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  1. Jordan White has his attributes but link up play certainly isn't one of them. Whether he was better yesterday, I cannot say as not at the game but that is something he really needs to work on.
  2. This is what we couldn't do last season, win ugly. We have to keep on grinding out results when not playing well, as County did last season, and we will be in the mix at the end of the season.
  3. Like many fans, I have not been immune to swearing at games but my language has never been like the sort used by Morton fans on Friday. The club make announcements before games and have notices posted around the ground about fan behaviour and inappropriate language yet this was openly condoned by the stewards and/or club condoned this by doing nothing. There was a genuinely nasty atmosphere being created by the Morton scum, sorry fans, there on Friday. Worst fan behaviour outside of the ugly sisters.
  4. First half was pretty even although Morton had probably the better chances. These however came from poor defensive clearances from us and misplaced passed by our midfield and defence. The second goal settled us and we started to defend a lot better and the whole team kicked on as a result. We have been quite poor defensively recently and if we can carry on with last night's improvement, things are looking up As for some posters criticising McCart, he has been our best defender this season whereas Donaldson has been a shadow of himself. Hopefully he will kick on with the improvement shown in the second half but needs to hugely improve on his distribution.
  5. I do think we have to make some changes and this is an ideal game to do so. MacGregor will give the team some much needed energy and while not knowing too much about Harper, worth throwing him in now when not under so much pressure.
  6. In the two home games I have seen, we have been poor defensively and lost goals by poorly defending crosses. We badly need a good defensive right back but we go and sign another forward??. The route 1 football we seem to be playing simply won't work with White as he isn't good enough in the air and his hold up play is poor. Would it be better with Todorov, possibly as he is better in the air and has more awareness of what is happening around him. We also scored two very good goals against Raith and Cove when we did move the ball quickly and wide so the potential is there. Trafford needs benched as he slows the game down too much and always receives the ball facing the wrong way. Give at least one of the youngsters a start on Saturday and see what happens.
  7. That's the problem defensively in a nutshell. Full backs are playing way to high and wide and this causes real problems. The centre backs are also playing far too square and one needs to tuck in beside the other. Really basic tactics that should be simple to work on.
  8. A poor performance from us but a deserved win which should have been much more comfortable. Defensively we were poor and often played 2v 2 with the Cove strikers which almost ended badly on several occasions. God knows what position Brad was playing as it wasn't right back. Both Cove's goal came down the right side although Vincent should have done better at matching the Cove player's run and stopping the cross into the box. Defensively, we need to sharpen up especially Donaldson who has been poor both defensively and his distribution has been equally poor. I also think tactically we were poor and the ploy of all our defenders up for corner's leaves us really vulnerable on the counter attack. Also, towards the end of the game, we stopped leaving men up the park which just invited Cove to send more players into our box. Robbi seems to be aware of these issues so hopefully they will be addressed. I think Todorov must start ahead of White for several reasons. Firstly he is more mobile and brings players into the game, secondly, he makes runs that White doesn't and gambles and lastly, he will score more goals than White will.
  9. I think we have as realistic chance to win the Championship as anyone else. I don't think Utd have strengthened hugely, apart from Shankland and he will not win the Championship for Utd on his own. Dundee are a bit of an unknown quality but again haven't seen anything to hugely worry about in terms of signings. Rookie manager as well.Again, it is similar with Patrick, I haven't seen any significant signings. The only thing that would concern me is that the Dundee clubs have significant financial backing to change things as could Partick if they get taken over.
  10. And has done exactly what since? Rangers were also a shambles at this time. Speaking to some Utd fans at the playoffs, they would have bee n happy to get shot of him because if poor management and performances.
  11. The point I was trying to make that signing Shankland guarantees nothing. If you rely on only one player for goals, if something happens to him, you have a problem, as happened to Ayr last season. Last season, Utd also had Safranko, who I think is a better player than Shankland and offered more to the team. Utd have been favourites for the last 3 years and hugely under achieved and I don't see anything yet to indicate to me, that they are guaranteed to win the Championship. You need a good manager to do this and I am not convinced Neilson is a good manager.
  12. I honestly don't think we have missed out with this. Surely a player of his supposed ability would want to try and better/improve his game which he will not do at Utd. Looks like he seriously lacks ambition which is a big failing in my opinion.
  13. But then you have to find replacements at this late stage, and with no realistic sums of money to do this, we are at a competitive disadvantage even before the season starts. Do you ever think your posts through?
  14. So did I but think these were meant for Business sponsors.
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