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  1. Why on earth would you rather face Morton than Dundee United? Morton are cigaring their way up the table and are looking very strong to finish second. United meanwhile are falling apart and have only won once in their last ten games.
  2. Meekings out for the rest of the season. http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/Sport/Football/Josh-Meekings-set-to-miss-rest-of-season-with-knee-injury-15032017.htm
  3. Will the badge revert to the old style rather than having "Pride of the Highlands" on it?
  4. Retail launch planned for the same month and you can buy the new strip from the club shop. Sounds good. Would be nice to have somewhere in town selling it as well but hopefully that's in the pipeline. Looking forward to seeing the designs.
  5. I see we're going back to Erra from next season. http://ictfc.com/news/club-news/1894-ictfc-forge-new-relationship-with-errea Four year deal, strips out in May.
  6. I think we are in must territory simply because we are starting to run out of games, we have only one win in 17 matches and if the players and manager are to seriously convince fans that we can get out of this mess then this is the perfect time to show it.
  7. This P & J article says Mulraney is likely to be be back in contention for a starting spot which is good news. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/1194098/could-late-equaliser-reignite-caley-thistles-season/
  8. Assuming the likes of Tremarco are back from injury and suspension and we have no other players drop out this week I'd like to see us go with the following: Fon Williams Raven Laing McCart Tremarco Draper Tansey King Polworth Cole Mckay Tough to leave out Warren but he's been so shaky this season it's hard to justify him staying in the side when Laing and McCart have been a bit stronger than he has. Probably just about prefer to have Raven over Brad Mckay at RB but not much in it. Draper and Tansey back in the middle please with Polworth just ahead. Tansey has really come onto a game recently and looks much more comfortable working with Draper and Polworth who will work significantly harder than Vigurs does to help protect the defence. Doran is out for six months and rumours are Mulraney is out as well. If that is the case I'd like to see King and Cole get a start and obviously it has to be Mckay up front. He might not have bagged as many goals as I would have hoped but his all round hold up play is a cut above anything else we have in the squad. Really have no idea how this will pan out. I think it definitely falls into the must win category for us but we've still only won once in 17 games. Hardly the form to give us confidence going into this massive match.
  9. Matchday Thread

    My issue with the offside is that again the linesman takes an eternity to raise his flag. You can see in the Sportcene highlights Anier strike the ball, score, start celebrating with his team mates and in the background the linesman appears and puts his flag up. Ultimately it was the correct decision but why did he take so long to flag for offside? It makes it look like he only did it on the back of the protests from Partick players.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Don't think it was as smash and grab as some have said. I wouldn't say that Partick dominated the game and both sides seemed to have the same number of (half) chances during the course of the 90. No question we weren't great but over the course of the game I think we deserved a point and it is always pleasing when a team who time wastes loses a goal right at the death. I thought Warren was offside but Fuctifano has it spot on with those screengrabs, he clearly is onside when King plays the ball in. Poor defending from Thistle but we didn't really cover ourselves in glory for the opening goal failing to defend a couple of crosses in quick succession before Doolan put the home side ahead from close range. Partick should be a good shout for top six but I get the feeling that if they were perhaps more positive after going ahead then they might well have taken us apart. Instead they seemed to adopt a quite negative approach to the game for the most part. They probably should have had a penalty in the first half when Warren tried to scale Doolan (I think) in the penalty area. I guess the personnel available forced us to go 3-5-2 at the start and we struggled with that for the early part of the game. Warren really wasn't with it at the right side of the back three and Lawless was linking well with Booth on the Partick left. A lot of their early pressing came down that side. Any momentum that Partick had was killed off when Lawless went off injured and we started to become a bit more comfortable after that. Despite this we struggled to really create anything of note save for the offside 'goal' and some long range efforts from Tansey. A lot of our attacking play took the form of punts in the general direction of Mckay and Anier which was not very successful and you could see the former getting very frustrated throughout the game with what he was being given to work with. Seemed odd to adopt this style and not play someone like Fisher or Boden from the off to try and win some headers. I've not seen anything from Anier to suggest he should be anywhere near the starting XI. Vigurs again was poor and, as mentioned, at points he just gave up chasing back. Really poor effort from the guy especially when he's been giving it big licks saying he wants to prove the boo boys wrong and whilst I don't like to see our players getting booed when they are subbed I could see why the fans did give him an earful. That was not the kind of performance we need from our players at such a desperate time. Tansey and Raven did well for us especially the latter given he was on the opposite side of the pitch he usually plays on. I was surprised we chose to go with two defenders to try and provide some width especially two right backs. I wondered if playing King wide might have given us something of a more natural balance in the 3-5-2.We certainly looked a wee bit better when he came on. Given our record at Firhill I was happy to get a point but the performance still didn't give me much confidence going into the next lot of massive games for us. Hopefully getting Tremarco and Draper back from suspension will allow us to get back to a more balanced line up and we can kick on from there.
  11. Yeah signed on loan initially and then signed permanently thereafter. You forget just what a potent attacking threat he once was for us. He set up a load of goals for our strikers over the years. On his day I think he's one of the best attacking players in the league but sadly he's really struggled with injuries int he last couple of seasons. I'd love to see him recapture that form.
  12. Is he not out of contract at the end of the season? I wouldn't be too surprised if we've seen the last of the guy. Such a shame he has been blighted by injury in the last couple of years. Often forget just how productive he was for us in 12/13 (I think) when he racked up something like 15 assists over the course of the season. A lot of those may have been from corners but it's still an impressive return.
  13. Absolutely shocking that a manager of a team is, or rather was in the case of Hughes, having his management style analysed by supporters.
  14. Is King back? If so I'd have him on the bench but other than that pretty much agree with the team Renegade has.
  15. Apologies - edited!