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  1. It's all right Dougal, I won't. The point I was making was that I was not happy with the board's original decision but would be renewing my season ticket for the benefit of trying to ensure the club derived as much revenue as possible this season. Any money I save will be used to purchase merchandise to help the club's finances.. Interesting to see if the club maintain season ticket numbers at similar levels or will the board keep this a secret again??.
  2. While I would be happy if Storey came back, would not want Nick Ross back. Didn't do a lot for us on a consistent basis and not exactly a roaring success at Dundee,
  3. For what it's worth, and this is entirely my opinion, it is not so much the cost of the season ticket but the way this has been communicated. Most fans will want us to get back to the Premier League as soon as possible so the club have to generate as much revenue as they can in the coming season. If we could guarantee extra fans coming through the gate to watch a winning and successful team next season (hopefully), then the increase may not have been required but the fickle football public of Inverness could certainly not be relied upon for this. I am prepared to renew my season ticket but do want some answers from the board on where they see the direction of the club. Had this been sent out with the season ticket renewals, this may have mitigated some of the anger from fans. There is an appalling lack of communication, possibly even understanding by the board on how to run a football club and this has to change quickly. This needs to involve the fans as well. I know there is another thread thanking Kenny Cameron for his services to the club. I do not know Kenny Cameron but, while it appears he was a nice man, his lack of understanding, along with other board members perhaps as well, have contributed to a traumatic and quick decline in ICT's fortunes and this should not be forgotten by fans. He was the man in charge and therefore had to take responsibility for all the events that transpired.
  4. No thank you, remember he got Dundee Utd relegated and wasn't a success at York.
  5. I would hazard a guess at Brian Rice and because he has the potential to step up. If a good player is available and can improve the team, we have to consider him.
  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone who renews their season ticket at these prices for next season if they wish to do it. I will be renewing mine as I want to see my club survive and prosper. Appreciate some people will not want to or can afford to but that is their choice. If anyone is a belter it is you as I am at a loss as to why you even support ICT, if you actually do.
  7. Why do so many fans want to back for previous managers?. The club needs new blood both on and off the field, not those who were here in the past.
  8. Beat me too it Renegade and the same could be said of a lot of the others mentioned.
  9. Saddest thing about both these teams is that ICT were better than both of them by some considerable distance had it not been for poor managerial decisions.
  10. If this is true, then the board are as culpable as RF in this and they should hang their head in shame for going behind RF's back to speak to the players. To me, this shows a total lack of understanding of how football works. Incidentally, I have been told the director resigned because he thought Foran needed help from an experienced person but the rest of the board disagreed.
  11. Seriously???. I don't know if the new Chairman will be good or bad but want to hear more from him before judging him. Too many posters seem to think this is the beginning of the end of ICT which it most certainly is not. Agree however that the managerial position must be sorted out asap.
  12. But after the 5-1 defeat to Hearts, I don't think he started another game in the league. Fisher needed a run of games to show what he could do and so does Boden, perhaps alongside Fisher.
  13. This is a start but much more information needed from the board and, critically a decision on the manager by the end of the week to enable any new manager time to organise for next season.
  14. Agree with much of what you have said sheepslagger. The problem has not just been last season but not kicking on after we won the cup. Again the board must share some of the responsibility along with John Hughes. There does seem to be a total lack of understanding in football matters by the board which is something that could be fairly easily corrected and at no cost by getting the correct director in place.
  15. Count me in as well. No reason to fear the Championship and if more fans would get behind the team (by turning up at games), we can come back stronger.