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  1. Then why not just come out and say that robbo did not want to speak to them instead of refusing permission
  2. Does that work even if dont have a twitter account
  3. i no people say we shouldn't go back but we need to get all the people who have gone for what reason since we got relegated because they worked hard and got stuff done mostly.
  4. you will only have to wait 3 days for a sniff of it so don't worry.
  5. what a f*cking mess and more good people than is listed left the club last year including the very nice young lady who worked in the bar upstairs i think was called emma.
  6. maybe the travel club could rattle buckets outside the stadium to raise money for the club and then pay for their own travel to games which might help
  7. I reckon its snowflakes like elginer that are driving people away.
  8. Hughes got dunted because he lost the plot and started demanding money the club did not have as well as acting like a knobend in every interview he did.
  9. What about all the other games where we've been rubbish and not played as well as we can?
  10. can we just put in the fishing emoji now and close this thread?
  11. I think brad mckay must have pictures of robbo blowing a goat.
  12. If money is more important than support then why not tell all fans to stay at home and watch it there and just send ten pounds to the club so everyone wins as we get tv money fans money and a boycot all in one.
  13. Whites granny as she got to eat her own roll with no nails.
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