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  1. Matchday Thread

    Players mentality - once RF lost the dressing room (if he ever had it) the players just don't or can't play for him due to his tactical and management naivety. However they also wont want to be embarrassed by the likes of Celtic, Rangers or even Aberdeen so against the odds step it up - perhaps this lures RF into a false sense where he thinks this can happen every time. I look at England and the Chelsea situation last year and Leicester this as to teams who could step it up against top class teams yet had zero care or motivation to beat those at the lower levels. No idea why but I believe on paper we have a much better tried and tested team than much of the top 6. Remember when we started the season winning in the League cup and looking good, then failed in the league to win for a period then there was a 'clear the air' with the players and we went on a run of a few good results before faltering again. Did the players tell RF how they wanted set up and formation/tactics but then his ego got the better of him and he wanted to implement his own plan which failed then loosing all player respect. Regardless of whats said, 1 or 2 players to loose form for a period is accepted during a season but for a group of proven players to be as poor as we have seen suggests there is something much more wrong.
  2. Matchday Thread

    Just getting round to reading the post match comments from RF. 'We lack warriors' - that'll be why our most combative player was benched. I have stated before that out of all the teams we lacked the experience and mentality to fight relegation in comparison to motherwell, Hamilton and killie - shame it's taken til game 34 for the management to recognise it although coming out in the media now will only open the dressing room divide and crush confidence further. Bad comments and worse timing now.#lost the plot
  3. Abject performance all season, not a leader and not a leader by example yet rewarded with the distinction of being club captain - shambles.
  4. All these new calls now for foran to go - he won't. The signs were there since Hamilton away and loosing 3-0 - then we looked awful and we're heading to relegation. 3 months on nothing has really changed, another pathetic defeat but we still aren't relegated yet. Those of us who had seen the signs and made the comments earlier under criticism are not resigned to how it is.
  5. As much as I'm a foran critic and expect us to go down I still stand by my thoughts that if we win both home games and beat Dundee we will make the play off. Only issue is we look awful and probably won't win and other game this season.
  6. While we are now at the crunch time and every game is key, in some ways if we even get a point then its a good result - I think staying up will depend on getting home wins in both games against Hamilton & Motherwell and beating Dundee at Dens, obviously the more points outwith that we get the better but County will probably be our hardest game. I'd also question whether OFW has the confidence or is deserving of being in goal, while he has been inconsistent all season with mistakes, I think they are becoming more frequent and that doesn't help an already unstable defence. Lacking any young, hungry keeper on the bench, then does Esson come into the team or do we just stay with OFW and hope for the best. Fisher needs to start, with McKay just off him - he's our 'form' striker having scored a brace in the last game, Billy isn't on a great run of form but if fit needs to start. I expect Vigurs to start if fit along with Tansey & Draper in a central midfield 3, no pace or creativity but I think the influence of MM will be that we have to defend and have a tight unit. Wont be a shock if we go to 'park the bus' - clean sheet, get a point and if we can nick a goal somewhere. Fon Williams Raven Laing Mckay McCart McNaughton Vigurs Draper Tansey Fisher McKay
  7. Who knows the reasons, perhaps with Rice being out of contract in the summer he may be offski and perhaps MM has always been earmarked by RF as his assistant so was going to be coming in anyway. I'm not exactly a fan of RF as manager, the rest of the management team and their contribution or even the board and their handling of this - my posts indicate as much but being pragmatic we need to improve and clearly the management we have cant get our defence organised so perhaps bringing in a 3rd party with experience and knowledge of the players may work - at this stage we have little to loose, not like we can fall any further.
  8. Stay or leave, Josh is a legend - 2 years on and still greeting. No matter what the west coast media write or drag up, history is written 3-2, treble died and we went on to win the cup.
  9. Is this officially announced? It's experience at least, knows a few of the players and might be able to organise a defence. Hopefully him and Rice can work together and its not a battle of egos. Worried that its possibly too late though and question why nobody looked at this earlier - 3-0 defeat at Hamilton for me would have been the time.
  10. Anyone who saw us play DUtd last season or watched any other of their games are not surprised - infact the signing of Anier to start with was a shock as he's just not up to this level. He might do better in the Championship but I'd be reluctant to waste another contract on him.
  11. Interestingly odd, they didn't think Hartley could stop their slide with his experience and overlook managers who have worked in the top flight with various success for a TV pundit with no experience at all - perhaps the Hartley sacking wasn't just about on the park but business movements off it too. I'm now less worried about a turn around at Dundee than I was when I heard they were making a change - we need to push hard and pick up 3 points at home V Hamilton and anything else we can scrape before we visit Dens - that could be a huge game now. I've been supportive on here of Hughes, but he's gone and I wouldn't want him back. it's really saddening that every time we talk about managers or players there's so many posts calling for old names to return. People left for a reason, lets not forget them but concentrate on the future and moving on - very seldom do returning persons make the same impact as first time round - partially due to a bit of 'rose tinited glasses' but also the increased expectations - much like a breaking band and the awkward 2nd album syndrome.
  12. Matchday Thread

    While the decision for a goal was wrong and OFW did make a save, it doesn't change the fact he was liable for the 2nd Motherwell goal and like many times this year should have done better and been in a better position.
  13. He has shown some promising signs and I'm sure in the Championship he would get us goals which is what we will need - however he has also had bad injuries and spent time not being available. Currently we don't have a lot of striking options for next season so I'd be inclined to agree, but would rather wait til the season is over as I think if we stay in the Premiership (however unlikely) as we will need to do a series overhaul in many areas.
  14. Matchday Thread

    Partially agree, but we shouldn't be just resigned to accepting what's going on, as fans and ultimately paying the clubs wages we deserve to ask questions of why Foran has been 'hung out to dry' - inexperienced on a long term deal, yet no real indication from the board. Are they happy and we view next year as a chance to rebuild and transition or whether they expected to stay up in which case when it became apparent (3-0 defeat to Hamilton for me) that they never looked certain, bolster the management team to help him. There's fans questioning the renewal of season tickets - some because we are being relegated (which is fickle yet inevitable) but more worryingly some because they don't understand the direction of the club, how its being run and where the longer term plan is - so perhaps theres good reasons folks are getting worked up about it all.
  15. When you look back at the first few early pages of this thread from almost 4 years ago, its a worry that these names will be suggested again. Many were horrific options then and worse now.