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  1. Matchday Thread

    Did we not score 3 in the 1st game
  2. Am loving his bit in the p and j print version. Says he can't wait for the DundeeUtd game si he can show mackinnin what he missed by not signin him up after bein there last year. Tenner goin on a Susan hat trick 1st time we play them
  3. Erm no. As with every other game I have ever attended I expected it to be on. And let's be honest here social media is by far anyone's easiest means of communication these days especially if say a football club wanted to contact as many people as possible at one time to let them know a game has been called off Had the means to do so ie a facebook page, Twitter account, etc etc but left it until 3 hours to kick off before doing so. It's not great is it
  4. Some people just don't want to disappoint their kids. 1st chance we had for a pre season friendly and it's cancelled. The communication being awful point stands, it's actually atrocious.
  5. Sorry but I seen nothing official anywhere until just after 5pm tonight on a fb post
  6. Aye I had a bit of a rant about it on the fb post. It's way beyond ridiculous now
  7. To be fair in the statement it was quoted thar Ross and his wages were already factored into this years budget.
  8. What a waste of a post. Just like the nonsense you write for the highland news. I do not want any warnings for this as, if your happy to take a wage writing for the public you take the the praise or criticism publically
  9. Thats Baird confirmed Welcome John
  10. Back page of Courier statin Robbos 1st signing is John Baird. Cant post the link sorry
  11. Its a start mate
  12. They are!!!!! Its every one else that tells them
  13. Falkirk fans and thier manager seem to think so. Peter Houston was on on the ball today apparently confirming it but nothing official from us yet
  14. Thought I'd start a transfer thread in its own right for the up coming season. Any new players coming in can be listed here along with our thoughts on how they will fit in
  15. Not necessarily as who knows whats really happened. Big Dunc is obviously a legend up here but and i am just playing devils advocate here in defense of our club what if he was just a wee bit bitter at losing his role and this story has been embelished knowing about the previous pr blunder. Just sayin we shouldn't be ready as fans to tarnish the clubs name when not one of us actually knows what really happened.