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  1. Caley/Thistle Dundee Utd St Mirren livingston Falkirk
  2. Matchday Thread

    After the game with Elgin I was a bit worried how it would turn out v Brechin. It was like night and day the performance . Brechin were poor so let's not get too carried away yet but it's nice to see three goals and a clean sheet after last seasons rubbish. As most posters pointed out Seedorf looks exciting to watch and the rest of the team looked good. I can't see why some fans keep slagging of Polworth and Vigurs I thought they both had decent games. Polworth did fade in the latter part of the game but still has a lot to offer the team. It looked like a training excercise at times today but I am now looking forward to the Falkirk game next week with a bit more confidence.
  3. 6ft 2" eyes of blue Feitciano Cedrick Zschusschen is after you. 😛
  4. Wikipedia have him as set to play for Patrick Thistle season 2017-18
  5. Might see ___tam at game
  6. Playing Clach Tuesday 7.45
  7. Peter Houston on of the ball today was asked which players he was losing. One was John Baird as he was off to Inverness. It saves the club having a press release when you can hear it second hand from Tam Cowan.
  8. All positive getting my season tickets this week
  9. I am still fuming about the season ticket prices. I have usually been one of the first to renew mine since the very first season in the bottom division. If they had nocked of £40 or £50 quid I would have payed up no prob no matter how bad they played last season or who the new boss is. Loyal fans are been shafted by the board and they might end up regretting it.
  10. Suspicious minds
  11. Lots of Moody red and blues about at the moment
  12. Using a boxing analogy the current board are still in the Sutherland blue corner and Alan Savage is in the red corner. It would be good if they could unite ( no chance ) . After all the red and blue managed to amalgamate once before.
  13. Please let this be true
  14. I have a feeling of De javu I keep seeing the same post over again. Could be the drink.