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  1. Well, I'll just have to be the one to say I am disappointed at him getting the job. I don't believe he has the required skills, yet, and, for me, he's a poor analyst on TV. Hope I am wrong and will support him but still think this is a risky appointment.
  2. The successful appeal for Allardice just shows how poor the standard of refereeing is in the Championship. It's not as if the referee was unsighted, he was right there but still got it horribly wrong and, arguably cost us a win.
  3. Realistically, we had to win tonight so I think our play off chance has gone. That missed penalty against Alloa and the subsequent draw has comeback to haunt us big time. Referee undoubtedly influenced the game and, for me, the red cards were harsh, especially Allardice's but were just symptomatic of a very poor referee who was very inconsistent in his decisions which frustrates players hugely.
  4. DOB think so, just trying something different. Storey hasn't exactly set the heather on fire recently so Shane worth a shot.
  5. And that in a nutshell somes up why Hughes isn't a great manager, despite what some of our supporters think. The style of play he tries to play only works with good players, poor to average players just cannot make it work and Hughes is incapable of changing his system.
  6. Dreadful game, dreadfull performance, dreadfull referee but great 3 points. Not a lot more to say other than will take that evef week until the end of the season.
  7. Suspect he wasn't fully fit for the game on Tuesday in the first place. Looked off the pace to me when he came on.
  8. I think Deas and Devine must be injured as not even on the bench. Not too worried about Devine being missing tbh.
  9. Very true but as have only seen the goal once in real time, it was the obvious assumption to make, albeit wrong as it turns out. Impossible to tell in real time if Sutherland was offside.
  10. McPake is an arrogant idiot and I so wish we had won the game to get him more annoyed. Didn't think Keatings was offside when I saw the goal in real time and it looked like the standside linesman made some questionable offside decisions against us. Really should have won the game but poor defending cost us. Also think Robbo made poor use of substitutions today. It was obvious that we were being dominated in midfield in the first half and either Kennedy or McGregor should have been substituted at half time for Welsh. Kennedy did come into the game more in the second half and I was s
  11. I can sort of understand why some fans don't want to go as it really isn't a very sociable atmosphere. Having said that, I am sure plenty of fans will still want to attend. I have been a season ticket holder for over 15 years but have been unsuccessful in both ballots so, on a personal level, am disappointed that I have not had the opportunity to attend either match so far. If the ballot system now goes to a first come first served and I miss out again on the Dunfermline game, I won't be happy as a season ticket holder. There looks like something is wrong with the current ballot system.
  12. Hope so as unsuccessful so far 😢
  13. Totally agree about Kennedy. He had a good game but was very selfish on several occasions when passing to other players was the better option instead of shooting. He is only young though so hopefully he will learn. Very similar traits to Ryan Christie in my opinion.
  14. Well done to the club for this statement. It didn't ring true to me at the time as thought that the fans who were there would have mentioned it but you just never know for sure. Typical low level journalism from that moron Keith Jackson, surprised he's even heard of us as his head is usually so far up the cheeks of the old firm to notice anything other than them.
  15. Really nice that one of our fans felt the need to go to the press, especially the Daily Record and, potentially land the club in bother. I would simply ask that fan why they did it other than to cause the club a problem. Not sure the club broke any laws however as travel for work is allowed. Why we needed to get stewards from the Central Belt is another issue however.
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