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  1. Count me in again Don
  2. Ian Black ?
  3. Correct - and the other 2 potentials?
  4. What we needed last season was a squad full of players willing to die for the shirt. IMHO we had 3 in that category. We had potential in a couple of others but they were in and out of the team. We ended up with quite a few mercenaries either looking for playing time which they could not get elsewhere and a ticket to a team that they thought would be an improvement on ICT. Lets not forget who I would have placed just behind Anier in a season long smileymometer - the feckin Walrus. And to think that we played both of them in front of Fisher and the former as a lone striker !! What we need for next season is different. We certainly need to keep a core of experience even if their legs are not the same. The "heads" of Esson, Raven, Warren, Tremarco and Draper are necessities. Polworth has to stand up and be counted and there is no reason why he should not in a lower league. Personally I would like a journeyman up front - doesn't matter if it is the traditional centre forward or a poacher. And if we are looking for loanees as undoubtedly we will lets go fer pace and width - and next season use it. But as Chris and others point out - who the feck have we got at the helm and who is sorting out the much needed signings. We should have a shortlist NOW but how the feck can you. You then take in a manager who is cheesed off immediately and does not agree with the signings. Sheerin is the evident heart choice but he has no managerial pedigree. What is happening to Rice ? If Foran was treated badly then what about him. And what about Misspass ? Shirley he must be in the plans somewhere ? Should he not be the one that is looking at signing targets ? Perhaps he knows an accomplished scout willing to help ? Perhaps he then passes the signings on to the incumbent manager / coach and that avoids the hassles. This is yet another pre season that the Board are completely feckin up.
  5. Sorry but how exactly how and by who was he mistreated ?
  6. At times like this I don't give a shittt about football
  7. And NOW ?
  8. Lets hope the stars in Orion
  9. He just texted me and told me to feck off
  10. Careful you are giving your identity away Mr TITmarch
  11. Well cheaper entry fer a start. Better away supports due to prices and many fans, especially the younger ones, will never have been in the away grounds either and that is an attraction. Start winning and the following increases.
  12. Do you know that I have more pressing concerns in life to concern myself about the "post mortem" of our relegation. Shitt happens. We have been performing above our means for some seasons now BUT what a feckin joy it has been. What a feckin experience. So we have gone down. Aim has to be to retain as many of the present squad as we can do. Aim is to get back into a play-off position. Que sera. HOPE IS ETERNAL.
  13. I am having several shots.