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  1. And just maybe some posters will not be so quick to jump in and criticise the board in future as they were when this story broke.
  2. He is probably real but hopefully in a galaxy far far away.
  3. Glad to see it's not just me who thinks that referees (and all the officials) act in a much more arrogant manner than previously. Sights of referees/fourth officials wagging their fingers at players/managers as if they were naughty schoolboys, is just embarrassing and you rarely see foreign officials do this. Refereeing standards do seem t be declining globally but the refereeing in Scotland this season has been really really poor and affected most teams (with the possible exception of Rangers). Surely someone sees the glaring mistakes made by the referees and takes them aside to discuss, if they do it doesn't work as they seem to continue making the same mistakes (Andrew Dallas and poor penalty decisions anyone). Part of the problem is that I am convinced referees now seem to be guessing at decisions, possibly as they feel they have to make a decision but so often, they get it wrong and suffer the consequences for it when making a decision only when 100% sure would save them untold grief.
  4. Tell you what Alan, as I don't think you have ever had anything positive to say about the team, why don't you find another team to bitch and moan about as you bring nothing positive or constructive to this debate.
  5. I reiterate that, IMO, Polworth's challenge was not a sending off. Certainly a yellow card but interestingly, I was sitting beside some Dundee United fans and even they thought a yellow card would be fair. It was undoubtedly the reaction of the United player that got Polworth sent off. Strange then that the United player had no blood injury or concussion and was up and running about in minutes. As for Donaldson's foul, certainly a yellow card but a red?. Again, IMO, it was a bad tackle but one you see in many games without a sending off so one of the few decisions the ref got correct.
  6. Definitely a foul for us in the box though that yet again the idiot of a referee didn't get right. In addition, the number of times White was clearly fouled but got nothing was really poor refereeing. Something really has to be done about the standard of refereeing as the ref on Saturday was equally as poor.
  7. Just seen the picture of Polworth's challenge on the BBC website, just highlights how poor the decision was to send him off
  8. Good performance from us in both halfs but game ruined as a spectacle by that idiot of a referee. It was a yellow card at best as the United player did lower his head. He then proceeded to thrash about as if he was seriously injured but strangely, he didn't have to go off for treatment and was running about straight away. Don't know if anyone else noticed but it looked like the ref tried to play an advantage for us due to a foul in our box and was about to pull play back for us when the Polworth incident happened. To then compound his mistake, Utd then get the free kick. Shouldn't really be surprised at the ref's performance as hugely similar to his in the last Country game. Truly dreadful refereeing for which there is no excuse. Don't believe the game is over as Utd were pretty poor, just goes to show that money doesn't always buy you quality and how poor a manager Neilson is.
  9. It really should be a big attendance irrespective of the night given the importance of the game but I somehow doubt it. In my opinion, it will not be because of the price but the apathy the people of Inverness show towards ICT. Too many of our supporters also seem to want to pay as little as possible to watch us, dropping the price hasn't worked in the past and no reason why it should on this occasion.
  10. Have to agree with Gregor. The aim for yesterday was to progress to the next round as are the games against Utd. Don't care if we play really badly or are outplayed as long as we progress. Team are trying their hardest to do it for the fans so let's stop the carping and get behind the team
  11. It's not and Banks of Dee don't want it, are not prepared to go into the league without notice. Place could be ours if things go to plan with Cove getting promoted.
  12. Probably as protection for the team in the Premiership.
  13. That's not what I said and you know it. People can still pay at the gate if they don't want to get into debt. As with other posters, I'm off to other threads.
  14. Sweeping statement there pal, and the specific example of the stands was not down solely to the club as the legal ins and outs had to be done. As I have said before, I know for a fact that the current board were unaware of this arrangement when they took over. The board aren't perfect but it does seem to me some posters have such a toxic view of the board that I find hard to understand. The season ticket deal is a good deal, and I get that some people may not be able to purchase in the time scale but using a credit card, or the finance option, if available, must surely help both the club and individual. You just seem to be going out of your way to denigrate this offer, for no real reason as far as I can see.