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  1. Away fans

    So perhaps four of the away travellers to ICT should have been thrown out and banned ?
  2. Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    DOH - how much is paid on player wages in a financial year ?
  3. David Mackenzie (Potters)

    His place of honor will be waiting in the Howden End in the Sky - Respect to Potters.
  4. Joe Chalmers

    Always said that he had a sweet left foot and was not suited to be a full / wing back.
  5. David Raven

    If only we had a time machine ?!!
  6. Danny Williams

  7. Away fans

  8. Away fans

  9. 2018 Calender

    What about a spoof Dross County Calendar with twelve months of rejects ?
  10. Away fans

    Am I off target but our Young Team were barred / banned for such behaviour. The yellow coats have always been keen to confront ICT fans. Fair enuff put the away stands into a section to miss out on the cost of opening the way stand - but how many times have Away Stewards treated us like feckin animals. If any away fan becomes obstreperous then caution and chuck out if not heeded. Banter is fine but abuse is completely different. And to me - from past memories - such a situation would be a godsend opportunity to would-be hoolies. By the way some of my mates were at the Blackpool v Oxford match and there were running battles afterwards.
  11. Nathan Austin

    Moose Code and Weirdos ?
  12. Falkirk (H) 9th January 2018 - Game On

    Aquifer Alert
  13. Nathan Austin

    Going back on topic I hear that we are looking to sign Ian Morris from Bohemians with a view to re-introducing an Austin Morris combination up front.
  14. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Is it coincidence that most new players end up fecked shortly after arriving ?!
  15. David Raven