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  1. I was thinking this. We made fun of Ross County for not being able to shift 300 tickets and then we go and do the same. Was it because people weren't aware, didn't want to go or simply couldn't be bothered?
  2. RiG


    If it was even sent from an ICT fan of course...
  3. RiG


    Woof that's Jackson telt then ETA: Whilst not an official "measurement" the fact that this story has barely made a ripple on P & B (AFAIK) tells you everything.
  4. RiG


    Maybe an irked employee of a company who used to do the stewarding...
  5. That's literally why I said "surmising" in my post you've quoted. Ignoring for a moment the travel restrictions and accompanying exemptions you can see why potentially bringing stewards in from an area of the country that is in Tier 4 lockdown might not look as good as say bring them in from somewhere slightly closer that is in Tier 2? Regardless, I agree that any security company right now will be employing temperature checks, masks etc for their staff so whilst the whole thing doesn't look good it doesn't mean that we are necessarily in the wrong with what has happened given the af
  6. RiG


    Reminder that Keith Jackson's Twitter handle is @tedermeatballs which I will forever misread as @tendermeatballs and wonder just what was going through his mind when he signed up to Twitter.
  7. RiG


    Given our stewards typically sit on their arse doing nothing I'd say that probably could be done from home actually.
  8. RiG


    By all accounts no one was "corralled like cattle". Fans, as they had been told, were required to arrive within certain time slots and then had to wait to get their temperature checked before they were allowed to be let into the ground. Bussing stewards in from Glasgow is not particularly smart but security staff are classed as keyworkers so they can move around the country for work though it would obviously have been better if we could have sourced the required staff locally or from somewhere like Moray or Aberdeen(shire).
  9. I can't believe that no company in the Highlands could have provided stewards for Saturday. Even if they were somehow all on furlough options in Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City could have been looked at. To bring people up from a Tier 4 area (surmising here) is mind boggling. ETA: Reminded that security staff are categorised as keyworkers in Scotland so the club might be able to wriggle out of it that way. Still not a great look however.
  10. So who did the Lee Wallace on the club then? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/inverness-face-sfa-probe-drafting-23056998.amp?__twitter_impression=true In fairness bringing stewards up from Glasgow is utterly daft but moaning about being "corralled like cattle whilst having temperatures checked" - you were told this was going to happen before the game.
  11. I stand corrected on the equipment issue in which case it is even more bizarre that the camera(s) used for the highlights aren't used for the main game. We're getting a much poorer product in return. And for @Row S not to have had a reply some 4 weeks after making contact with the club is also extremely poor.
  12. I can only imagine there must be some reason that the cameras on the A9 side can't be used for streaming games. What they would be I don't know but it's a question that's well worth asking the club because the difference in quality is night and day.
  13. I must be honest I am starting to sway towards asking for something back from the club. I was content to let the club have the remaining £80 or so value from last seasons ticket book however I am starting to grudge the fact that, as a ST holder, I am paying 50% more per game than a PPV fan. Whilst it's not the clubs fault that the COVID situation is going on longer than expected (we all hoped to be back in grounds by now!) as things stand I am worse off being a ST holder than a PATG supporter which is disappointing. People have mentioned before about feeling more and more like a customer
  14. Our highlights are up now: What a touch and run by Kennedy at 5:08.
  15. Based on 45 minutes (in case you need to discount my vote later) I went for 5 - MacGregor 3 - Allardice 1 - Kennedy Referee - Reasonable
  16. I honestly cannot think that anyone would believe that the product has truly been "transformed" since the first couple of games. That the camera is controlled manually and no longer follows a bald linesman or focuses on another ball at the side of the pitch is the bare minimum we should be getting. I suppose given the low bar that was set during the first game and what we get now you could argue the change is transformative. Whilst this fault lies with the SPFL the fact is we are completely reliant on their system for streaming games. If the system is shown to be unreliable, misses goals,
  17. They absolutely did not email an alternative link at 1515 Maybe around 1615 they did but the spent the first half asking folk to refresh the webpage and try different browsers when it was evident early on only certain people were affected. The SPFL Match Centre / Pixellot / ICT PPV setup is getting pummelled again on P & B and fans are advising other supporters not to bother with paying for games involving us in Inverness. That's a pretty damning state of affairs.
  18. First off, the continuing streaming problems are a joke. Whether the responsibility lies with ICT or the SPFL I don't care. It's not good enough especially for ST holders who were inconvenienced today when they are already paying more than PPV fans. Second half was a really good performance against a side in good form. I was surprised how well Allardice and MacGregor did in the centre of midfield. The former really has been an excellent signing. Scary to think that he will be free to talk to other clubs in as little as 6 week so we need to get a new offer on the table quickly. He strolled
  19. If Kennedy signs a new deal with Rangers that will probably be a good thing for us as I'd imagine we'd have a better chance of extending his loan deal.
  20. That's not confirmed just a theory that came up in my Zoom chat but weighing up what seems to have happened it is hard not to lend some credence to it.
  21. Stream kicks in just as the HT whistle goes Shove this streaming lark right up your arse.
  22. Again, are the people who are getting "generic error" all season ticket holders?
  23. Good point made in the Zoom call I am in. Quite likely that access to the stream for ICT season ticket holders has been rescinded on account that some are attending the game today to potentially stop someone else using their details to watch the stream at home
  24. So it seems that it is ST holders who are unable to watch the stream? Supporters who have paid a "one off" for the game can watch it?
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