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  1. What utter utter nonsense. This does kinda make me think you haven't even been to the stadium. Hopefully you will take your last paragraph to heart and follow your own advice.
  2. As someone has already said, it is generally the promoter that takes the hit in something like this so don't think this impacts on the club financially. This just looks like another of the anti club/board rants by the original poster who appears to have a huge dislike for the club.
  3. We were most definitely overrun in midfield, a common issue last season in our disastrous mid season slump. Not really addressed by Dodds today although we did improve whem Billy and Samuels came on. Think those 2 will be our regular front pairing.
  4. Pretty fair assessment Robert. Only thing I would add is that we were sloppy with our passing especially in the second half which gave Cove several opportunities. As Robert said, we finished strongly and should have won the game, Boyd was quite impressive when he came on. Poor referee who bought the play acting by several Cove players especially Ligan, Fyvie, Megginson and the number 3 whose ridiculous reaction to a Samuel's tackle got Samuels booked. I also think the game showed Dodds poor tactical nous. We were getting overrun in midfield and he took far too long to get this changed. This is what happened last season as well so he needs to start learning from his mistakes quickly.
  5. The main aim this season was to get promoted. Of course we haven't played well at times this season but we've got a chance which we would have bitten your hand off for at the start of the season. If we do win and get promoted, then the team will need radical surgery but this really isn't the time for a post like this as I think most fans can see we aren't a team of world beaters but the team are giving their all for the cause.
  6. Is that a single bottle of vodka🥃😂
  7. Much better performance today helped hugely by the change in formation which should have happened weeks ago. By not playing with two out and out wide men, we looked much more solid in midfield and defence. Thought Shane played well and Duffy was immense when he came on winning every header. Arbroath are a very aggressive and niggly team and were aided in this by yet another abysmal refereeing performance littered with inconsistent decisions. At least it didn't affect the result and I can enjoy a Saturday night for a change.
  8. Quite simply, Dodds has to go. I didn't think he was the right man for the job when appointed and said so on this forum. I also said that while I would give him my support, I thought he was poor tactically and have sadly been proved correct. It has been obvious for weeks that our formation, two men playing wide, wasn't working and left the midfield exposed and overrun at times. The formation worked when we had our strongest team on the park, including Gardyne, who saved us in a lot of the early games. We haven't had our strongest team available for a long time due to injuries and the Gardyne situation but the tactics have remained the same despite results showing it wasn't working. There also appears to be a total lack of leadership on the field at times from the experienced players similar to a lack of leadership from Dodds perhaps. The club took the lazy, and probably cheap option, in employing Dodds and our board and CEO are culpable on this. Do we actually still have a board/CEO by the way as they seem totally invisible at the moment. If no visible signs of improvement in the next two games, I have to seriously consider attending any more games this season, and as a season ticket holder for over 20 years, this would be hard. I honestly think our club has become a complete shambles and we need a long term plan on how we change things.
  9. Didn't see the match but cannot agree with your assumption that playing against 10 men and not winning isn't good enough. It is not always the advantage people think it is if the other team is well organised which both Raith and Hamilton were against us. Hamilton were also 2 goals up when their player was sent off. Its a different story if the team with eleven men score first as then you usually see them winning but it isn't always the advantage some people think it is.
  10. Just the usual lazy BBC reporting as the infirm not involved.
  11. That was because he received a serious injury playing for us, which effectively ended his career. Had he not got injured, I'm sure he would have been successful for us so not sure what point you are trying to make here unless you want Broadfoot to get a serious injury?
  12. I hope so but will only consider it normal when I get my normal seat back in the main stand. Don't think that will be happening any time soon though.
  13. It's one player on a one year deal and, for someone of his age, that seems sensible. Haven't seen anything about club going down the short term contract route again so not sure why you feel this is a concern.
  14. But we're talking about steaming a game of football which is live in this case so your comparisons are irrelevant. I'm with Satan on this (not a phrase you're likely to hear often!!! )
  15. Well, I'll just have to be the one to say I am disappointed at him getting the job. I don't believe he has the required skills, yet, and, for me, he's a poor analyst on TV. Hope I am wrong and will support him but still think this is a risky appointment.
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