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  1. Don't have to get wages to take money out as a director and we can't be paying dividends with our accounts. Plenty of ways to play the system with expenses claims though or even awarding contracts for services around the club to associates or groups and organisations where wages or dividends can be obtained - such as the ex-CEO and her husband running the now incumbent catering. BTW not suggesting any or all of these in this case but it can and does happen. Sounds like some hard questions will arise during the AGM let's see how the board handle those of if it's avoided and political spin - Hopefully someone will relay the crux of the meeting on here for all.
  2. Source or at least until its deemed to be official this should be in Rumor Mill? If true its yet another worrying bit of club activity. Given whats been seen over the last few wks its looking very shambolic. Lets wait and see what comes out officially and how murky this part of the story gets. Right now the cup semi will be seen as a blessing by the board as they will look at it as a distraction from whats going on inhouse.
  3. Now we have the prices, any announcement from the club as to what date they become available to ST holders? Surely this should be getting plastered everywhere along with general sale date?
  4. Not slamming the decision, just stating that it cant be based on fan travel this time as very few will have set off on the journey to the match already (even if they had a horse and cart) so maybe a few hours to see if there was any improvement may have been welcomed. Regardless the rescheduled fixture needs to be soon IMO to avoid use having games 'stacking up' and needing to play 3 or even 4 in a wk at some point.
  5. Given the proximity of both sets of fans a later inspection would have been welcomed. Appreciate its on TV but to do this to avoid mobilisation of cameras from the central belt (if thats the reason) is very poor judgement. Afterall our fans have traveled significant distance and already set off for games to be inspected only a few hours at most before KO. Logic (which never applied in Scottish football) would be to rearrange for 3pm tomorrow (normal football time) as any rescheduled fixture is unlikely to be on TV so both clubs could just agree to forego any benefits that could have brought. Would still allow use of any catering or hospitality and many fans will still be available to attend.
  6. bdu98196

    Daniel Mackay

    Good news, hopefully fit again soon. Given the run in with potential for play-off and even SC final thats an extra 7 games of playing time - we dont have a big squad to rest players so need to try rotate in some youngsters like Danny & his peers when or if we have a good lead in games or are safe in the play-off places.
  7. Only being done to try avoid further criticism form fans - reasons for KO times are clear, so its being done knowing full well the outcome. Rather than wasting time complaining maybe assist the fans if its such a concern with travel arrangements? Quite sad we have more negative posts about the time & location that positive about having another great day out.
  8. Folks moaning about times & locations. Its known that Glasgow & Hampden is the location for cup semi finals and has been for years so really don't see all the fuss. As for times, the game has to be outwith the 3pm scheduled games so its either a 12.15KO or 5.30 - if the later time was chosen then I'm sure there would be more complaints its too late in the day and folks will travel home in the dark and maybe even have to miss their dinner. On a Sunday public transport is more limited - put us on an early Sunday time and fans might not make it at all and on late they will complain as they have work the next day or that its interfering with the Sabbath. We have had about 5 Hampden visits in 25 years so hardly worth getting all upset about - plenty other clubs & fans would love to be in a cup semi - lets focus on the prize rather than the inconvenience of having to get up at 6am on a weekend on one occasion!!!!
  9. Dons play at 2pm on Sunday- hardly evening and thats probably due to significant outcry last few semi appearances where no public transport could get anyone from Aberdeen to Glasgow on time so the SFA have listened it seemed
  10. I was reading elsewhere that any Sat game cant clash with normal 3pm KO times for media reasons, therefore it would need to be a 12.15KO to ensure ET & pens its over by then as its unlikely itll be a 5pm KO. I'd expect the media want the 'big' game on Sunday at lunchtime
  11. All we need now is the day & time. Its not an OF semi, so they should be able to get this sorted quickly I'd hope? Most likely expecting Sat - Hearts V ICT @ 12.30 Sun - Dons V Cellic @ 12.30 Can see us getting a decent 3pm Sat unfortunately.
  12. Last SC semi WAS at Hampden and we beat Celtic 3-2. Only about 2000 ict fans that day but lives long in memory probably more so than the final.
  13. Can we get transparency and a plan for moving forwards? Also given the constant use of the word communication by the board can we get some thought shown into this such that messages deliver facts the fans want to know. Recent comms seem to centre around asking the fans for more money as that is the solution where as above suggests that its restructuring with correct persons. If board members are on the site then hiding behind nondescript user names is not going to help build a closer union.
  14. The more that comes out, the higher the danger of this becoming our 'banter years'...............
  15. Oh well this doesn't look very good..... If thats the case I'm sure the club would be happy to show transparency on what the bids were and the manner for selection. Maybe not guy public but certainly at the request of a fans group leader. Any refusal would be seen as trying to hide something.