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  1. Maybe if the dynamic duo Savage and Bennett put their hands in their respective pockets we could have two sugar daddies !! I suspect the latter will only demand a place on the board and then subsequently a wage from the club for the privilege.
  2. Somebody on here recently told me Tremarco was off to Elgin !!!
  3. Technically I think Wes Morgan is still Leicester's official captain. However I am a bit old school and I am not a fan of goalkeepers being captains. A fundamental role of the keeper is to keep the defence in front of them organised, a task in itself. A captain I think should be a centre half / midfielder who can exert influence and organisation all over the pitch.
  4. Absolutely delighted Tremarco has found a club - would have been more delighted if he was still with us for the up and coming season. Why did it have to be Elgin City though - such a small minded club lacking ambition. In fact the signing of Tremarco could be the most ambitious thing they have done in their entire league history. I agree with Rig I think the best Elgin can hope for is the play-offs (preferably relegation) as I think Queens and Edinburgh City will prove to strong for them. They also have a massive void in Shane Sutherland to fill and I doubt very much they will find a replacement of his quality. Shane was definitely far to good for League 2 but not sure about him being Championship quality - lets hope so,
  5. Interesting it certainly is , innovative it most definitely is , and absolutely refreshing it is. A business (which collectively Scottish football is) that stands still is effectively going backwards. The evidence is there just look at our recent pedigree in the Champions League & Europa league and then there's our national team exploits. Change is needed and needed now. I am far from a fan of the Old Firm but what Sevco is proposing right now is by far the best option for Scottish football at this moment in time. Self interest in the SPFL only ring fences the current small financial pot on offer but improvement and innovation will open up more revenue streams and make the business of Scottish football more attractive to the outside world. However the restructuring of the leagues is not the panacea restructuring within clubs is paramount - ineffective vice chairman, costly CEO's, non productive highly paid jobs for the boys need to be irradicated. Lets do it and do it now !
  6. . Now this is very interesting !
  7. Absolutely. The club had already taken those tentative steps previously with most of the famous Fort William 10 being signed on a part-time basis . I maybe thinking out of the box here but if we cut the budget for the employed Heathmount (non Board)members and the non employed Heathmount (non) Board Members ..maybe we can spend more on those who count - the players .
  8. The only debacle with Marius was when our then Vice Chairman came out in the media to say we could not afford to keep Marius - subsequently his value dropped considerably.
  9. I dont think the Nathan Austin situation had anything to do with location. I think the doubling of wages had everything to do with it !!!!
  10. Andrew had/has the potential to be a good SPL player , a very good Championship player , and an excellent lower league player (which he has proved for the last few seasons - best HL young player of the year x2 and now the HL player of the year) . Probably one of the most technically gifted players to ever come through the ICT youth system and yes we should be reminded why the club saw fit to release such a talented player - maybe a question the Heathmount (Unofficial) Board Members could answer.
  11. Dont know about Sow but Jai was at the stadium last week kitted out in the training gear - I suppose it doesnt take a genius to work out why he was there.
  12. Rankin v Rangers 2-1 victory I think.
  13. 100% certain he has a sell on clause. Im sure this was allluded to @ the AGM