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  1. That was simply awful apart from winning a point. The Gayfield weather will win the home team more points this season.
  2. What do you expect with the usual gale force wind blowing off the North Sea. Do the yokel commentators know what an offside feckin is !!
  3. Yip and I have had a New Year vision and suspect that it is the Arbroath team in the dressing room after the game.
  4. Happy New Year Shaun - And dont worry I have always regarded you as a clown 🤣
  5. Jhesus - This bloody forum is jam packed with old farts from all over the globe. We will be getting updates on the feckin Ice Hockey next.
  6. Just noticed this and so sad. I will always remember his usual welcome to me - which was a sigh and a "you're back home again" but I always got a handshake and a free dram on the way out.
  7. FFS - Six feckin double "Doddsies" - Goodnight and God Bless 🥰
  8. Friday nights are fer quaffing a few celebratory Doddsies 🥃
  9. Well that was well fought and deserved. Killie never really threatened. I will go for Allardice (MOM) followed by Mckay and Sutherland (effort). As a TV and part time away supporter what the feck has gone down in the interim. Top of the Feckin League !!
  10. I think that I will reserve judgement !! Crossing, final ball and finishing lacking again, scrappy stuff which could suit Killie and their penchant to steal games late on. But we ARE the better team.
  11. As an Evertonian I am looking for a wee feckin boost !!
  12. I am even going to forego the traditional Smileymometer for reasons that I will explain later. Three descriptive words in alphabetical order - Dissapointing - Insipid - Toothless. The first half was devoid of a decent attempt from either side. Best way to describe it was like watching two people playing Fifa on PS5 who have never played before !! Broadfoot was probably the victim of a Kirkcaldy sprinkler ploy as they soaked the pitch and the away end for ten minutes before the game started. And as for the second half I could have stopped off at the Sea World exhibition as watching two gangs of
  13. On Saturday night I am confident that we will still be top of the league and a Doddsie will celebrate at least a draw.
  14. Fitness - playing as a team and for a team - defensive organisation - very effective on the break - cover for most places - very experience management and coaching staff - and the one ingredient that has been sorely missing for a few seasons - BELIEF
  15. Loved the chants after the goals - "He used to be alright and then he was a Tink but he's alright again" and then the easier "he used to be a Tink but he's alright now.". So nice to see peeps from the Dark Side making a mark at the Dump instead of vice versa
  16. I have to concede that I had to swally a double voddie before yet another Doddsie was downed in celebration. Also assisted by the fact that an ex Dungwall hero scored our winner BUT was anybody else sickened as the news that a Dingwall goal was the winner for Hellgin Shittee !!
  17. What should we do ? Should we simply discuss the result and have a brew ? Should we quaff a single vodka and coke in respect of a point ? Shall we have a double vodka and coke as we have taken a point away from a team supposedly destined above us to go up ? Of course it is a feckin "Doddsie"
  18. This is a trial by the Serimax company to ascertain whether sending their apprentices on training experience placements. It ties in with the company's aim to work within the local communities that they are situated in. It sounds that this can only be a positive. It would be interesting to see if it is still happening at Dungwall and what the gudgies thought of it. The only worry that I have is that the club bring in Balfour and Caley D to train them up. Or even worse - Charlie Bannerman.
  19. Well providing updates are considerably easier than the Biggin's version. Unfortunately only 9 entries in the League version and only 8 in the Head to Head. Anyway Tokely > Tolkien is at head of the Main League not by much. Caledonia Allstars are propping it up but again only by a very recoverable margin. TT has not entered the head to head where 4 players share the lead with 3 wins and 1 defeat - On goal difference we have Leighton Orient, O'Shins X1, Keira f.c and Chorley Caledonian. The Toronto entry is on par with the main Toronto team league performance 😁 Highest weekly
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