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  1. Highland Derbies Next Season

    I think it started around the 12/13 season when we were facing each other in the top flight for the first time. We also had El Kessecko around that time as well which I thought was decent but Cold Firm? Nah.
  2. Caley Stan sums it up well. We dominated the first half without ever really threatening to score the goals needed to put us into a comfortable lead. Oakley was incredibly wasteful. Staggering that he gets a free ride from our fans when Baird was crucified any time he missed a good chance. We simply cannot afford to pass up the kinds of chances he did yesterday if we want to get a few more wins on the board. United were posted completely missing in the first half but the introduction of McDonald at half time and later on McMullan brought them a lot more joy and they had the measure of us for most of the second 45. I don't really know what their goal was like. They had a throw in about 30 yards from goal and I looked away for a couple of seconds only to turn round when I heard the home fans cheering Mulraney and Doran coming on helped us stem the tide a wee bit and get us back on the front foot on a few occasions towards the end of the game but again we didn't create too many clear cut chances to get a winner. And that is us in a nutshell really, plenty of the ball but very poor in the final third. Stan mentions Polworth being wasteful yesterday and whilst i agree I would also say that when he gets into those positions there is precious little movement ahead of him to seek out. There's no Billy Mckay type player hanging on the shoulder of the last defender looking to be played in on goal. Our crossing from wide areas is pretty poor and hold up play by the main striker isn't good enough and we turn the ball over before they get support up to assist. Defensively however I thought we were pretty decent yesterday, certainly less mistakes compared to Tuesday night and some other games recently. Even without Donaldson I thought we coped quite well with United for the most part despite being under the cosh in the second half. Warren mopped up a lot of attacks but Seedorf defensively was poor. Apart from Warren I thought Bell and Tremarco were probably our standouts. Bell brings a real energy to our attack buzzing all over the place to try and support Oakley whilst Tremarco is much more solid at LB than Calder. If we want to win the Challenge Cup next weekend we will need to up our performance again but I'm not too sure if some of these players have much more to give.
  3. United fans don't seem to think this will be on. Lots of water on the pitch that hasn't drained away.

    Andrew Dallas is the referee. *insert angry gif here*
  5. Relegation

    Partick are getting a lot of cash pumped into them from The Weir family who won over £150 million in the lottery. Perhaps not the best example.
  6. Who cares who was responsible. The fact is that Butcher had a system that worked well with a limited budget and signed some cracking players for us. Even when they moved on we still got some excellent replacements which were supplemented with cheap loan or short term signings. Hughes, with a bigger budget, completely failed to replace the good players when they left, signed about ten central midfielders and didn't address our shortcomings up front for the vast majority of his tenure. Your never ending romanticism with Hughes is, to a point, merited. I don't disagree that we will probably never hit those highs again. That said, you are also pretty deluded regarding other parts of his tenure, namely player recruitment, that, whilst an obstacle for previous managers, had still previously been accomplished with much greater success, and with less money to boot, than what Hughes had at his disposal. That failure to recruit well was the start of a slippery slope. Foran though was the catalyst for the resultant downfall.
  7. The way wythank15 talks about Hughes you'd think he was the only ICT manager that had ever lost good players from his side and had budgetary constraints. Also worth remembering that our good form earlier in the season came with a front two of Baird and Bell who not only buzzed about the front line to create and take chances (less so in Bairds case!) but both did a power of work defending from the front which made us a lot more difficult to beat.
  8. They had won about 3 games since the end of October. They were in complete and utter freefall.
  9. Livi v ICT - GAME OFF

    Rearranged for 24th April
  10. Well that didn't take long ETA: I honestly can't believe we're having this discussion again but regardless, HtG nails it for me. Hughes alone is not to blame for our situation but things went into a downward spiral at the end of his tenure before going into a full on nose dive under Foran / Cameron and this season we've totally stalled.
  11. A truly shambolic performance from ICT that should really be leaving fans very worried at the prospect of a second successive relegation. With Dumbarton playing Brechin again on Saturday there's a real chance they will be just 3 points behind us. Forget about possible Highland Derbies next season and focus on staying in this league. Harper last about 3 minutes before going off injured as he collided with Vigurs and a Dunfermline player which led to the free kick which saw the home side open the scoring. Nice curling effort from the right hand side into the net. That was all there was between the teams in the first half with both sides giving the few fans in attendance absolutely nothing to get excited about. Second half was a bit more lively although we didn't really threaten apart from the odd cross or a timid burst into the box before we fluffed a chance. Dunfermline had the best chances and should have ended up winning by more than just the one goal. Thankfully the post and Ridgers denied them. A thunderous Higginbotham effort was the pick of the chances for the Pars but Ridgers made a fine save. Even though the score line makes it look like a close game I'd say we were as bad as when we were thumped 5-1 there earlier in the season. At the back we floated between competent and clueless. Most of the time we coped easily with the Pars attacks. Other times we flapped at crosses and passed the ball out of defence straight to the home side. Polworth and Vigurs certainly tried but mainly succeeded in giving the ball away. Chalmers was anonymous, Mulraney kept running the ball out of play instead of crossing it and Oakley spent most of the game falling over after wrestling with his opponent. We were an utter shambles. Aimless punts up the park and truly woeful attacking play in the final third. There were very few plus points. Ridgers made some good saves and it was great to see Tremarco and Bell back in the side. But apart from that it was a night to forget for ICT.
  12. Livi v ICT - GAME OFF

    The SPFL want the game re-arranged for a week today which isn't sitting well with the club: https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1433248/summer-football-not-guaranteed-winner-caley-thistle-boss-john-robertson/
  13. The Pars have scored 6 goals in their last 9 games so they are pretty shot shy.