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  1. Now registered and ready to go. Instructions in the email don't exactly match what you have to do so a bit confusing but got there in the end.
  2. That's the way I read it too. You can just imagine the melt down from some on this site had they been charged for the game and there were problems with the streaming. The quality of streaming from some games has been variable if you listen to some fans so better to get it right than short change fans for a substandard product.
  3. Hearts, with all their additional finance should be better plus they have played a lot more pre season games so will be ahead of us fitness wise. Nothing like our full strength team either so as long as fitness and performances improve over the next few games, I'm happy with that.
  4. And so the usual doom and gloom from some posters begins. This is a pre season friendly to build fitness and played in dreadful conditions, the result is largely meaningless.
  5. People are going to have to understand that until there is a vaccine for Covid, there will be a risk in everything we do. You either have to be prepared to accept that risk or basically shut yourself off as a virtual hermit. I, for one would be prepared to accept the risk. I an see no reason why we cannot plan for crowds from the start of January at the latest but perhaps even sooner if social distancing can be maintained and that distance reduced to a metre as they are now doing in some countries in Europe.
  6. Who do you think you are?. Everyone is entitled to their views and must be able to express them.
  7. I hope I have to eat my words but simply cannot see reconstruction happening. Firstly, 11 out of 12 premiership clubs have to vote in favour and secondly the current premiership clubs need to give up sponsorship money to accommodate a bigger league. What Dundee hope to gain by changing their vote is simply beyond me.
  8. Well done to the club for taking the stance that they have. SPFL have totally mismanaged this situation.
  9. The major criticism I have of the deal is not the actual deal but the fact it doesn't apply to all 4 divisions. It has to apply to all equally. I appreciate that they don't want to call the Premiership for fear of what UEFA have said but they should just do it and show some bottle. I am sure all leagues outside the big 5 will want to do similar. The relegation issue can then be sorted by increasing the leagues by either one season or permanently if the clubs decide. If the ugly sisters want to scupper a deal, boot then out of the league and Scottish football will be all the better.
  10. Listen, the majority of the EPL high earners will have smart accountants, like many celebrities, who minimise their tax bills and won't be paying anything like the tax they should. That is the real annoying thing for me and these players whinging like Wayne Rooney really pisses me off.
  11. Would only be fair if all teams had played the same amount of games. As Partick have played one less, how can it be fair on them. Don't particularly like Partick but think it teams in their position have to be given some extra consideration.
  12. All the more reason to not have posted this then perhaps?
  13. Deserved win in the end for us but boy did we make it difficult. Morton created next to nothing and their goals came from our mistakes, Rooney for the first and Tremarco the second. Having said that, Tremarco was MoM by a country mile. Morton were pretty poor and very cynical with fouls/pushing that the referee was incapable of dealing with. There was one instance where we were on the attack and a Morton player went down in the penalty box. The ball was cleared but we regained possession and were just about to cross into the box again when the ref blew his BV whistle to stop play to get attention for the Morton player. He then proceeded to not let the Morton physio on. He then gave Morton the drop ball. My understanding is that the rules changed this season to deal with this and we should have had the drop ball. If I am correct, a ref who doesn't know the rules, surely not 🤔.
  14. For what it's worth, I thoroughly enjoyed last night's game, apart from the result obviously, and it turned on key decisions by the referee. Thought he got the Ridgers call right but that was about all he did get right. Felt the bookings were harsh for effectively their first fouls and he couldn't wait to book the players. Would he have done that in an Old Firm match?. Definitely teams are being refereed to different standards outside the Old Firm. Giving Hibs a penalty was correct but then to deny us one for something very similar was poor. Nick Walsh is a poor and arrogant referee, witness his dismissive attitude towards Robbo at full time. I get what people say about the tactics but it made for a more open game and had we got the penalty or Walsh scored, the tactics we used may have proved correct and it did catch Hibs out for spells. Proud of how the team performed and maybe we will get a refereeing decision to go for us one of these days.
  15. Spot on CaleyD. The system is obviously not fit for purpose but one assumes the clubs were aware of the system and agreed to it at some point. This should be the catalyst for change therefore. However, with the referee still insisting he made the correct decision, s major problem still exists with poor quality refereeing. If Gregg Aitken genuinely believe he made the correct decision, heaven help us as more poor and incorrect decisions will be made and not always rectified as hopefully this one will be.