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  1. Spot on CaleyD. The system is obviously not fit for purpose but one assumes the clubs were aware of the system and agreed to it at some point. This should be the catalyst for change therefore. However, with the referee still insisting he made the correct decision, s major problem still exists with poor quality refereeing. If Gregg Aitken genuinely believe he made the correct decision, heaven help us as more poor and incorrect decisions will be made and not always rectified as hopefully this one will be.
  2. Well deserved win as others have said. I was really surprised at how one dimensional Livingston were, there only tactics appeared to be to put the ball into the box and try and score like that. The football that was played was all by us in quite horrendous conditions. Quite common to have a poor referee but all 3 officials were incredibly poor today. From linesmen who couldn't get throw ins correct, or offsides on occasions and then waving only for fouls for Livingston to a ref who was happy to see fouls committed by us then turn a blind eye to similar ones committed by Livingston was very very poor. That he is allegedly one of our top referees beggars belief.
  3. In reality, they're not, it's just that they haven't had to spend 3 years in the Championship losing money, and even if they had, they had someone to bankroll them. It will end in tears at some point for them, may take a few years but it will happen.
  4. Agreed but if Saints won't pay the money for a transfer, not a lot we can do.l
  5. Surely they could only confirm when told by the player or St Johnstone
  6. All these comments on the postponement are pointless until we know the actual reason for pitch being unplayable. Heavy rain forecast for tonight maybe have been a contributory reason for the postponement as well as the distance QOS have to travel.
  7. Totally agree, a fantastic player and kinda shows up how the skills levels of today's players have declined.
  8. Much better performance than against Dundee and the players seem to at last have got the fighting spirit that's needed. No failures throughout the team and a deserved MOM for Miles Storey. Ayr were poor but had it not been for their goalkeeper, it could easily have been five or six goals. Referee was poor again and, as Polo Chick said, we were denied at least one penalty and probably two.
  9. Back on topic about the team for Saturday, the only positions really up for changing are White, Doran and Curry. Walsh will replace either Doran or Curry almost certainly so one of them may retain their place. We need to try Todorov for a few games instead of White to try and develop a different style of play. The problem with White is that, despite his size, he is poor at winning and holding the ball up when it is punted up to him. When he doesn't retain the ball or win the header, the ball comes straight back to us from our opponents and puts us under pressure and this is what happened against United. His game intelligence is not good either while Todorov can see and make runs that White does not. Whit can score from good crosses into the box but, in my opinion needs too many chances to score a goal.
  10. A very strange interpretation of what Robbo said but you do interpret things in different ways to others. Does anyone seriously think Hearts will go for Robbo because I don't and I also don't think he would go as Hearts are in a complete mess at the moment.
  11. Don't agree with your team selection but agree 100% about the centre backs.
  12. Huisdean


    The dangers of texting and facebook etc is that people interpret things in their own way, if it doesn't suit their agenda, they attack it, if it is the other way, they praise it. Best, and simplest idea, would be to have held it on a Sunday perhaps?.
  13. Seriously, someone has Vincent as man of the match!!!?
  14. To be frank, there has been a lot of uncalled for negativety on this result. Had it not been for one minute of poor play, we would all have been celebrating being top of the league. Even after losing the equaliser, we almost won the game with Keating's free kick but luck didn't go for us. In essence, while we did not play particularly well, we still came so close to winning and if you can play badly and win you have a good chance of winning things. That said, midfield needs changing and it showed how much we missed Welsh. Vincent and Trafford were poor but especially Vincent who hardly passed forward all day and, again, failed to win or make a tackle all day while Trafford's tackling was beyond poor. When your central midfield fails to function, you will struggle in games. Final word on the referee who was the poorest we have had this season, and that is saying something. Inconsistent on giving fouls for similar offences, didn't give a blatant foul/penalty on White, ridiculous booking of Carson and how he and the linesman missed the blatant pull on Doran as he was racing through was incredible.