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  1. Huisdean

    Disgraceful attitude of a tiny minority of ICT fans

    I agree with Eagle4Caley. I keep reading that the board/club need to be more open/communicate more but communicate what exactly. Is the communication worse now than previously, in my opinion it isn't any worse or better than previous boards and to suggest or imply this is affecting attendances is nonsense. The majority of fans attend each week because they want to support their club, they don't attend thinking what are the board going to say this week. That is not to say they don't care or are not interested but in terms of attending a match, it is of little relevance. I simply don't see fans of other clubs demanding the board need to communicate more as a pre-requisite to some fans actually attending matches which some appear to be suggesting. Our attendances in the Championship are probably the third lowest with Falkirk getting at least double ours, is this because their board communicate more, I very much doubt it.
  2. Huisdean

    Stadium gifting complete

    As I said on the other post about the Vice Chairman resigning, what has happened is exactly what Allan said to me in September last year that he would do, so how you can come out with this statement is beyond me Buster. What do you think happened then?.
  3. Huisdean

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    No he isn't. He has the potential to be very good but is way too inconsistent week to week and does have an attitude problem at times. How many times has Polworth made good surging runs only to delay passing to men in space or give the ball away. He can be lazy as well not tracking back when required and frequently blames his team mates when passes/things go wrong. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have him in our squad but our best player, on this season's form, he certainly isn't and that's by a country mile as well. We certainly haven't missed Yogi either and other clubs don't seem to think he is up to much either. Given that he is a pundit on midweek Sportsound, that sums up his level of ability.
  4. Huisdean

    January signings

    I think some fans need to appreciate that we have never had large amounts of money to play with. While in the Premiership, this was masked by sponsorship/TV deals etc and larger away supports. Our core support has never grown to any great extent despite years of trying with an apathetic Inverness public. It is also hugely difficult to get players up here from the central belt for various reasons and we don't have a sugar daddy to stump up money like County or Dundee Utd. Until we can square this circle, we will continue to struggle for money.
  5. Huisdean

    January signings

    and therein lies the problem. Our strikers may not be the best but the problem does lie further back in the midfield area. We are way too slow on the counter attack and constantly have midfielders turning backwards instead of driving forward (Chalmers and Trafford are prime examples of this).
  6. Huisdean

    Ross County - 22nd September

    The three central midfielders need to get a lot better defensively than they have been at the three home games I have seen. Too often they get caught too far up the park leaving us vulnerable to counter attacks. More discipline needed at times from these three (as is the ability to tackle!). I do think, depending on injuries, we need to take the game to County as if we sit back, we are not yet good enough defensively and the midfield don't do enough at times to protect our back four.
  7. Huisdean


    Cannot believe some of the pathetic and childish comments made by some posters on this. IHE (good on you Johndo) has taken the time and effort to try and get some improvements yet some posters still take the ****. Fraz has listed some good points as have other more sensible posters. For myself, better communication between the board and fans where they can see legitimate issues raised and discussed or resolved would be helpful although supporters have to be realistic about what can be achieved by this.
  8. Huisdean

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    I would like to think you are being ironic but doubt it. A totally unnecessary comment based on no evidence at all. The board are just as much supporters of the club as we are. I have no personal connection to the board and will criticise them if required but comments like this do annoy me. Rant over.
  9. Huisdean

    The Silence is Deafening!!

    Seriously, a lack of communication from the board is leading to a 1000 missed fans every week!. That, in my opinion is nonsense and there are many reasons for this, one of the biggest seems to be the lack of interest in their local football team by the good people of Inverness. This has been the case for many seasons and I wish I knew the reason why. As for communication from the board, I think some people want communication for communications sake. If there is nothing to say from the board then don't say anything as there are plenty posters on here who will criticise any message from the board whether good or bad news. This is however where CJT can play a big part in improving lines of communication between fans and the board. Is there any update from CJT?.
  10. Huisdean

    Inverness CT -V- Alloa

    Haven't read all the previous posts but that was another 2 points thrown away yesterday. Created and missed numerous chances, although to be fair the Alloa keeper made some good saves as well and were horrendously poor defensively at times. In the first half, Rooney and Mckay were terrible and all Alloa's attacking threat seemed to come down that side although, as Rig states, the free kick awarded for Alloa's first goal was a joke. Second half McKay improved but Rooney did not and ultimately cost us 3 points. Welsh looks a good signing and can only assume he was taken off as he was tiring but he was missed. Don't know what has to happen for Polworth to be subbed as he was poor yesterday and just doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. He takes the wrong option/delays his final ball so many times yet still doesn't twig why it goes wrong. Chalmers marginally better than Polworth but either could have been substituted and we would have been a better team. As for Rooney, he simply isn't good enough on the evidence I have seen, albeit only 3 games. He cannot defend, ball watches, is average going forward and his challenge for Alloa's penalty was shocking. Everybody in the ground could see he only had to keep the player wide, as he was never going to score from there so the challenge was stupid in the extreme, To me, he also looks a bit unfit and struggles later in games. What is more worrying for me is that the team, as a whole acks discipline. There are times when we have virtually no cover at the back when attacking as everyone goes forward, the midfield all seem to play too far up the pitch at the same time, all of which leaves us vulnerable to swift counter attacks which has happened in the 3 games I have seen so far. A lot of work to be done on the training ground and certain players need to be dropped to give them a wake up call. Oh and Calder has to start the next game given his recent sub performances.
  11. Huisdean

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    John Hughes fell into the trap that he thought he was a better manager than he actually was. You can see this trend at Hibs and Falkirk when he managed there and thought he could do no wrong but was proven, in the end, to be not as good as he thought. After we won the cup, we then started the next season without a recognised forward and he failed to sort that issue out. Sure we had injuries but a managers job is to manage when things are both good and bad but Hughes vision was that he needed money, and lots of it to improve things with no Plan B when he obviously knew we could not provide this. Don't any of the Hughes supporters posting think it strange that if he is as good as they and he thinks, that he is no longer managing. Hughes's solution to everything, when things went wrong was that he needed more money.
  12. Huisdean


    Sad to say, we have had a nasty element amongst some of our younger supporters for a couple of seasons. I have seen some of them challenge away fans to fight, use disgusting language and generally behave badly. I have challenged them, and bear in mind I was wearing a club scarf and baseball cap so they knew I was an ICT supporter, and was threatened by them. Upon telling them to basically go away or else I would literally take them apart, they backed off showing what cowards they are. We have also seen fighting at Elgin and damage done to Brechin's ground by some of our younger so called fans who, when banned by the club, had posters on here saying that was harsh. At some point, these so called supporters have to be made of an example of and a true deterrent set. Just banning them for a season is, in my opinion, unlikely to cut it with these morons.
  13. Huisdean

    Ayr and the problem of Shankland

    We deal with it by the defence doing their job correctly and the defensive midfielders providing support when required. We have no need to fear Ayr and need to put them under pressure to see how they cope with us.
  14. Huisdean

    Bairns Away

    Crowd was around 4500. If only we could get gates like that on a regular basis, what a difference that would make to our finances. Great result though.
  15. Huisdean

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Lots of places to park in and around the longman with a 10 minute walk to the stadium at most. I always park in the Longman and do this to avoid any car park issues at the ground.