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  1. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    Having seen the relatively poor results for the 'colt' teams, I do wonder if the lack of development league is now hurting clubs - if a player isn't first team or youth (under 18) then is there much scope for a club to keep or develop them? Without being disrespectful a team of under 20's from an Premiership side should be doing better against part time teams on the basis that these should be the next generation of quality youngsters coming through a club - but obviously this isn't the case. I do wonder if there would be a benefit of revising the competition. Firstly remove these Welsh & Irish teams which invites losses to our clubs having to visit, how long before a Scottish competition has its winners residing overseas? Secondly perhaps with the lack of development league and most lower league teams having free mid-weeks its worth making the early stages into a group format similar to the LC where teams get the chance to play 5 or 6 guaranteed games - lets all sides play fringe or younger players and gives some additional games & income over the later summer weeks before the weather drops off too.
  2. ICTFC Open Night

    Its positive that there is going to be a face to face opportunity and that given the negativity around at the moment the club/board haven't decided just to hide away and are pressing forward with this event. As posted above there are fans that live remote (with a ST) who realistically cant travel for 2 hours on a Monday night - are CJT having a presence? Is there a platform where fans who cannot attend can submit questions for consideration on the evening either directly or via fan groups?
  3. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    Away to Dons U20's Sat 2nd @ 7.45pm in Peterhead apparently - could be a bit crowded on that pitch as they seem to be playing at home at the same time. Are these going to be Sat evening games?
  4. Transfer in and outs

    I think for around 2000 of us winning the SC was an anti-climax the real stand out was the results and drama of being at the semi. In many ways we were expected to win the final and made hard work of it in a relatively forgettable game
  5. Board statement 14/08/17

    Stabilisation of the club = good Changes at board level and potential new investment = good However none of this changes right now where we are with the manager and team / recruitment? Based on the above (slightly cryptic) is there not still the same situation where we have a manager 'in bed' with the board, therefore does that mean he is immune from dismissal in the event of failure? We seem to have wanted to get rid of Foran & Shearer, and previously Hughes yet still seem to have the same backroom team and in some ways have some (like Kellagher) who perhaps have been there too long and needs a refresh too - why not let JR bring in his whole team or is that in the pipeline? As for recruitment, while we have slashed costs for playing staff, surely there are few who consider that we are seeing value or quality on what is being brought in - its no better than the last regime with the issue that more than one season out of the Premiership could have significant longer term impact on our club.
  6. Transfer in and outs

    Can see the 2 year deals already being drafted up................ :(
  7. Next Match

    Really, is this where we are at? People being 'enthusiastic' because we beat Nairn who are hardly HL high flyers and a striker scored 1 goal against this opposition? No disrespect but we should be comfortably winning the game with interchanging of players for match fitness - not scraping by with our first team selection. As for Donaldson, was he not part of the DUtd team that got relegated..................this unfortunately isn't the recruitment that will get us back up. When teams like DUtd are looking at Paul Quinn, perhaps instead of 3 jobbers we'd have been better to try sign him and use our youths as back up rather than having them pushed further down the pecking order for higher paid dross.
  8. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    I'm sure we will see the typical posts that it's the boards fault, robbo is a god like genius, the players need to gel or will get better with experience. Sadly right now we are awful, no idea how much cost cutting and savings have been made since last year but I hope it's worth it because we don't look like an immediate return therefore further cuts are inevitable next season and even if we do survive part time football can't be far away.
  9. Worst summer in the clubs history

    While I agree as I've been saying much of this already its probably not a surprise, these guys are directors and usually in any industry people that get to that level very rarely tell the truth or have much integrity, its about self preservation (lying to shareholders and media to make an organisation look to be performing better than it may be) or self promotion (look what I've done, the work I've won or what I've put in place mainly through lies and the analogy of once we have the money we will figure out how to deliver - usually as cheap as possible). Sadly it looks like our club directors are out of this mould but unfortunately I believe and most others on here will too that when its using public money like ours there should be more honesty and transparency through better communications. I'm sure our resident phycologist (IHE) will provide a better synopsis of the type of psyche directors usually have though.
  10. Worst summer in the clubs history

    TBF, I'm not sure how that would affect us considering he's now a Motherwell player?
  11. Transfer in and outs

    where do you suggest given we have so many keepers - perhaps he could try a stint as a midfield enforcer ;-)
  12. Transfer in and outs

    It will - our ability to get promoted........................
  13. Regardless of a lottery win or otherwise, first and priority should be investment in youth development. Better facilities either refurbishing an existing empty unit somewhere or building a big shed with an indoor pitch and gym facilities. Get free buses from the schools to the training center after school then drop them back home at night so its not down to parents. Get some decent outdoor pitch areas. Finally pay for some enthusiastic locals, ex-players or current players to do coaching badges both here and abroad and get them working with the youngsters. Even opening it up to HL teams for training on the premise they take our youngsters on loans & trials. Its shocking how poor we are at bringing through our own players so anything that can be done to improve that is a must. Invest in something that provides a return and is sustainable.
  14. What is going on?

    There will no doubt be an announcement in the local press or club website in time (Friday is it for the Courier?) however as you say probably a failure by those at the club to grasp that news breaks instantly in the new multi-media world - a sign new younger blood is needed in key roles with fresh ideas & outlook. Jut another example of being out of touch with the modern fan and their expected experience - both in and out of the stadium - its almost like the club has lost interest in us all. Maybe the lack of crowd bounce after the cup final made the club question 'why bother', afterall if you continue to try something and still see no results then it becomes disheartening and eventually give up?