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  1. Thats Baird confirmed Welcome John
  2. Back page of Courier statin Robbos 1st signing is John Baird. Cant post the link sorry
  3. Its a start mate
  4. They are!!!!! Its every one else that tells them
  5. Falkirk fans and thier manager seem to think so. Peter Houston was on on the ball today apparently confirming it but nothing official from us yet
  6. Thought I'd start a transfer thread in its own right for the up coming season. Any new players coming in can be listed here along with our thoughts on how they will fit in
  7. Not necessarily as who knows whats really happened. Big Dunc is obviously a legend up here but and i am just playing devils advocate here in defense of our club what if he was just a wee bit bitter at losing his role and this story has been embelished knowing about the previous pr blunder. Just sayin we shouldn't be ready as fans to tarnish the clubs name when not one of us actually knows what really happened.
  8. No place for our cup winning manager John Yogi Hughes
  9. I like to think it was my email that worked haha
  10. Thats a no from me thanks
  11. Its not the taking of time thats the problem tho its the complete silence
  12. Cheers. Someone gave me chairmans direct email so have sent of an email the size of war and piece and await patiently a reply. Although i could be a pile of skin and bones by the time i get 1
  13. I have address now and let you know if it is replied to
  14. Does any one have an email address for the club/chairman. I would also like to convey my feelings directly to them about what i feel is truly shocking treatment of the fans since the final days of last season. It's not just the season ticket prices which is imho wholly unacceptable and damaging to the club. For me more damage though is the complete lack of communication in any kind about all the new challenges we now face as a club. I will want answers to why there has been nothing coming from the club and whilst i appreciate the chairman was on holiday, somebody at the club is left in charge and to that end acting as an official spokesperson for media or even on our own site. Why do they feel that those prices are acceptable in a lower league and with less games for your money. There are too many more to write here but any official email address would be appreciated just so i can vent my frustrations directly to those who in my eyes are responsible for this omnishambles currently.
  15. Its been this way for a few years now unfortunately. The only time the club communicates with us fans is when they are wanting money off us. Am sorry but until i know what am getting for my money in terms of managers and players etc. I wont be parting with any season ticket money.