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  1. Had a few glasses of Chardonnay one evening (by her own admission) then decided to contribute to this forum!
  2. Just something to think about regarding about a couple of the names in the frame - how successful have former players been as ICT manager? Brewster 2nd time around* was very poor and got us relegated. Foran was an absolute disaster and got us relegated. * Brewster was an ex player when he joined us the 2nd time but wasn't the first time!
  3. Can we close see this thread and use the New Manager one instead?
  4. I wonder if the Daily Express will start their article with "In a shock U-turn........"
  5. Goodness me, can people stop suggesting that he walked, or might not want compensation, just days after he stated that he was determined to carry on and bring us back up!
  6. Play off 2nd leg is Sunday afternoon, after Thursday's 0-0. Which team do you want us to be playing in the Championship next season, and why?
  7. I hope to goodness you mean Dods!
  8. Utd is a better away day - better pubs and better view from the stand.
  9. Every single one of them has a better manager than us.
  10. Haven't heard that one, but it had already struck me that they will be hit hard by another season in that league with the parachute payment reducing and the fact that they made a loss of £1.6m in their last year in the Premiership, and still have a pretty hefty wage bill with the likes of Andreu.
  11. Unbeaten in dozens of matches against Scottish opposition....yet Gibraltar's Lincoln Red Imps beat them at the first attempt!
  12. Injured, not just injury prone. I don't think he played for months after that, before turning up at Airdrie.
  13. A quich search reveals that it has actually been used a few times previously by Scarlet and also by Oddquine! I still don't know what it means though.
  14. There are plenty of other threads in which you can criticise him and the board......and have done so often enough. IMO it is rather ungracious to disagree with the sentiment of this particular one even if you feel that change at the top was needed.
  15. The embroidered "Pride of the Highlands" has been replaced with "Pride comes before a fall!"
  16. Interesting table. (I think Utd got 28 though.)
  17. Thanks, I'd forgotten about that! I'll certainly be referring to that when my Saints friends ask what went wrong.
  18. "I need warriors who will go out there and play with passion-fruit."
  19. But why would you?!
  20. Matchday Thread

    Our record for the season was W7, D13, L18. Too many draws that could or should have been wins. Motherwell and Dundee suffered more defeats than us, with 20 and 21 respectively!
  21. Pure speculation on my part here, and I don't know Kenny Cameron personally, but I believe he is a very decent man and will accept responsibility for the situation we are now in and see this as the right time to offer his resignation so that someone else can take on the challenge of rebuilding - if indeed there is someone willing to do so.
  22. Foran indicated that there would be a board meeting within the next couple of days to discuss plans for next season. I can fully understand Cameron not wanting to talk to the media until that meeting has taken place. Hopefully, there will then be some communication and clarity about who will or won't be leading us next season - and I am referring to the board room as well as the dressing room.
  23. I wonder how many of the players we want to keep will make their decision based largely on who the manager is? (Polite way of asking which of them will be off like a shot if Foran is staying)
  24. "And you could have it all, my empire of dirt I will let you down, I will make you hurt" (c) Richie Foran, 2017
  25. Matchday Thread

    The years I used were the start of the season not the end of it! Moving on.....