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  1. bdu98196

    Strikers league goals prediction

    Get a striker that scores 20+ or two that will do 15 or so each and that should get you the play-offs. Scottish football is pretty simple - find that elusive goal scorer and you can easily elevate your team even up to a false position - we did it before with Mckay, Motherwell = Moult, Kille = Boyd & Naismith, DUtd = Ciftci etc the list can go on
  2. bdu98196

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Yeah, can't have a thread which might aim criticism at the club, manager or board .................or after crap performances any players. Seems this forum is only wanting to welcome fake, positive happy posts and anything that prompts questioning or contrary opinion get frowned upon?
  3. bdu98196

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Well that's been over 3 wks now and there's no indication he is away. If we are trying to free up funds for other players, we are in danger of missing out on targets - at what point do the club decide that they have to backtrack and look to make plans with GW at the club? Or do we go right up to the start of the season hoping he leaves then throw the cash at whatever targets are milling around looking for a club? Lets hope that not leaving isn't held against him by the management and some fans like it has been for OFW.
  4. bdu98196

    Championship 2018/19

    Home or away I wonder for the new year derby game. Expecting away as RC are the newly relegated side so get preferential treatment?
  5. bdu98196

    How many more needed for 18/19 season?

    As for players - if we get rid of Warren we will need a CB as cover and given the departure of Vigurs we need a player to step into the CM enforcer role - Trafford may be able to do that. But if Warren does go then it will show up a real lack of strong leadership in the team so we need a replacement of a similar nature.
  6. bdu98196

    How many more needed for 18/19 season?

    I feel like the minority supporter on here in thinking almost the exact opposite and being less than impressed with a decent final 12 games of the season and a 'Mickey Mouse' cup. Being worse than honking for the first 12 or so league games, being knocked out of both cups rather softly - I'm not sure there is much to really suggest Robbo did anything more than satisfactory at best.
  7. bdu98196

    Robbo linked with Livi

    Doesn't say much for the quality of teams left behind that couldn't beat them to get out of the Championship!!!!
  8. bdu98196

    Robbo linked with Livi

    If Robbo is interested, then it indicates the lack of respect he has for those who took him back to the club after such a long time out. Although it was an 'old pals' network that got him the role, there was significant risk with a guy out of active management for so long - and while towards the end of the season we saw positives, lets not forget the first 12 games we were honking only for the next 12 to improve by shutting up shop and preventing goals being conceded - we still weren't scoring much!!!! With the St Mirren & Livi jobs available I'm surprised by the levels of candidates linked in the press - most of which are bigger names than Robbo but I'm assuming he he would appeal due to his ability to accept and work with small budgets plus he'd probably be cheaper option than the 'names'.
  9. bdu98196

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I'm not sure Bell lost anything, but he worked hard with unfortunately not enough end product. He may be young but as often the case at the club this is a guy brought in and given more game time than our own youngsters without really showing he is a whole lot better. If suggestions are correct and he is looking for a pay increase, it could be argued he lost his place in the team and wasn't integral in the team heading upwards - if anything after the failure of promotion or at least play-off places the players should really be facing reality and accept they failed to deliver what was required. If he feels he is worth more money and wants to move on then he's not irreplaceable and hopefully the club can look within to give a younger players a chance.
  10. bdu98196

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Well in that case Robbo should know better about how it works and its not just that simple - as to get rid of Warren he will have to pay him off with part or all of what he would be due for the remainder of his contract then pay for a.n. other player - therefore in real terms any replacement will actually cost more this season so not acually cost cutting at all!!!!
  11. bdu98196

    Irn Bru Cup 18/19

    Not really sure what additional interest that would really bring. I have a view that this should be a 'low cost' competition for the Scottish lower league clubs to get more games and time which would benefit the younger players in the game using the basis that most get knocked out early doors in the 2 larger cup competitions. I like the local/regional group format of the LC and think this should be brought to the Irn Bru (or whatever sponsor it may have) along with opening the doors to HL & SSL, maybe even juniors too. Have a group stage where teams will get 5 or 6 games before a knock out - more games, chance for all teams to squad rotate and most importantly costs kept down. Adding a 5th tier English club (especially if they win) will just make a mockery of Scottish football further down south and show our 2nd best tier is not even as good their bottom rung - would make bringing players into the Scottish game even harder IMO.
  12. bdu98196

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Correct and like any other business if you sign a contract and wish to break those terms you have to agree compensation otherwise expect the other party to take you to court otherwise suck it up and see the terms through. Going public and trying to put across bad press about the other party is not only a dangerous game, but also will probably do more damage to your reputation than the party you attack.
  13. bdu98196

    Ex-ICT players' news

    Ryan Christie played last night for Scotland in the friendly against Mexico- got a full first 45 mins.
  14. bdu98196

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Which is the point being made that by already going public they will just look like a bunch of fools and even worse when they back track and start asking him to play. Unfortunately like the OFW situation we will have fans turn on him for not just walking away from his contracted job and entitled monies as they have been convinced the player is not needed and there through greed bringing the club to it's knees and stopping it progressing. Those facts are down to the board miss management though and not the playing individuals.
  15. bdu98196

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    5 - That's the standard approach now when we need to offload a player that's no longer desired. It was done last year with Draper to an extent as well.