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  1. The hospitality folk were waving and making gestures of support from what I saw. It was definately a couple of suits (club ties and all) who were doing the laughing. Standing at the door at the bottom of the boxes.
  2. Very surprised to see the amount of folk wanting to keep Boden. Seems pretty horrendous to me. Keeping Fisher is absolutely vital. Not only has he finished as our top scorer despite being frozen out of the team for 7 odd months, but he works harder than any other player on the park. That sounds like a critisism of other players but it absolutely isn't, it just shows how much of a work ethic Fisher has. Great asset to the team and great with the fans.
  3. The entire system is heavily on the side of the Premiership team. Pretty much designed entirely to help the top flight club retain their place.
  4. Away first, midweek. Then the following leg on the sunday
  5. *Insert Lemon emoji*
  6. HT: 1-0 FT: 3-0 1st ICT: n/a 1st Opp: Boyd Crowd: 3246
  7. Matchday Thread

    5-1 win over Dunfermline, draw with unbeaten Celtic, beating Rangers. Surely they count for at least something?
  8. Fisher deserves a contract for all the hard work he's put in this season. Feel he's been massively overlooked. Crying out for players with heart all season long then lo and behold we've had one on the bench all season. Gigantic oversight from Foran to only realise this with 6 games left. The man always gives 110% and he's a fantastic addition to the squad. A definite fans favourite too, I really admire the way he's always the last to leave the field after clapping the fans, and of course giving his shirt to fans after Motherwell. Hardly a Scott Sinclair but definitely not a bad player to have at all. I'm a massive admirer of his.
  9. 11 Alex Fishers
  10. HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st ICT: Fisher 1st Opp: n/a Crowd: 2310
  11. Could be a big boost having him in the dugout. Someone to give Richie advice that's actually useful. Maybe too little to late, but at least something is being done...
  12. I'll certainly be behind this. Good to see peaceful means being used rather than something that'll bring bad attention to the club. Good on the young team
  13. I work with one of the boys who stand down the front of Section E and they're apparently releasing info of a peaceful protest against the board tonight
  14. Matchday Thread

    With Mckay out of contract with Wigan in the Summer it leaves me wondering what the chances of a deal are. One of of Foran's particular strengths seems to be recruiting player - even if they don't perform as well as they should, who would have thought we could bring in the likes of King or Mckay. Certainly better than yogi ever managed *cough* Liam Hughes *cough*
  15. Matchday Thread

    The tweet was very very poorly timed. He should be focusing on his own team, not any others. Shows how little he cares