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  1. Transfer in and outs

    And as fer the yoof - who is ready ?
  2. Board statement 14/08/17

    It was a long term agreement of £5K per week plus VAT. Almost identical to the bar bill at the Heathmount.
  3. Board statement 14/08/17

    Same initials as moi but many more spondoolachs May have tried before but a certain person in charge spoiled the present for the Savage and Grassa coo.
  4. Board statement 14/08/17

    A new broom sweeps clean - they say. I am reliably informed that the events of the past few months were indeed planned. The club was evidently in a rite shambles - both on and off the pitch. Previous attempts to overthrow the Tulloch regime were easily defended and defeated. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. So it had to be a gradual ploy. Again we all know that Foran should have been hooked at the end of 2016 but the "old boy" regime stood firm. Then in May a certain Rae and MacKenzie joined the directors. If we had stayed up we would probably have been in a far worse position than we are now. So it was a case of making ends meet. Draper is probably the only one who was - to a degree - pushed. Robertson's appointment was a bit of compromise. A case of give a little get a lot. Finlayson was the temporary diversion to release Cameron. As for where do the spondoolachs come from - Well Rae was in the last attempted coo in 2012. Graham Rae was in the Caddy (1972 - 1974) - worked in the Oil, Gas and Offshore Industries. Allan MacKenzie was in the Caddy (1970-1976) - Anyone notice a link with another Caddy schoolboy of the same era ??
  5. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    That should be the target - Oh fer a feckin winger like Garrincha !!

    Our saviour is in this photo
  7. Worst summer in the clubs history

    I was half expecting this Hero. I am not in the doom and gloom club (yet!!) but I am not a happy slapper either. If you drop down a division and lose players like Tansey, Draper and Mckay - add in Meekings, add in Fon Williams - then it is going to be a real struggle. Add Warren's injury and the surprising axing of Raven. And Esson should be starting OR put Fon Williams in the window of opportunity where he has to perform. Robbo was not prepared and appears to have been an impulse appointment. At Forfar I thought - and reported - that Elsdon and Chalmers looked like duds. It looked like Calder was NOT a winger. Surely Robbo sees this. Again I would rather play the yoof.
  8. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

  9. Thinking out loud . . .

    The people from the Dark Side are poking fun at us Jock !! And all of a sudden we have become a feeder club But once again we have a transfer fee revenue and undoubtedly released the players on the highest wages. Where has that spondoolachs gone or are we going to spend some ? Jock - for many it is more about the ineptidude and amateurism of our Board. It is bad enuff being a laffing stock on the pitch. It is truly, truly embarrassing.
  10. Worst summer in the clubs history

    As the Bard once said to me in the Shakespeare Arms in Stratford-Upon-Avon " Johndo son, Now is the summer of your discontent. Prepare ye for a glorious winter with the new ICT; And all the clouds that lowered upon your forum, in the deep bosom of Scottish football will be buried"
  11. Transfer in and outs

    As Josh McDowell once said to me in a Psychotherapy session - "No matter how devastating our struggles, disappointments, and troubles are, they are only temporary. No matter what happens to you, no matter the depth of tragedy or pain you face, no matter how death stalks you and your loved ones, the Resurrection promises you a future of immeasurable good."
  12. Pars Away

    To be honest Daddy to be That is not a bad Championship line up - on paper - if we SPEND the Draper money WELL - well Who knows ?
  13. Season Ticket Holder Benefits : Hospitality Draws

    1st Prize - Autographed Ross Draper shirt 2nd Prize - A pair of Billys' Boots
  14. Worst summer in the clubs history

    Question - At the end of last season did anyone fear that we would lose Draper, Mckay and Meekings ? I feckin did becos I thought that all three were better than the Championship
  15. Transfer in and outs

    It looks like the "norm" is to chastise present day players and extol those who have left or are undecided about staying. Lets face it - the mere fact that Draper may be staying is surprising but most would say that we really, really need him. I thought that he played well at Forfar, RIG (and probably others) feel that he played well against the Arabs. We will be getting the Vigurs Neanderthals shouting abuse at Draper soon ?