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  1. Championship Table

    If players are being paid “generally” at a certain level, that is their market value. TV deals with different kick off arrangements aren’t evidence that players are paid above their market value. TV deals are one component of what gives footballers their market value.
  2. Inverness Courier

    This is the least attended competition in Scottish football, it’s an age since we qualified for the semis, it’s live on television, kick off is at a terrible time, there’s going to be a tiny away support. It’s going to be a shocking crowd, no point in going all pearl clutchy about it.
  3. Championship Table

    I doubt that we train three hours a week but at the same time there is a big danger in over-training. I was reading an article about the new Leeds manager, Paul Heckingbottom. As part of his team he has performance analysts who try to tailor training sessions to the players levels - you can't play for 40+ games at your best level if you just train the same all the time and don't manage your recovery. Barnsley, where Heckingbottom had success, came from miles behind to get promoted from League One a few years back with a late season push. Here's the article actually - http://www.trainingground.guru/articles/why-nathan-winder-will-be-key-at-leeds-united
  4. Inverness Courier

    The reason we received compensation is because we had managers under contract. If we had contracts that specified we could pay them off with three months wages then we'd have had to release them for that, or less probably.
  5. Inverness Courier

    It isn't really rewarding failure - if you agree a contract with someone then you should honour it. We've made hundreds of thousands of pounds in the last 15 years from compensation paid to release our managers from their contracts.
  6. Inverness Courier

    So we haven't played any games, held any press conferences, signed any players or basically done anything for two weeks? What do people expect the Courier to write? That sounds fair enough to me - a Bond film would have coverage across the media but a single showing of a prize winning film at Eden Court is a specific local event.
  7. Rank ICT Managers

    When someone buys a copy of Charles' book something like this happens
  8. Dunfermline game

    We need to wait for the result of the Irish League Cup final.
  9. Highland Derbies Next Season

    Yeah, that was the point - the final two games were certainly gimmes against sides who couldn't be bothered.
  10. Highland Derbies Next Season

    County are in a bad position but I wouldn't be surprised to see them stay up. They have 13 games left and 10 of those will be against teams in the bottom six. They are on a terrible run (12 without a win) but have played top six teams in seven of those games. The teams they are really likely to be up against in the relegation fight are Dundee, Hamilton Accies and Partick Thistle. I'd say that Accies and Dundee have been significantly weakened in the transfer window - Accies have lost Michael Devlin, Greg Doherty and Darian Mackinnon, Dundee are down Jack Hendry and Scott Allan. County have done their usual and signed a lot of players - if at least a couple of those work out they could be boosted and it's hard to argue they've been weakened. I think the split does help teams who are marooned at the bottom - you get a chance to cut your rivals throats and peg them back and you also get games against teams that have basically chucked it for the season. Consider how awful we were last season yet we managed to win three of our last four games.
  11. Irn Bru Cup semi final

    We should have a game of kerby at half-tme of the Dunfermline game to decide this.
  12. Caley Jags 2017/18 squad + changes in/out

    Looking forward to Jim White revealing a series of league clinching signings on Sky Sports News today.
  13. Championship Table

    Incidentally, in three of the four losses we've had since the first quarter of the season, we've had a red card in those games.
  14. Championship Table

    In the last five seasons fourth place in the Championship has had an average of 56 points. We've currently got 30 points from 23 games. If we go the rest of the season on that points per game rate we'll get 46 points. However, we had a terrible start to the season. So if you take our form since the first quarter of the season (24 points from 14 games), we'll finish on 52 points. I think that'll probably be enough to get fourth. We are entering an absolutely crucial part of the season though - our next three league games are Dundee Utd (h), Dunfermline (a) and Morton (h), depending on this Crusaders pish. I think we really to win two of those games minimum to really put ourselves in the driving seat for a play off, especailly the games against Morton and the Pars, two of our direct play-off rivals.
  15. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    That was a pretty odd game. We started Trafford and played him with Seedorf and Chalmers in midfield and started really well, we made all the running and, as I see a Falkirk fan noted, Oakley dominating the home centre halves. We didn’t create that much though and slowly Falkirk came back into the game, forcing Ridgers into a good save before Mulroney had his meltdown. It was utterly bizarre, he conceded a foul and got booked then immediately went through Longridge before kicking out at someone a few seconds later. He literally got booked twice in two minutes and walked off, it was like he wanted to get sent off. Really odd. After that we were really up against it. We organised to a kind of 4-3-1-1 but it was clear that we were going to be sitting back. Not much use in giving away stupid penalties if that’s your game plan but that’s what we did, both looked really daft fouls from Seedorf. We also gave away a string of free kicks around our own area through the game and didn’t offer a thing going forward. A really depressing showing. There was a momentary bright spot when we subbed in a couple of young lads and they combined for a good goal - Jack Brown picked the ball up in midfield, made a strong run and played it to Daniel Mckay, who held off the defender, made space and finished well., our best attack of the whole day. Overall, deserved win for Falkirk and one we need to write off as a bad afternoon and get back to our prior form.