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  1. Boom Where is Charlie Bannerman when you need him ??!!
  2. Think that it is as much of keeping what we had last season and adding in some more reliable back-ups. And lets hope that the yoof can progress. The bottom line is the feckin available spondoolicks ?
  3. Only problem is that he is a former Jeggie Hunn - allegedly 🙄
  4. Chic Allan in central midfield - Alan Presslie doubling up with Coll at the back ?
  5. All the old Caley and Thistle fans could wear black arm bands and perhaps walk to the ground from different directions ?
  6. Beat me to it although I would love to see the 4-4-2 with two wide players and an out and out big man/sharp man up front. Perhaps those days have gone ?
  7. There is wee Danny but he was injury prone as well. I would not be surprised if Vincent is played in a wider role.
  8. I would agree with most of that but I think that Robbo will change the systems slightly to incorporate different types of players. The good thing is that our signings have something to prove in in the Championship and personally. Lets face it we are not going to unearth a Polworth replacement. The suggested teams are last season plus Vincent. I can again understand the logic but I hope that some players have changed our minds before the Championship kick-off. The other encouraging thing for me is that we have "replacements" in most departments - albeit several untried and unknown. Also makes pre-season considerably more competitive and hopefully we start off fit and prepared.
  9. Well top marks for trying to get the full squad together early doors and gives the players and the system time to fit in. Tick that box 9/10 Putting that into action in the LC group is also progressed but evidently still a wait and see. Those first six fixtures are tough - especially travelling to Dundee twice in August - BUT get a good start from that and confidence wiil be high. Sme may say it is better to get that two out of the way early doors. But get nothing from Dundee x 2 and that will make progress more difficult Arabs (a) - Smokies (h) - Dungdee (a) - Morton (h) - Dumbfarmlife (a) - Doonhamers (h) - Bring on the pre-season
  10. Courtesy of Brett33D - Will some fecker dig up that pot of gold pronto.
  11. Then once was a Bulgar called Todorov Who said "To inverness I am feckin off" To play for his old Jambo hero And a wage of practically zero And in a year will be Nicolay Gudgiecof.
  12. And when little hope was left in sight, On that starry, starry day, You took your chance, as heroes often do. And I could have told you Vincent Inverness was always meant for one As talented as you.
  13. On the feckin bucket
  14. Looking at Wullies belly and thighs it may actually fit most of us - or some of us - or me !!!
  15. Buckett - Please note that speeling errors are not as bad as terminology mistakes 🤣
  16. As a seer try to avoid the bigger picture. As a supporter I like to take things one step at a time. Before I would make any predictions about the season I need to see what our squad looks like at the kick-off - I need to see how we perform in the LC group and I would love to see what our first five fixtures bring us. If we perform well in those opening fixtures and show that we really do have a squad to compete - then I will predict.
  17. I would go with that - and yellow hair for all ?
  18. I predict that Buckett will have to stop taking his prescribed medication soon. Suspect that there will now be a crescendo from others taking "happy pills".
  19. I am reliably informed that Wullie was an ICT signing target but Uncle Roy stepped in again.