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  1. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    Agreed but there is then a danger you lose players to other clubs. Cannot see us getting relegated so we need to decide which players we want to keep and build a team around.
  2. Robertson Out

    Seriously!!. The plain fact is that our level of performance in most games was not as bad as some people thought but individual errors were costing us. These errors are being hugely reduced and confidence is returning to the team. Confidence, more than anything else, has made the difference, not what you have stated.
  3. Cash from Celtic qualifying for CL group

    This is for last season hence the reason it could be budgeted for although not perhaps exactly how much.
  4. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Sorry but if you want to have a sensible discussion, you need to stop speculating and get the chip off your shoulder over this. Would losing Polworth be more costly, I doubt it as he is one of many players not performing this season, as he did on several occasions last season. To be frank, his attitude this season is questionable at times, again he is not alone in this. As for Scott Kellacher, I don't know him but doubt it is his role to scout players and how can you, or any fans know, unless they have first hand knowledge of his coaching skills, know how good/bad a coach he is. Unless you have first hand knowledge of this, your comments are pure speculation. Sure you are entitled to your opinion but lets have some facts to back things up if you want a serious discussion. We do have some people who masquerade as fans, as do all clubs but your inference that your way is the only way to move forward is patronising to the many good and loyal fans who give their support to ICT.
  5. Inverness CT -V- QOS

    Not much more to add to what has been said. Positives, a clean sheet, OFW back, better defensively than before and no defeat. Negatives, no shots on target, poor play middle to front and a better team than Q of S would have punished us. Only defence, Vigurs, Trafford, Baird and Bell looked to be trying yesterday. As for the subs, don't quite get the criticism of Calder, sure he didn't do much but at least he put in our only decent cross which is more than Mulreany has managed to do in god knows how many games. Worrying times and not helped by dreadful refereeing again. Tremarco's and Trafford's bookings were nonsensical and Ra, ven's was soft as well. Equally bad tackles from Queens but no action taken. Rankin showed clear dissent to the referee but nothing happened. Number of bookings is worrying but many of them should not have been from the games I have seen but will cost us dear soon with suspensions. I also don't think Warren should get his place back after suspension as defence better with out him and Vigurs more vocal as captain.
  6. Analysis so far!

    Don't agree with this at all. Scottish teams try to play like this and invariably fail. Why, because players are not as technically as good as they should be (shameful reflection on the players) and we lack the ability to play this type of game at pace or can inject pace quickly into our game. This is where Hughes system fell down and is the same with the majority of Scottish teams. I also think you need a greater level of fitness to play this way and much better game intelligence from the players.
  7. Robertson Out

    Not a fan of Roy McGregor but at least he makes decisions quickly and leads from the front, something sadly lacking from our board in recent seasons.
  8. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    As far as I am aware, only Celtic, Rangers, Hibs and Hearts have dedicated training facilities which, I think, include gym facilities so we are not alone in this?. If the club arrange gym memberships for players then fine but doubt the players go as a squad to gym facilities. Far better to tailor gym requirements to the individual players and monitor performance thereafter.
  9. Robertson Out

    Not sure why you single Vigurs out but Polworth is also poor at protecting defence as well. Vigurs more likely to create than Polworth too in my opinion.
  10. Message to Chairman and Board

    Totally agree Kingsmills. The only implied criticism here is by yourself as I believe Jim McIntyre stated that his fitness was not at the level to play the type of game Ross County wish to play. Given County's recent results and their performance against rangers, maybe he is not the only player at that level
  11. Number One

    Sorry, should have been Cammy McKay
  12. Number One

    We should be going with Cammy Brown in goals, not sure if he is still injured though with Esson playing until he is fit to return. Doubt this will happen as Ridgers is a Robertson favourite/signing. Plain to see that Ridgers was a liability from first couple of games I saw him in.
  13. Absolute nonsense. I have seen people in the main stand spoken to by stewards and police (admittedly for some pretty excessive language) but much harder to crack down on an individual than a group of fans. As far as I can see, no prejudice against young fans per se by the club, if these morons had not acted in the way they did at Brechin, the club would not need to issue a statement at all. As some other posters have said, this has been coming as the behaviour of some of our younger fans after some home games last season was pretty bad. Whether these are the same fans who were at Brechin or the Ultras, I have no idea. Don't some of those fans such as Moray Jaggie think that the behaviour of these fans may also be keeping some fans from attending games because of their behaviour. Sadly it seems these days that many people think they have a right to do anything they want but are not willing to accept any responsibility for their actions.
  14. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    It will be a hard game for sure but don't forget, Morton put 4 goals past St. Mirren and they were not that impressive when they were up here so not all doom and gloom. Key to this is to have a good defensive performance as we can score goals from anywhere in the team.