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  1. Angus Beith has left the Stadium formerly know as the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium.
  2. He is entitled to his opinion just like you and I. For most I think he is on the wind up - looking for a reaction. Do you know for a fact he doesnt go to games ? Maybe it is you that doesnt go to games. Anyway I dont know what this has to do with January signings or in our case the lack of January signings.
  3. A bit harsh don't you think? You obviously dont like him or his views - but I dont think that gives you the right to tell him to leave the forum. Im sure this is what a forum is all about - a salad bowl of mixed opinions , enriched with debates,arguments and even agreements- so why would you want Alan to leave the forum or anybody else for that matter just because you dont agree with them. Im sure he has his own opinion of your stats but I havent seen him ask you to leave the forum yet. If you read all the posts on here I think you will be fully aware that many dont attend games but does that mean they cannot contribute. Anyway back on topic we've brought in what we could with the resources we have at our disposal and its probably not enough offer a serious challenge to the title but the playoffs are well within our reach.
  4. It would appear that putting two and two together does not make five but makes four 😉
  5. It would appear that putting two and two together doesn't make five it makes four 😉
  6. Just seen the decent ......... I was going to say Gary McSwegan !!
  7. Or maybe 7. I actually meant Polly but thats probably way of the mark to !!!
  8. Brian Rice now at Hamilton - looking at ICTFC to add to his squad - Oakley maybe!
  9. As you say none of the teams above us are any great shakes. I ve not been impressed by any of the three and how County are sitting at the top only the man upstairs knows. If we find a level of consistency we may just surprise ourselves and everyone around us!
  10. I quite agree Bigman the blame cant lay at the feet (hands) of the goalkeeper. There are 10 players in front of Mackay that need to do their job also !!! We all know how Ridgers was when he first came to us. 4th Choice ??? Ridgers No1 Hoban No2 (before loan) Mackay No3 Mackinnon No4 . I dont think we can include OFW as I doubt he wants to play for us again. Apparently since the arrival of our young custodian the Forfar keeper has 3 MOM performances - thats football for you. Anyway a point with a somewhat depleted squad is better than nothing and keeps us on course for play offs.
  11. I think the sad fact here is that this statement is factually incorrect. Modern day HL teams reach rounds as far as the likes of Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle did. 2017/2018 Brora and Cove reached the 5th round (3 rounds from final) both having disposed of league 1 opposition on the way. Formartine also reached the 4th round. 2016/2017 Formartine reached the 4th round again having played from round 1 disposing of lowland / Junior and league opposition on the way. That season even the lowly Wick beat Dalbeatie Star / Whitehill Welfare . 2015/2016 Cove reached the 4th round. So really HL teams of today are still doing as well as those in days of yore.