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  1. A Below Average Championship Club

    While not a direct answer to your question Charles, I do think we need to start rearing more of our own players and give them a chance. This is something we have never truly done, maybe the players haven't been good enough although I personally think not all of them got the chances they deserved. Rearing our own players and then, hopefully selling them on for a profit, has to be part of the way forward for us.
  2. Large but not necessarily good enough
  3. Agree with your first sentence as Kilmarnock fans and team being forced to travel to Aberdeen in worse conditions. With regard to your second sentence, this is totally uncalled for in my opinion but isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.
  4. Caley Jags Together - Update

    There are probably many supporters who would consider joining or assisting CJT but are simply being put off by the actions of the CJT board. While a family bereavement is hugely upsetting, the reason you have a board is that others can step in when required. CJT seem bereft of any understanding of why their role is so important. There is certainly also some blame to be attached to fans not getting involved previously, myself included, but there does appear to be a genuine upsurge in interest which CJT should be encouraging, not ignoring.
  5. Keeping 11 on the pitch

    Looking at how easy it is to get booked by referees these days, and the inconsistency shown by them (persistent fouling by Harkins yesterday but no booking, blatant dive by a Morton player, acknowledged by the ref but no booking when we have had at least two players booked in recent games for allegedly diving, albeit in the penalty area), much more difficult to keep 11 players on the pitch these days. We certainly haven't helped ourselves this season though.
  6. Season Ticket 2018/19

    If we want the team to have a chance to succeed next season, price has to be the same to try and maintain the level of income coming into the club. Dropping the price will not lead to an increase in season ticket sales as it has been proven that reducing the ticket prices for certain games does not equate to a larger attendance. We need to try and generate more interest amongst the public in Inverness but given the lack of support from them in the past, I am at a loss as to how to do that.
  7. Captaincy

    Unfortunately, there is no room for sentiment on this. We need a captain on the pitch who can gee up the players and change things around when required. I'm afraid Garry Warren does not display the first quality, never has in my opinion, and does not have the ability for the second quality. As we head towards the most important part of the season, we have to get this right and change things as soon as possible.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    I said to my mate at half time that a performance like that summed up our season so far, make a lot of chances but don't take them all and looked poor defensively ( a better team than Crusaders would have scored in the first half). Then came the second half which must have been simply one of the worst I have witnessed at the stadium. Crusaders sussed us out where our weak spots were and targeted these to great success and we could do nothing in response. Why the players or management couldn't generate a response is worrying as if we play like this on Saturday, we will lose and struggle to make the play offs. As has been mentioned by several posters, McKay is not a full back and was a major weak spot yesterday. He needs to be moved back to central defence with Warren being dropped. Who then plays at right back is hard as Seedorf was poor yesterday, goal saving tackle apart, as was caught ball watching continuously leaving their winger with acres of space to run into. Something that could have been easily fixed but wasn't. Warren is getting continually beaten for pace and is a liability unless you play someone with pace behind him (like Meekings used to do) but I would drop him as we were at our best defensively when McKay and Donaldson were the pairing. Warren also got out of jail big time when he conned the referee into giving a foul when he let himself get beaten by the Crusaders forward who would have been clean through on goal otherwise. I do think Warren needs to be stripped of the captaincy as well. He, to me, provides little leadership on the park and seems unable to manage/reorganise things on the park when required. Midfield disappeared in the second half with Vigurs looking to have run out of legs. He wasted 2 free kicks in good positions as well. Polworth was good up to a point but his final ball is so often wasteful which is so frustrating. He also seemed to have a bee in his bonnet yesterday with constant complaints to the ref and Crusaders players and he was lucky not to be booked before he was. His booking was also needless as the game was won and he should simply have walked away. As for Chalmers, he just disappeared when we needed him to help out defensively when under pressure. That said, I thought the referee was poor in the second half and looked out of his depth and let the game develop into a nasty one at times. His first booking for McKay was nonsense and bookings thereafter became a lottery with some bad tackles being punished and some not. McKay's second booking was justified but the ref seemed to be letting it go until Crusaders players kept at him to book McKay and send him off. Either way, sheer stupidity from McKay. At the penalty, a Crusaders player clearly lifted his hands and pushed one of our players and this continued in the middle of the park with the referee oblivious at first to what was happening. The referee lost control of the game through his own actions in not being stronger with the players and Crusaders certainly cottoned onto this. Anyway, through to the final and that's the important thing.
  9. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    I do think we have to be careful into reading too much into the figures reported in the statement and from comments from the armchair accountants on social media. Undoubtedly we are suffering financially by being in the Championship and our crowds have taken a worrying sharp decrease, possibly due to the lack of travelling support from most Championship clubs. However, as usual, the general public of Inverness seems to have deserted the club when it most needs them. Some will argue that is the fault of the club given the poor start to the season, some poor on field performances etc but if we want the club to survive and prosper again, then we have to turn out. I am probably of a generation of fans who will turn out regardless but we seem to be becoming the minority in terms of supporters.
  10. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    Sadly, this all just goes to show the level of mismanagement by previous boards. I know the current board is trying to turn things around and are probably the most business orientated board we have had. Let's all hope we can turn HMS Sneck around and sail into a bright future.
  11. Message for Supporters : 14/02/18

    And your point is............?
  12. I believe this was down to consultation with management, physios and players in that they would benefit from some time off. May be counter productive but only time will tell.
  13. Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    While Daniel Mackay was impressive when he came on, it must be remembered that he is only 16 and still at school. An excellent impact sub but too much to expect him to start every week against some of the more robust defending we see in the Championship. Not a great game from either side and not much in it until the goal. Think the foul on Doran was definitely a penalty and the booking for simulation was ridiculous. Overall the refereeing was poor again and some of the tackles put in on Oakley that went unpunished were unbelievable including one where the Dundee player had him grabbed around his neck!. Our passing was poor and it was a poor pass, by Calder I think, that led to the breakaway for Dundee's goal. We also defend poorly when we have a corner as poor delivery led to several breakaways by Dundee which could, and probably should, have been more costly. The players we leave back seem incapable of defending so we should look at keeping 1/2 of our regular defenders back. I also think the right back position needs to be looked at. Brad is not a right back although he tries hard. His distribution is poor, as is his crossing and we lose out on good attacking positions as a result. Personally I would move him back to central defence and drop Garry Warren. I think we look much more solid with Brad and Donaldson as central defenders. If we are going to play Warren, then someone has to tuck in behind him as anyone with pace takes him out of the game.
  14. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Virtually every booking on BBC text is for a bad foul so poor is their reporting.
  15. This season's refereeing

    But we have had some of the top officials and they have been equally as bad. For example, Craig Thompson against Dundee Utd and John Beaton at least twice. Being in the second tier should not mean second class refereeing for any team.