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  1. My Dad had a classic Austin Morris Mini. It is in the same shape as Nathan.
  2. Come on - Who actually thought that we would get to the play offs - I didn't and I am a feckin Seer.
  3. Who cares - Doonhamers are sending us to Ayr and the path to the promised land ?
  4. Two horse race. Both had injury spells and time on the bench. Walsh evidently gets more accolades due to the quality of his goals and assists BUT I am going fer McCart as he has made the most improvement AND he has formed a fine centrat defence partnership with Coll. Saying that lets hope that both will be vying for Player of the Season in 19/20
  5. Yes I would far rather be in a conventional domineering position and would cry if we would get doggied by the Fifers.
  6. I suggest that we get every fan to answer the question - "Was Ian Polworth a great and loyal servant to ICT?" on a Pollygraph and I bet there would be a large majority of "yes" responses and a lot of "youre feckin lying mate" results as well.
  7. I just love that OFW painting depicting him and Foran in the dressing room.
  8. Any forward "line" that makes Berra look like Beckanbauer needs refashioning.
  9. Beat Morton - "Blood" some of the "kids" - 90 minutes worth - and lets see what they can do. Why lash out the spondoolicks when the answer may be in our own back yard.
  10. Great afternoon Red Card - Passers by must have thought we had won the feckin Cup.
  11. Exactly IBM _ We were outplayed and outclassed today - by an average Hearts team. Some of our players were found out for being lacking at this level. Without Coll and Tremarco we will struggle but we have got further than I thought that we would
  12. He should be OK as long as somebody reminds him that we need a sponsor for next season. Thankfully we don't need any new seats for the Main Stand.
  13. As a seer I am unfortunately not allowed to advise on any semi-final score or outcome. But I have booked rooms in Glasgow for May 25th.
  15. I wonder what user name will he use ?
  16. Lizi - Can you provide more details about the handbag. It may have been left in the CEO's office.
  17. Satan and Gregor up a tree K I S S I N G 😍
  18. And if we win our next two matches we could be in the play offs and feckin Europe
  19. And at the end we will have 49 and they will have 40.