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  1. Has everybody lost their Feckin marbles ? This is a Feckin boardroom Con. If this was the answer it would have been introduced months ago. I am actually dreading County away now as we have given them extra ammo. To me Mispass is a total waste of money and a total slap in the face. Another Old Boy action by Old Boys without a Feckin clue. That is my last post of the season.
  2. No questions however about his honesty and reliability though. Can we afford his bar bill ?
  3. To me this is clutching at straws and we must be completely desperate if we are welcoming back a person who followed Butcher to Hibs and basically lied to all of us.
  4. Richard Smith originally was, and probably always was, a member of the Mills Boys. Even at Sneck the boardroom politics are fascinating. Perhaps Kenny Cameron will do a Teresa May and seek a vote of confidence ?
  5. There was a lot more spirit in the upper echelons.
  7. Owain - Dal ati!, Daliwch ati!
  8. Where ever has it been rumoured that we have ever been linked with this piece of filth ?
  9. Consider that Smith has left at a very awkward time. To me that means that the Mills boys are putting all the pressure on the chairman and the rest of the board members. He will have the clout of the Mills boys well behind him. This is a mini revolution which will either mend or tear the club apart. Aint seen any of this since the joyous Orion v Tulloch days ? But the board do not have the calibre of Sutherland fighting their corner and the Mills Boys are definitely more savage !!
  10. Not with me and probably a lot of others. Shure he should have walked after eating his Xmas turkey. But he also should have been politely punted or offered demotion. But he is stubborn and undoubtedly eager to succeed and the management have no balls and looking after the pennies. Foran the player will be my fond memory. I am not actually angry at him, I feel sorry for him. He did not take this club to the precipice on his own. Some of the performances and the discipline of players has been shocking as well. Foran's naieve dependence on his old school buddies was also a major part of his downfall. And I really could see the problems at the early 5-1 defeat at Tynecastle - and many others since. Why didn't the board ?
  11. Get the first round in at The Hole in the Wall.
  12. I really feel for Foran. It really is the image of the inexperienced swimmer being chucked in at the deep end. But now he is up on the top Feckin diving board. I hope that he puts his hands off and gets back down the stairs and takes a break. If he stays and jumps it is probabl going to end up looking like a John Smiths commercial. But what is really cracking me up at the moment is the fond remembrances of erase holes like Brewster, Hughes and the evil Butcher who may have brought success but did more financial and emotional damage than a Wall Street hacker. At least Foran will be more fondly and correctly remembered as a man who really played for the shirt and probably managed for the shirt but had a big heart and a very naive footballing head.
  13. Well I am Brosnon. The good away days in the top flight are to the old favourites such as Well and Killie. I will miss those two as well as the Jam Tarts but there are minuses elsewhere, especially the Old Filth. My gave away game this season was at Elgin and in recent years, apart from Hampden and Bucharest, it was Stranraer. It has also down to the crew that you travel with and the ambiance of the local hostelries, the absence of the Ultras and the old style ground environments and facilities (Ayr). ALL my best away days have been in the lower leagues and we have made links with groups of supporters from those types of teams. I can't wait to walk into the bars like Dumfries,Dunfermline and Morton and The stadium at the Rock I have never been to. I also love Livi as I can take the Mississippi shopping. Just gutted that it may not include Psisley and Ayr. Don't get me wrong I want us to stay up. I will be glued to the telly for the next two games and I am going to Killie and Dens. I will be gutted if we go down but no tears.
  14. I many ways no - but unfortunately he influences quite an influx of spondoolachs. His "mob" have kept us going and propped up our leap back following the last relegation. I seriously worry that we are the next Stain Midden.