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  1. Caledonianfc1885

    Next Season

    I think the sad fact here is that this statement is factually incorrect. Modern day HL teams reach rounds as far as the likes of Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle did. 2017/2018 Brora and Cove reached the 5th round (3 rounds from final) both having disposed of league 1 opposition on the way. Formartine also reached the 4th round. 2016/2017 Formartine reached the 4th round again having played from round 1 disposing of lowland / Junior and league opposition on the way. That season even the lowly Wick beat Dalbeatie Star / Whitehill Welfare . 2015/2016 Cove reached the 4th round. So really HL teams of today are still doing as well as those in days of yore.
  2. Caledonianfc1885

    January signings

    2014/15 Strathspey Thistle and more recently 2017/2018 Nairn County & Brora Rangers
  3. Caledonianfc1885

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    I wouldnt be surprised if McIntyre at Dundee doesnt come in for him .
  4. Caledonianfc1885

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    They have an Oyster Catcher on their badge - what the significance is I do not know. Maybe someone could enlighten me !
  5. Caledonianfc1885

    January signings

    I suppose it depends on how you look at it. The lad has proved himself at HL level - so Im sure this is the next step in the ladder. According to Jim Weir he is not at Station Park to just warm the bench, but Forfar are doing well at the moment and you can not tinker to much with a winning team.
  6. Caledonianfc1885

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    Undoubtedly we would be a weaker team without Polworth. Our loss will certainly be someone elses gain.
  7. Caledonianfc1885

    U18's Season

    Well done boys. Technically it is not a result against a Premiership club but a result against a Performance (progressive) U18 team which is the same level as our under 18's. For those who are not familiar with Club Academy Scotland there are three tiers, Elite, Performance (progressive) and Performance .
  8. Caledonianfc1885

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    I find it very difficult to comprehend why some supporters think this was a poor call by the management team. Robbo made 7 changes from a team that failed to win against a newly promoted team with 10 men so it is not as if we are flying and have a settled 11. However I feel the changes were more experimental in nature rather than refelective of Saturdays performance. If we had played the same team that started on Saturday, would that have made a difference - probably not? We were ultimately beaten by a penalty that never was and not being clinical enough in front of goal. Im also dismayed at Robbos' misdirected criticisms - the 7 were not the ones that orchestrated this defeat. The first goal , Charlie Trafford lost the ball and McKay conceded the foul for the penalty - both these players played on Saturday. The second goal - Polly lost the ball , Mckay lost his man when ball was played over the top, again both these players started on Saturday. Okay for the second McCart should have hoofed the ball as it was played back across the edge of the 6 yard box as it was only about a foot away from him - maybe he thought he had a defender behind him. In no way was this a breakdown in communication between him and the goalie just a lapse in concentration I think. Its good that some young ones got game time and gained valuable experience and they in no way disgraced themselves. Anyway on a different day we could have had scored 4 or 5. Its early days and far to early to call how our season will go so boys keep the heads up Im sure it will all click in to place.
  9. Caledonianfc1885

    Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

    It looks like we will be giving some of the young ones a chance tonight - 7 changes from Saturday. Hopefully they will get lots of encouragement tonight.
  10. Caledonianfc1885

    Reigniting the spark.

    I certainly was not revelling I was rejoicing a victory. A win is a win regardless and now its on to the next round.
  11. Caledonianfc1885

    Reigniting the spark.

    Maybe if more fans made a trip to Claggan Park tonight for the NOS Cup more sparks would have been reignited for they would have witnessed what I believe is ICTFC's largest win in a competitive match 16-0 😁
  12. Caledonianfc1885

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Thats Dundee now absolutely belt and braces (or pehs and bradies). Interesting weekend of football ahead for Partick and County - down to the wire for automatic relegation !!!!
  13. Caledonianfc1885

    The Royal wedding

    Nope absolutely not
  14. Caledonianfc1885

    Recruitment Policy?

    Is he Chinese or does he speak Mandarin ?
  15. Caledonianfc1885

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    Dundee are safe from automatic relegation , however they are not mathematically safe from the play-off spot. Granted Dundee have a better goal difference by 9 in relation to Partick, but they still have to play Partick so every goal Partick scored against them would effectively count as two. However Tuesday night is when they can seal their Premiership status so I dont think they will be taking the foot of the gas.