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  1. At times like this I don't give a shittt about football
  2. And NOW ?
  3. Lets hope the stars in Orion
  4. He just texted me and told me to feck off
  5. Careful you are giving your identity away Mr TITmarch
  6. Well cheaper entry fer a start. Better away supports due to prices and many fans, especially the younger ones, will never have been in the away grounds either and that is an attraction. Start winning and the following increases.
  7. Do you know that I have more pressing concerns in life to concern myself about the "post mortem" of our relegation. Shitt happens. We have been performing above our means for some seasons now BUT what a feckin joy it has been. What a feckin experience. So we have gone down. Aim has to be to retain as many of the present squad as we can do. Aim is to get back into a play-off position. Que sera. HOPE IS ETERNAL.
  8. I am having several shots.
  9. We are staying up - sponsored by Smirnoff
  10. Irrespective of the money any company or business is ultimately judged on its profits / losses, stability / instability, performance and decision making ? Many will point to the manager and the background team as the scapegoats but the Board are ultimately responsible for those choices. But I am as worried as to who would replace them.
  11. Back on topic I suggest that our dilemma is clear. The Board may have admirably kept us in needed financial stability but have failed miserably in the communication sense generally. I feel that there needs to be a massive shake up but this may not be the time. If we go down then culling the board should be a priority but that will not get us back up pronto or provide us with the spondoolachs to do that. Staying up and the Board will back Forsn and probably in the same vocabulary as Richie vow that they have learned their lessons and nothing will change. The fans can shout and complain as much as we want but we need a new figurehead with finances but they don't grow on trees.
  12. Don't worry about the stats Scarlet. We deserved this according to all accounts I have heard or read.