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  1. 22.30 kick off due to BBC Alba commitments ??
  2. WTF - It is another Cup Final day out
  3. Walsh was off side, Vincent was offside and Storey miskicked it - 😁
  4. Oh dear - that did NOT look offside ?
  5. Feck me Storey should have been sent off for simulation 😂
  6. That has got to be the worst ever sending off decision ??
  7. Soft bestards have changed their strips at half time !!
  8. We have to make the most of playing with the tide.
  9. We look a happier bunch coming off at half time
  10. Keatings - It was only a matter of time 😣
  11. Fantastic defending to save a second goal 😥
  12. The Away end are in full voice - "it is old and it is beautiful, and the smell it is fine, it is not the sash we are singing about, its the nappy Awokoya-Mebude wore"
  13. 8 year old opens the scoring for Sevco Colts
  14. I am reliably informed that some of the Sevco loons can't swim so it is evidently a tactical ploy.
  15. Lets hope that the bomb sorted out the Aquifer.
  16. I suspect that the Central Belt and Englandshire support will be well represented.
  17. We actually have to beat the Sevco Colts first - and they may be fielding promising youngsters such as Defoe and we have to ensure that he spends a long time in an uninhabited career after this game.