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  1. Split ? Which one will be licking next season ?
  2. Matchday Thread

    I love you Huisdean
  3. Matchday Thread

    Initially I object to the sheepshagging reference by PumpFace. Secondly I would say that people who have supported Caley or Thistle all of their lives, ignored the hype and chose to change their allegiance to ICT and continue to support their local team are every bit as equal in fervour as those who do not remember the days of the Highland League. But I wonder how CB would compare the antics of today's yoof in comparison with the days of the Ferry, Dalneigh and Hilton gangs who frequently stood and fought on the terraces and joined together in Away Day frolics. There were no "ultras" in the 70's, there were "hooligans". The Young Team are the heart and soul of ICT and without them the atmosphere at the Dump would undoubtedly be crematorium-esque. Perhaps if they were just allowed to Feckin enjoy themselves without the pathetic harassment of the yellow tits and local plods we would not be having that debate. What they decide to after a game is up to them as long as it is enjoyed with the kindred spirits of visiting Ultras and without causing distress to families and innocent others. They are the victims of their own success. Hey boys - this fleece seeking Grandad salutes you
  4. Matchday Thread

    Define personal abuse Moosehead
  5. Matchday Thread

    Does not the thought of a last day decider - probably against Hamilton - not send shivers down yer feckin spine.
  6. Matchday Thread

    I would prefer to be in the Top Six. We are presently making a pigs feckin ear of it BUT we are still very much in the running. That is mainly why I feel that our potential is not been maximised. I go to as many matches that I can, given my geographical location. I am CaleytillIdie (ICT ). Would prefer to evidently be in the Premier but I will follow to Edinburgh City and beyond. I am absolutely heartbroken that some supporters confuse the alter-ego of IHE with Johndo MacKenzie. I am absolutely heartbroken that some supporters remember the Johndo "Caley Animal" MacKenzie or the clown who got thrown out of more games than he lasted 90 minutes at. That was fer standing in rebellion. I couldn't stand for more than ten minutes now. I am heartened that the Young Team seem to like me. I am heartbroken that compatriots are reduced to fighting over a shittty pie. Thank you. I feel better for that. My threatened broken heart has found it previous rhythm and is truly well on the mend.
  7. Matchday Thread

    And the other prerequisite is scoring goals
  8. Matchday Thread

    It would appear that parts of this thread may have to be moved to General Nonsense. It is about time us sensible, responsible posters put the battling moderators into line. Don't worry Scotty. I will try and maintain the equilibrium whilst you are sleeping in Toronto.
  9. Matchday Thread

    3-5-2 Away from home and then 5-3-2 at home without any recognised wide players - playing two individuals in the second who visibly threw in the towel in the first and were both deservedly hooked - ignoring the three substitutes and change of system that grabbed a point in the first game - giving a reprieve to the match winning but fadin legend and reorganising the defence to accommodate - playing people in different roles week to week. What part of the Coaching Manual does that come from. Raven and Tremarco as attacking wing backs !! Sure 2 points from 2 games is not good enuff given our situation. Don't know if people have noticed but we are nowhere near a saving run of wins, games are running out, Hamilton have had a run of difficult games but have been picking up points otherwise and hoping to salvage our season after the split !! Shure we got another point but probably missed out by being too defensive minded and not having the ammunition or substitution to kill off the game. And the bickering is more about personalities and forum power than it is about Feckin football. You can loyally follow and support to the maximum but you are also entitled to shout yer opinion when you feel that the season is going down the drains. For once I can't post the Eagle mauling the Stag because our claim to being the Pride of the Highlands is no longer valid.
  10. Matchday Thread

    I really should not be so prophetic. Foran is NOT learning and is increasingly looking like taking us down.
  11. Matchday Thread

    Now let's change it and go fer the jugular.
  12. Matchday Thread

    Let's entertain the Canadians with Dads Army and On The Buses.
  13. Matchday Thread

    SHOCKING - OLD SCHOOL LOYALTY - PLAY MY UNIMPRESSIVE SIGNING - DEFEND - NO WIDTH - WATCH OUT FOR THE BOOKINGS. Prove me wrong and/or get the three subs ON quickly and DO NOT go behind early
  14. Jim McIntyre is well known for regularly talking bullshittt. I the travelling nation are fuming with the Top Six talk.
  15. May as well start off this thread early. FON WILLIAMS RAVEN McCART LAING TREMARCO KING TANSEY DRAPER POLWORTH COLE MckAY But will Foran have the bottle to bench Warren and Vigurs and play Polworth and play an attacking formation ?!! Vigurs simply surrendered at Firhill. He may as well have waved a white feckin flag. Polworth is the new whipping boy. Warren has looked out or sorts fer weeks. Played out of position at Firhill but saved our day and possibly our season. May be harsh but I hope that goal does not influence Foran. Gary has been really suspect of late and I don't think that he could cope with the frantic atmosphere and pace of this crucial Highland Derby.