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  1. Message to Chairman and Board

    Totally agree Kingsmills. The only implied criticism here is by yourself as I believe Jim McIntyre stated that his fitness was not at the level to play the type of game Ross County wish to play. Given County's recent results and their performance against rangers, maybe he is not the only player at that level
  2. Number One

    Sorry, should have been Cammy McKay
  3. Number One

    We should be going with Cammy Brown in goals, not sure if he is still injured though with Esson playing until he is fit to return. Doubt this will happen as Ridgers is a Robertson favourite/signing. Plain to see that Ridgers was a liability from first couple of games I saw him in.
  4. Absolute nonsense. I have seen people in the main stand spoken to by stewards and police (admittedly for some pretty excessive language) but much harder to crack down on an individual than a group of fans. As far as I can see, no prejudice against young fans per se by the club, if these morons had not acted in the way they did at Brechin, the club would not need to issue a statement at all. As some other posters have said, this has been coming as the behaviour of some of our younger fans after some home games last season was pretty bad. Whether these are the same fans who were at Brechin or the Ultras, I have no idea. Don't some of those fans such as Moray Jaggie think that the behaviour of these fans may also be keeping some fans from attending games because of their behaviour. Sadly it seems these days that many people think they have a right to do anything they want but are not willing to accept any responsibility for their actions.
  5. St. Mirren v Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    It will be a hard game for sure but don't forget, Morton put 4 goals past St. Mirren and they were not that impressive when they were up here so not all doom and gloom. Key to this is to have a good defensive performance as we can score goals from anywhere in the team.
  6. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Don't think this is true. Our location has a lot to do with it as no nearby pubs to generate this type of support. Not everyone has to drink to enjoy the game and drinking on buses going to away games is illegal and can lead to serious consequences for the bus operator as the police do check this.
  7. The simple fact, overlooked by those saying this is an overreaction by the club, is that the SPFL have already contacted the club on this issue so they obviously saw something wrong at the game. Leaving aside the irony of why the SPFL don't contact Rangers and Celtic, as far as I know on behaviour issues, this could have serious consequences for the club. This is why they have to act. We do have a problem with some young fans which I have experienced myself having been verbally abused and threatened when I told them to stop behaving like idiots when they were hell bent on challenging away fans to a fight last season. The sooner everyone acknowledges the fact we do have an issue, the sooner we can resolve the matter. The statement from UL17 is simply puerile rubbish and indicative of the attitude of many young people (sadly) today where any criticism is deemed unacceptable.
  8. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    As someone has already said, this has been brewing from last season and these so called supporters also seemed to have damaged one of the buses taking them to the game, how stupid is that. Someone on here will know who they are and, if so, needs to let the club know. While we need younger fans to help create an atmosphere, we don't need louts like these
  9. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    I may be wrong DD but I thought we were the only club formed in the SPFL as a direct result of a merger (at least in living memory). This should be a unique selling point for the club and while I will remain a staunch ICT supporter till I die, I am also proud to have been an Inverness Thistle supporter in the past. I don't see why we need to ignore the past while celebrating the present. As you say however, there are more important things that need addressing at present.
  10. Meeting with the Chairman 30th Aug

    Probably too late for this season but the club needs to look at promoting short term season tickets, say for 6/10/12 tickets for those that cannot afford full season ticket. Alternatively, give fans a discount if they but say three tickets for different matches. Given the number of tourists in the city, do we provide flyers to hotels/B & Bs with details of our fixtures for them to display, wouldn't cost much. At the open night, it was mentioned club trying to get linked with the NC500 so this could tie in with that.
  11. Raven not again

    The point is, and was made by JR at the meeting on Monday night, that at 33 (Raven's age I think), the manager advised Raven's agent that he would not be offered a new contract in January so it would be helpful to both club and player to try and find a new deal now. Primary reason was JR felt Raven's legs had gone basically, plenty of evidence for that from last season and this, and hard to disagree with this. If we get promoted, would we still be playing Raven next season, don't think so. Fans need to remember that what Raven has done for us in the past is not going to be possible in the future. Having said that, Robbo made it clear that if Raven still with us, he would play when needed and would play this weekend. Some fans seem to think Raven can still perform as a couple of seasons ago but I doubt it and whether he is better or otherwise than some players signed is immaterial.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Hard to disagree with much of what has been said but we should have put the game to bed in the first half as we missed some good chances. Wind definitely had an impact on play as Morton struggled initially in the first half as we did in the second half. All in all, a draw was probably fair but had we taken our chances in the first half........ Having seen Dundee Utd, Falkirk and Morton, not a lot between the teams. However, some major concerns for me. Defensively, we are still poor, had it not been for Warren yesterday, we would have lost. Ridgers was poor again, doesn't come for crosses, poor distribution and almost cost us a goal again. If it were me, I would drop him. Seedorf and Chalmers are poor defenders but at least Seedorf offers something going forward. Chalmers, well he just offers nothing. Midfield generally okay but Polworths decision making is poor at times which is causing us problems as he invariably gives the ball away when this happens. The other major concern is up front. While Baird and Oakley do get into good positions, they don't make enough of them and they do not appear to have an effective partnership yet. Calder was quiet compared to other games but he was talked through the game by Rice in the first half. Players seem to have lost the art of thinking for themselves. Finally, yet another poor officiating performance. Referees complain about a lack of respect from players well after yesterday, Mr Finnie needs to earn this. He seemed to take great delight in lecturing players and showing he was the boss then making an arse of very basic decisions. Seedorf's sending off for two cautions was poor as debatable if they were even bookings. Stafford booked for persistent fouling yet the Morton centre half committed as many, in fact more as many went unpunished. Truly dreadful refereeing.
  13. Transfer in and outs

    Well put DD. We seem to have absolutely no idea how to negotiate contracts and, to me at least, too many were given on the strength of poor management decisions and for that the board, but especially the chairman have to take responsibility. I think the passage of time will show that Kenny Cameron's time as chairman was not the best in our history.
  14. Board statement 14/08/17

    Not quite the story I heard, more alongside IHE's version in that board split into two factions, one who wanted Foran out, or at least get some help around turn of the year and the other who wanted him to remain in post. A bit academic now but if these changes mean a more dynamic board, then good news. We have needed a more modern, business focussed board for many years.