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  1. This season's refereeing

    That's exactly what the Vigurs incident was, book both players to avoid controversy instead of having the balls to do the correct thing. Poor poor refereeing.
  2. Joe Chalmers

    While agreeing he has improved as the season has gone on, I thought he was the poorest player, along with Brad Mackay for us yesterday. he needs to learn to tackle, move the ball quicker and work on his defensive skills. All things that can be improved by coaching and hard work.
  3. Not a great deal more to add to what has already been said. Good overall performance and a deserved win for us despite another really poor refereeing performance. Is it too much to ask that they understand what is and is not a foul and the fact that a card does not automatically have to be brandished. Some concerns however, that on another day could have come back to haunt us. We should have been out of sight in this game but do miss some good chances, Second half performances do seem to take a dip with alarming frequency and we try to play way too much football at times in defence which could have cost us at least two goals yesterday but we got away with it. If we win, then these don't matter but we rode our luck to a certain extent yesterday but we were certainly due some luck this season.
  4. Player of the Year - Falkirk

    Beat me to it IBM. How could anyone say the referee was excellent last night!
  5. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    Totally deserved victory last night and how Falkirk managed to score 6 against Dundee Utd is beyond me as they were poor last night. All played well and it shows the difference when Vigurs plays as he keeps the play moving and we are a better team for that. While Polworth did okay last night, that is something he, and Chalmers need to do more. Fear the loss of Vigurs due to suspension will come back to haunt us in the next two games. As I said in a previous post, we have the nucleus of a team here and, while it has taken a little time to gel, you can see some players now starting to get up to speed in this league. It must be remembered that many of the new signings had played little or no first team competitive football before joining us so a big learning curve. And now to the referee. Some posters have said we need to lose/stop the perceived complex that we are getting a raw deal from referees. I think last night indicated otherwise as the referee and linesmen, especially the far side linesman were very poor. Of our 4 bookings, Warren and Chalmers were justified but Oakley's was not as he was caught by the keeper in my opinion. Even if the referee did not think the keeper caught him, he did not deliberately dive. Again, how many times have we seen similar situations this season where no action taken by the referee. Oakley should also have had a penalty in the second half where he was blatantly held and the referee and standside linesman could not have missed it but still no penalty. In fact Oakley was fouled continually throughout the game with nothing given by the referee. Falkirk were a bit cute in there were a few off the ball incidents which went unpunished and Bell got some rough treatment, and zero protection from the ref. Finally, to compound the poor officiating, Falkirk's goal was well offside, probably not given as the linesman did not keep up with play but even he should have seen it would have been impossible for the Falkirk players to be in the position they were without being offside. Given that he also missed another clear offside earlier, when Falkirk should have scored, then you can see that the officials could have altered the game substantially. I fully appreciate that being a referee is difficult but they do make it difficult for themselves at times by getting so many basic decisions wrong. Incidentally, was sitting next to someone whose two friends were visiting him from England and they could not believe how poor the officials were last night.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

    May have been warranted (debateable in my view) but no need to issue one when game almost finished and no danger of Falkirk winning. Some common sense is required and there is no requirement for referee to book him but just another opportunity for that clown of a ref to show his authority. How many times have we seen teams indulge in blatant time wasting with no action taken and then Polworth gets booked for this!!.
  7. This season's refereeing

    Not saying there is any bias against us by referees but do think we have been more harshly treated by referees in the games I have seen this season. Other teams appear more streetwise than us (this happened in the Premier league as well) and referees are being conned by this. You could argue that this is the players fault but referees need to be aware of this. The biggest bugbear for me however is the inconsistency of referees and until they can resolve this, and it is in their gift to do this, they will continue to get criticised.
  8. This season's refereeing

    Some of the poorest refereeing this season has been from the refs who also referee in the Premier league. Let's face it the standard is the poorest it has been for a long long time.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Livingston

    Have to disagree with those posters who are blaming Vigurs for us not winning yesterday. There was no way he deserved to be sent off. His first booking may or may not have been justified, it was definitely not for mouthing off, but similar challenges were being put in throughout the game by both sides and no action taken by the referee which just highlights the inconsistency of the officials and the reason they get so much stick/abuse. If referees cannot understand that this is the one thing that really irritates fans, then they should not be refereeing. As for the sending off, Vigurs was simply just going for the ball. Sure, his foot was high but there was no malicious intent in that. The Livingston player went down as if he had been poleaxed by a punch from Mike Tyson but trust me, Vigurs did not catch the player at all with his boot. The other interesting thing about the sending off was that the referee had the cards out immediately, he took no time to assess the situation and appears to have already made up his mind to send off Vigurs. The standard of refereeing is definitely declining in Scotland and referees simply seem unable to distinguish between genuine foul play and mistimed or genuine tackles. The treatment Oakley received yesterday from both the referee and standside linesman were perfect examples of this where he was constantly fouled so when he did, as any good certain forward would do, and start to dish out the same treatment, he was instantly penalised. Ultimately we are drawing too many games which may cost us at the end of the season but there is certainly cause for optimism as there is a nucleus of a good team being created.
  10. Christmas Greetings

    How very true in the season of goodwill
  11. Don't think all the credit for this should go to the McGillivrays or Alan Savage as think the Chairman deserves some credit on this. Still think Messrs Savage and McGillivray need to provide more details on what involvement they want in the club. Never a good idea for a club to have a few powerful shareholders who can dictate what happens to the club.
  12. Possibly caleyboy but don't think it helps in any way given the importance of social media to some
  13. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Must have been some bake off competition that year . Maybe we need Mary Berry on the board.
  14. At least this board appears to be trying to clear up the mess that they have inherited from the previous regimes and I do have some faith that at last we have a board who better understands the needs of the business that is ICT. Various boards have squandered commercial opportunities in the past (after our cup final win for example) and more focus needs to go on commercial opportunities than perhaps the football side to help the club's finances. As to why the Inverness public don't turn out, some of that is due to the incessant moaning from some of our own supporters which does turn certain people away. For some reason, there just does not seem to be the affinity their should be between city and club.
  15. Personally, I think the MacGillvrays, Alan Savage, David Sutherland should hang their heads in shame over this situation. This is all arising from their personal dislike of each other and should have no place in the running and future of ICT. The club is not their plaything for them to boost their egos by getting one over on each other. My understanding is that the owner of Tullochs now were unaware of the situation with the stands and do genuinely want to offload them to the club but why they are then insisting on the conditions they now are is beyond me. Perhaps they have an allegiance to the three musketeers mentioned above. The current board and chairman have a real poisoned chalice on this one as this situation was certainly not of their making. I do genuinely believe we are starting to get a board in place who can drive the club forward after the mismanagement of past boards and hope this does not deter them.