that's your call and you are of course free to do that, however I completely agree with the highlighted text. As we have said time and time again we have looked at our best playing a 4-2-3-1 with Polworth spearheading a midfield trio of Tansey and Draper. It's absolutely bananas for Foran to have continued to persevere with a toothless, narrow and negative 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2 however you might see it). We've barely looked any better at the back and we have completely stifled ourselves up front and are even blunter than before. Then we have the bizarre interviews praising the players one week then slagging them rotten the next. Hughes was criticised by many because of his pig headed stubbornness when he was here. Incredible that Foran doesn't get the same treatment.
  11. One thing we simply can't afford to do is concede the opening goal. Our record when losing the first goal in the league is abysmal. We've conceded the first goal in 23 league games this season and so far have never recovered to win. Nine draws and fourteen losses in games when we concede the opener.
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned on here but Willie Collum is in charge for the game tomorrow.
  13. Will be good to have a few extra numbers along and hopefully get right behind the players on Saturday
  14. Worth remembering that the bottom six games all kicked off at lunchtime last year. I wonder if this is an oversight by the SPFL?