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  1. Danny Williams

    ^ Agreed. Williams is an injury prone player and the Championship is a rough league with less player protection than the Premiership - also while he was decent cover in our squad he could never displace any of the more established players at the time. Given the opportunities he has had his career hasn't really progressed, it would be a huge gamble for a player who although quick has limited end product so unless it was a pay as you play or a low salary offer then I think its got the potential to be another costly error - duration at club & costs incurred V's games played ratio first time round isn't great so why repeat?
  2. Coll Donaldson

    Lets hope his improved form is here to last, failed to impress at previous clubs but has clearly improved recently. The security of a loner term deal hopefully doesn't allow complacency and reverting back to what was seen before.
  3. Re-arranged to Tue, expect a poor turn out which will affect club income. Would it not be sensible to have tried to arrange it for the midweek between xmas & new year as there is no game planned? Even if it was an evening then 26th or 27th folks might be off work and more willing to travel or head along. Sensible decision calling off early but poor decision on the new fixture date IMO
  4. Managerial Merry Go Round

    While its all speculation, I'd think 'if' Deek goes - firstly can The Rangers afford him, secondly if he talks to them can they provide the security he wants afterall he ducked out of Sunderland. Taking on that Rangers gig and not failing or screwing up his career is not going to be easy, they have unrealistic expectations, zombies who change position constantly and seem to be skint but dupe everyone into thinking they have pots of gold beyond the season ticket income. Deek > Rangers Jack Ross > Dons Jim McIntyre > St Midden Yogi > Jellystone looking for picnic baskets
  5. Average attendance

    While I accept that books have to balance and there is a trade off between pricing and footfall, it is also true that pricing cannot be continually increased or kept at inflated levels just to compensate for negligence in building a business and expanding the customer base. The citing of market research is fine, but is it ever listened to? Fans can sit inside any night of the week and watch domestic or foreign football on TV in a warm atmosphere instead of venturing out - we (Scottish football) need to find the niche, which is summer football with a focus on accessible kick off times - make it an fun atmosphere to draw fans, kids & families along. The fans have been saying this for years, surveys conducted and results presented but nothing changes. Yes, research is done but sadly nobody in Scottish football really gives a sh1t unless its the OF calling for it.
  6. Average attendance

    Poor value for money and failing to capitalise on previous success. Asking fans to pay £20+ for a ticket to watch lower tier football in the middle of winter is what's killing the Scottish game. As a club we were playing attractive football, winning and storming up the league a few seasons ago yet the club never put together a strategy to get a bounce in crowd numbers - never used the winning of the cup as a strong marketing tool and never looked outside the 4 walls at what being part of Inverness & the Highlands could bring for local and external investment. Too much time patting each other on the back and in-fighting with management than looking forwards IMO. If we want crowds to increase now, we need to improve the quality of entertainment, style of play and the overall match day experience. We need some young players to be near the team that fans can get excited about and look forward to investing in their development - not like we usually do and freeze them out before scrapping them off - this does not help.
  7. David Raven

    Cleary there is a plan to reduce the wage bill and the playing squad age. While signing Raven would be of benefit we probably cant afford it with there still be being some high earners and some hopeless jobbers brought in on long deal - oh and paying for a departed manager. Next up will be Warren, OFW to depart - possibly followed by Vigurs,. Polly & Tremarco. The concern is that while we could put Brad back into the RB slot, that then leaves an issue in CB otherwise we will need to hope one of the under-performers so far can step up to RB - which I haven't much faith in. Much like the turn over previously when we moved on Tokley, Munro etc, the time has come through circumstances to make sweeping changes so best to just accept it. Everyone associated with the cup squad will always be held in high regard for what they achieved no matter where they end up next.
  8. Inverness CT -V- Brechin

    13 points off top. If we can pick up another 12 points over the next 5 games before the end of the year and just passing the hallway point we should be in a much more positive place - given our fixtures this is possible. QoS (A) Falkirk (H) Dumbarton (H) Morton (A) Brechin (A) 2 tricky away ties but should look to win both home & the Brechin game as a minimum.
  9. New Striker

