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  1. NICK ROSS Trialist

    Just seen Dundee have released another ex-ICT player--- Danny Williams
  2. Derby - 8th November

    Hope they got a good crowd.
  3. Christopher Butcher

    I would think everyone associated with ICT would send our sympathies to Terry and his family. Losing your son is unthinkable. God bless Terry and family, our thoughts are with you.
  4. Polworth v Kellacher

    I agree with Charles. Let's concentrate on getting us up the league without in-house fighting. Give Robbo our support.
  5. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    Can not see any comments from JR on our performance today. Seriously,. action should be taken now, or we are back in a relegation battle from the championship. Board of Directors please note.
  6. Why do you support ICT ?

    Can't argue with what IHE says. I was a caley supporter from the age of five (I think), getting the 2 o'clock bus from the Leachkin to Telford Street for a 3 pm kick off-- Great days! My big team was Aberdeen. I am now 72 years of age and will always be a ICT supporter, even though I hate everything that has gone at the club in the last two years. I would like to think I would see success again in the next few years if I am still around. Europe here we come!!
  7. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Not a chance in Hell that we will get back up this season. Unless we can get an investor and a new manager we will be a long time in the lower divisions, and I don't mean the Championship. I said it before that our club had been ruined by Ritchie and his blarney along with our chairman who believed all his talk. I liked JR first time around but he took over a successful team and listening to him now, I think he is a little bit lost. Big changes are needed NOW. Anybody want to disagree with this??
  8. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    Rather see him fit than fat
  9. Unhealthy diets/poor fitness levels

    FFS, Give this a rest, and concentrate how we can establish ourselves as a senior football club again. My first suggestion would be to have a decent goalkeeper. Sorry Mark, but I don't think you will make it for what we are trying to achieve!
  10. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Having been at the game, I was sickened to see the behaviour of some of our supporters. ( It was a minority ). If they can be identified I think the club should hand out some punishment to them.
  11. Brechin City -V- Inverness CT

    Polworth was my man of the match today. Good performances from Cooper, Trafford, Raven and Vigurs for his two goals. When we get our injured players playing again, I can see a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. AND THATS NOT SOMETHING I WOULD HAVE SAID LAST WEEK. It was nice to see our Chairman at the front of the stand clapping our players as they left the field.
  12. Raven not again

  13. Board statement 14/08/17

  14. What is going on?

    As a supporter of ICT I would like to hear from our Directors and Manager what is going on at our club? Do we still have ambitions to win the Championship this season, or should we return to the Highland League?
  15. What is going on?

    Mr Finlayson. If you read this All ICT supporters are waiting to hear from you. Can you tell us when we will receive some words of comfort on our clubs future?
  16. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    JR did not apply for the Manager's job. He was asked to apply for it, just as Ross Draper had to apply for a transfer. Now I always liked Robbo in his previous career with us, and I mean no disrespect to him, but he was obviously approached as being the cheapest option. Living in Ardersier he has no re-location costs which other outsiders would have" JR has been out of management for too long now, and if he had wanted the job he would have applied for it when Foran was sacked. I really think the board members should consider their own position now, and I would ask them to resign forthwith. Today against Dunfermline we were humiliated. How long must we suffer this?
  17. What is going on?

    And it is still going on!
  18. What is going on?

    With the continuing silence from the board, I am now thinking the future of our club is not good. Hopefully I am wrong, but something must be going on behind closed doors"
  19. Worst summer in the clubs history

    Sorry Scotty, Apologise for taking my bad mood out on you
  20. Worst summer in the clubs history

    I said it before, that we are disappearing into oblivion as a football club. When you think of the good work that people like Dougie Mcgillivray and Alan Savage had done previously this past season has been absolutely shocking. It took time but we built ourselves into a superb football club. Now we are run by a bunch of amateurs who know nothing about running a football club. I will be criticised by Scotty and IHE for my comments again. PLEASE will somebody put up the FOR SALE notice.
  21. Extraordinary General Meeting - 3rd August.

    Well said.
  22. Live Video

    The Chairman may have changed, but the board remains much the same. Some things will never get better! A bunch of numpties who have not got a clue how to run a football club. They are there for their for own ego!
  23. Injury Situation

    We have been told it will be November before we see Tremarco and Dorran. What about the players we have signed and already injured. Can anybody shed some light on them?
  24. Forfar -V- Inverness CT

    Good on you from a Leachkin lad to a Craig lad.
  25. Forfar -V- Inverness CT

    You must be joking? but I will remain with hope that I am wrong.