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  1. Unfortunately all of Polworth's were crammed into 2015/16.
  2. Our unbeaten start continues. In fact under Robbo, including the end of his first spell with us, we are unbeaten in our last 5!
  3. We use the small-ads section of local newspapers. "Desperately Seeking Zschusschen......."
  4. An update on The Lionel King, the legendary Djebi-Zadi. Here he is playing in the Champions League earlier this year. African CL, qualifying round. Now 35, he is still playing in Reunion, for St Louisienne.
  5. Matchday Thread

    3-0 is very much at the upper end of my pre-match expectations. Good start to the season and a big improvement on the Elgin performance.
  6. "Absolute disgrace ref - these ****s only drink it by the half bottle!"
  7. It can actually happen if the user is very careless. When you log in to your Companies House account to make any changes, you see a list of directors and against each name is a "Remove" button. Click! (I think there is then an "Are you sure...." validation step) The other type of "mistake" that can happen is that the person who does the club's Companies House filings was genuinely under the impression that Finlayson was no longer a director....
  8. What happened is that the club submitted a termination form for him, and then contacted Companies House to retract it. So for a number of weeks, he was not listed as a director. If he stood down and was reappointed, separate forms should have been submitted accordingly. But assuming the club did things properly, it looks very much like they had submitted his termination form by accident, no doubt when doing Kenny Cameron's one on the same day.
  9. Can I ask our resident player name pronunciation expert how "Zschusschen" should sound?!
  10. It could be any of the things you mention (apart from getting rid of the puddle!) or it could be nothing. It is very common even for companies with no immediate fundraising plans to pass these resolutions so that the board can, if they ever need or want to, allot shares and raise money quickly and easily.
  11. I'd be pretty sure OFW's wage has already been excluded from the budget so there's no additional money when he goes.
  12. There's already roughly a £200,000 difference between keeping and selling Draper - what's that, about a fifth or a quarter of our entire wage budget for the season? Easy to see why we might sell him and bring in several additional players, but hard to imagine that any of them could be of the same calibre and influence as the one we'd be losing.
  13. It all has a ring of familiarity and inevitability.
  14. But wouldn't it be better if we could stop going on about the poor guy's uncle!
  15. Impressive gobbing technique, gets far more power and volume than most players at Championship level can muster. Great to see it in slo-mo.
  16. Like Boden did this time last year
  17. Scott Boden is due to be unveiled by Wrexham today. Amusingly, their Red Passion fans forum has some less than complementary quotes about him lifted from this site!
  18. Asked whether County will submit an improved offer for Draper, McIntyre said "Wait and see" so this might not be over.
  19. I think you'll find they are. They have to be registered, by law, and ICT have always seemed very efficient at complying with this requirement. There are dozens of former and current directors on the record.
  20. I rather like the idea of a 5 man front line each scoring 20+ goals - that would certainly bring the fans back!
  21. I'm afraid you are 100% incorrect there!
  22. Everything you say is correct except for the important bit that is actually relevant here! When you say "The Chairman should not be a director" I think you are completely wrong. Whether or not a chairman is executive or non exec, they still have to be a director!
  23. Fine to be non-exec, but any Chairman (of the Board of directors) has to be on the board of directors and must therefore be a director in the first place!
  24. ***Update*** Having just looked at Companies House today, it appears that Willie Finlayson is still NOT a director. Current directors are Ian MacDonald, David Cameron, Allan Mackenzie, Alan McPhee, Graeme Rae and Ken Thomson. At the end of the season, Finlayson was recorded as having resigned, along with Gordon Munroe and Kenny Cameron. Richard Smith had already stood down in April. There is nothing filed to reappoint Finlayson. What's going on?
  25. Tell them we'll take their £50,000 but for OFW instead.