    Billy McKay - really? The key to getting out of this league much as staying in the Premiership is scoring goals and having a striker capable of 15+ per season. Defences can be organised and midfield styles of play adapted but without a guy to bang the gaols in, you're always up against it. While cutting costs was required, we should have fought to keep Fisher - he would have cigared this league. Even a player like Anier would have scored goals but instead we get rid of any possible proven quality with experience and history of goal scoring to fill the team with unknown risks - to have brought a player or two in, kept Fisher and then looked at youth we would have probably spent the same as now but be better off. Said it at the time but we were too keen to cut back rather than a strategic focus on key players out of contract being retained. In Jan I hope we can offload some deadwood and free up enough to make a loan offer for one off - Fisher, Scott Wright or Murray from Hibs (not the ginger one) - or anyone else proven
  10. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    Home tie. Preference is to advance for me, so try to avoid Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs but would be optimistic against all others - especially as its usually the first game back after the Premiership winter break so often shocks happen there. Only negative of a cup run is that if we only make the play-offs its a detriment.
  11. Stadium Improvements/Enhancing the Crowd

    Agreed on the disabled area - just because someone uses a wheelchair they shouldn't be forced to sit down the front in the rain, although I do understand how it could be difficult to accommodate but putting them at the back of a stand isn't right either. Fortunately we are lucky that we don't fill our main stand so could somewhere introduce a platform area and sacrifice a few seats although it may mean relocating ST holders - problem is then does the club have lift access otherwise its yet another expense in a stadium that was never built that way? I'm also not certain on this but there may be lottery money available for modifications of this nature as its more than just football related but community also. The catering needs looked at, queuing in a system that seems to have no real order to it and service which is pedestrian and highly inefficient - you have a lack of co-ordination between the staff and too many doing too many things rather than defined roles - the food & drinks on offer don't really represent value for money based on the quality (or lack of) and I'm sure its got worse over the years. Tickets - it would be nice that on matchdays tickets for the next home game are available for sale either before and after the game, possibly with small reductions to try capture fans on a high who may have come along and seen a positive result. Advertising in advance of promotions etc - if I'm at a game I don't want to wait til a few days before the next match to know I can get a reduced ticket for my mate through an offer but need to turn up to get it before the day of the game - give the opportunity to get it when fans are there already and in advance. Make it easy for the customer especially those who travel distances to games.
  12. Contracts - Who to get tied up?

    ^ not all players can or want to be coaches Sadly for Doran I think his time will be up at our club unless he is back and playing consistently and able to demonstrate fitness for a significant number of games. Unfortunate for the lad but as a high earner he's a luxury hope we can't afford although time is on his side and he's got a good few months yet.
  13. Robertson Out

    Must know by now that if you have any reservations or opinions which aren't seen through blinkers or with rose tinted glasses then it's not welcomed. The audacity to question perceived ICT legends or stalwarts won't make many friends. Even RF had a good run of games last year, so it's maybe too early to get carried away yet. Improvements yes but stick on for play off places as a minimum, mayb we wait until this second round of games is completed to judge the level we are at. Cautious optimism of heading towards the right path.
  14. Yogi an Arab ?

    I think its probably a 2 horse race between Yogi & Jim McIntyre however it is harsh on Mackinnon, last year he narrowly missed out on winning the play-off with Hibs having the biggest budget and winning the league. This season they are still in contention and its highly likely that youngsters from both St Mirren & Dunfermline may move in Jan as there is plenty positive hype around them - making the competition weaker. Regardless of who is in charge all 3 are more than capable of getting DUtd to the title.
  15. Robertson Out

    Its interesting to see comments from certain fans who seem to think because they refuse to criticise or say anything negative that they are infact 'better' fans than those of us who put across our concerns regarding the club direction and structure of both playing and management. There is a constant and in some ways highly tiresome citing of home fans being nothing but abusive to players - I think on several threads its been unanimously agreed (that the minority who partake) is unacceptable - however its the responsibility of every other fan to ensure that this is not tolerated and reported to the stewards and the club - bringing it up on every other post on this site will do nothing. While its good to see improvements in performances and results, the Utd result at the wknd should rightly bring positivity, however I think its still too early to get carried away - afterall we saw a few false dawns last year too.