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  1. When you have a small squad anybody missing could be problematic. Nobody is indispensable, Everybody is replaceable.
  2. I had hoped that this would be an enlightening thread based on footballing discourse (thank feck for RIG). Fer fecks sake PM each other if off topic. With what surrounds me football just doesn't seem so important at the moment but I'd rather pop on here to be informed.
  3. If anybody finds out about a stream for a virtual attendance please post
  4. There will virtually be a constant stream of vitriol until we feckin hammer somebody. Most of the games that I have attended over the seasons have appeared blurry to me and that was after I had fully checked all my settings and connections.
  5. What virtual pubs are people going to before the home games ?
  6. This is a problem that we have encountered, to a lesser degree, in many previous pre-seasons. Perhaps some players have not acclimatised themselves to the dour atmospheric pressures of the Highlands - or maybe they still don't appreciate the importance of warming up and down ?
  7. Perhaps a GTWB produced Coronavirus Cup Competition ?
  8. Anything Scotland can do we can follow.
  9. I made a typo and got sent a better book - "**** stories and Mammories".
  10. Robbo always surrenders to the Jam Tarts.
  11. Perhaps the stench of farmers, fresh from the fields, and the unwashedvtravellers actually affected the Dungwall home performances.
  12. People have always mentioned that I look pretty in pink. I may just buy the matching shorts and socks as well.
  13. At least it is not a fabricated fairy tale like Against All Odds !!
  14. There are feckin eejits on both sides. The opportunistic racially motivated groups / organisations (of all races) have jumped on the bandwagon. Taking the knee should be a personal choice but imagine the furore if a white player declines ?!! In these times I will support AFCAFCWTFWAF. Fontaine - the Gypsy abuse started off as banter and was largely accepted by the Dungwallers. They sang "I would rather be a gypsy than a Tink" back to us. In this modern society is that racial abuse ? In Englandshire I have witnessed similar stupid stickers from other ethnic perspectives. And as for the comment "the oppressed white people of Inverness" - I personally view that as being racist and intimidating. It has been stuck up by a total ersehole - both the post and the poster.
  15. Dumfries is my fave but loved the train trip to Stranraer. In the old Highland League days I used to love Rothes and Forres.
  16. What about restocking on those black hooded balaclavas that we used to wear to Elgin away games and down the Carse Road at home games ??
  17. Great to hear from you Jock - and good to see that somebody has showed you how to turn off the Capital Letter button and adjusted yer feckin font. Keep Safe mannie.
  18. Has anyone actually considered that a more independently run investigation might blow the current regime to feckin smithereens and the people who forced its implementation will be considered martyrs and heroes - and treated with a fair degree of caution in the future. Shure this is the best possible outcome but it is still possible. Debate ??