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  1. I think we have as realistic chance to win the Championship as anyone else. I don't think Utd have strengthened hugely, apart from Shankland and he will not win the Championship for Utd on his own. Dundee are a bit of an unknown quality but again haven't seen anything to hugely worry about in terms of signings. Rookie manager as well.Again, it is similar with Patrick, I haven't seen any significant signings. The only thing that would concern me is that the Dundee clubs have significant financial backing to change things as could Partick if they get taken over.
  2. And has done exactly what since? Rangers were also a shambles at this time. Speaking to some Utd fans at the playoffs, they would have bee n happy to get shot of him because if poor management and performances.
  3. The point I was trying to make that signing Shankland guarantees nothing. If you rely on only one player for goals, if something happens to him, you have a problem, as happened to Ayr last season. Last season, Utd also had Safranko, who I think is a better player than Shankland and offered more to the team. Utd have been favourites for the last 3 years and hugely under achieved and I don't see anything yet to indicate to me, that they are guaranteed to win the Championship. You need a good manager to do this and I am not convinced Neilson is a good manager.
  4. I honestly don't think we have missed out with this. Surely a player of his supposed ability would want to try and better/improve his game which he will not do at Utd. Looks like he seriously lacks ambition which is a big failing in my opinion.
  5. But then you have to find replacements at this late stage, and with no realistic sums of money to do this, we are at a competitive disadvantage even before the season starts. Do you ever think your posts through?
  6. So did I but think these were meant for Business sponsors.
  7. Huisdean


    Of the vodka and the coke??😎
  8. And just maybe some posters will not be so quick to jump in and criticise the board in future as they were when this story broke.
  9. He is probably real but hopefully in a galaxy far far away.
  10. Glad to see it's not just me who thinks that referees (and all the officials) act in a much more arrogant manner than previously. Sights of referees/fourth officials wagging their fingers at players/managers as if they were naughty schoolboys, is just embarrassing and you rarely see foreign officials do this. Refereeing standards do seem t be declining globally but the refereeing in Scotland this season has been really really poor and affected most teams (with the possible exception of Rangers). Surely someone sees the glaring mistakes made by the referees and takes them aside to discuss, if they do it doesn't work as they seem to continue making the same mistakes (Andrew Dallas and poor penalty decisions anyone). Part of the problem is that I am convinced referees now seem to be guessing at decisions, possibly as they feel they have to make a decision but so often, they get it wrong and suffer the consequences for it when making a decision only when 100% sure would save them untold grief.
  11. Tell you what Alan, as I don't think you have ever had anything positive to say about the team, why don't you find another team to bitch and moan about as you bring nothing positive or constructive to this debate.
  12. I reiterate that, IMO, Polworth's challenge was not a sending off. Certainly a yellow card but interestingly, I was sitting beside some Dundee United fans and even they thought a yellow card would be fair. It was undoubtedly the reaction of the United player that got Polworth sent off. Strange then that the United player had no blood injury or concussion and was up and running about in minutes. As for Donaldson's foul, certainly a yellow card but a red?. Again, IMO, it was a bad tackle but one you see in many games without a sending off so one of the few decisions the ref got correct.
  13. Definitely a foul for us in the box though that yet again the idiot of a referee didn't get right. In addition, the number of times White was clearly fouled but got nothing was really poor refereeing. Something really has to be done about the standard of refereeing as the ref on Saturday was equally as poor.
  14. Just seen the picture of Polworth's challenge on the BBC website, just highlights how poor the decision was to send him off