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  1. There's a big old chat about the pros and cons of McCann in the latest episode of The Wyness Shuffle. We also get the thoughts of Josh Meekings who played under McCann and Terrace Podcast Dee fan Garry Cocker.
  2. Why are you selling that number plate? That's a brilliant registration!
  3. Charlie Adam out apparently. Pleasing.
  4. Interesting switch up of formation by McCann who seemed to go with some kind of 4-1-3-2 or 4-4-2 diamond and it caught Hearts out for the first half hour or so but over time we seemed to become more and more cautious and became slower at moving the ball. Little support from either Duffy or Harper down the side which was perhaps down to McCann wanting to keep it tight at the back and it worked as Hearts weren't in it for most of the first half. Good ball over the top from Keatings and excellent pace and strength b Storey to bench press that Jambo jobber to the floor and smash it past Gordo
  5. Trying to figure out if his mug says "COYS" and he is a Spurs fan or if it says "BOYS".
  6. Going OT here but I am sure I wasn't the only one who noticed the two switch roles for the second half.
  7. He has a very soft and soothing voice though I suspect it won't be like that in the dressing room. I don't think he's a particularly inspired appointment but he's better than some of the other names that were rumoured. Hopefully we get a good performance on Friday and just take things from there.
  8. I'm not sure I think Storey was ever so slightly offside. Glad no one has said something like "you've got to give the benefit to the attacker" as there is no rule that says you do. You win some, you lose some and sadly we lost that decision. All the positivity from the Ayr game seems to have evaporated after last nights draw. It feels like we should have won that but at the same time I feel that had we bagged three points we wouldn't really have been deserving of them. There was a strange moment when the commentator on ICT TV said (paraphrasing) that we deserved to be level if not ahead b
  9. Not overly happy at the appointment of McCann (reeks of jobs for the boys) but TBH I don't care who is in charge right now as long as we start getting some wins under our belt and start moving up the table. He's infinitely preferable to either Locke or Naysmith however. It will be interesting to see if we notice any big changes during the game on Friday.
  10. Robertson has been granted compassionate leave after a family bereavement. The club are looking to get an interim manager in alongside Barry Wilson and Ryan Esson as Scott Kellacher is still out of "action" due to illness.
  11. We try again tomorrow night at 7 pm just in case anyone cares. Alloa looked unlucky not to take something from their game against Dunfermline on Saturday but recently were turned over 4 - 1 by Ayr United. We've only won once against Alloa at Home in the league in the last couple of seasons so they are arguably a bogey team of sorts for us. We need to take Saturday's form into this one from kick off and hopefully we can get a couple of goals to give us a decent cushion and grab another 3 points.
  12. An excellent result against potentially very difficult opposition in far from ideal weather conditions. As is usually the case in Ayr the home side started very brightly. We often find ourselves under the cosh early doors at Somerset and today was no different with the windy conditions not helping. Ayr settled quickly and were soon stroking the ball around well looking to hit Walsh and McCowan on their respective flanks. The former, well known to ICT fans of course, was the main focus as he frequently cut inside Duffy on the left flank and looked to hang balls up to the back post for team
  13. The club certainly seems to be "marketing" it as their idea. I have no issue with them milking as much money as possible from the event but they need to deal with the fallout from yet another poor streaming experience the other night.
  14. Milking fans (of both sides) for as much as they can whilst ignoring supporters comments about the poor quality of the match day stream is definitely going to go down well.
  15. The stunning lack of creativity in this team was on full display tonight. We might have been missing players but so were QotS so I am not having that as an excuse. Storey and Mackay, whilst willing and hard working on the flanks did not create enough throughout the time they were on the pitch to have us in a more comfortable position. A good cross by Mackay in the first half which found Storey who saw his effort deflect over / wide was as good as it got. When MacGregor came on later on and popped up on the left side he was continuously looking to cut back in on his right and with no support do
  16. Agree with this. The passing in the middle of the pitch with Welsh and Allardice is nice but I feel a MacGregor or Draper type to carry the ball forward towards the QotS penalty area would be helpful. Encourage by some of the crosses put in and efforts from Storey and Mackay. Hopefully something will come soon in the second half.
  17. I'd rather MacGregor in there as well but Robbo seems to prefer Vincent for the moment based on the last couple of games.
  18. We might actually be able to play a game tomorrow and I for one cannot wait! By all accounts the pitch is good to go although that news has been dampened by the news that Doran and McDonald are out for a good few weeks with injuries picked up in training. As a result, unless I have missed some other injuries, I can see us lining up along the lines of: Ridgers Duffy Devine Deas Harper Welsh Allardice Storey Vincent Mckay Sutherland
  19. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    Despite there not being much in the way of football recently we've still be able to record a new podcast for you all. We chat about the recent games with Arbroath and Morton, look ahead to the plethora of upcoming matches, hear from Anthony McDonald, Scott Allardice and Gary Locke and there's a chance to win another signed ICT shirt! What more could you want? Available on Apple (when it syncs), Google, Spotify and all the usual places. Always helpful if you can spread the word of the podcast so if you know anyone who might be interested in giving it a listen but hasn't done so y
  20. McDonald apparently injured in training and out of action for some time.
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