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  1. Rank ICT Managers

    shameless plug :-)
  2. Jake Mulraney

    That looks more like the player Foran told us we were signing
  3. Cash from Celtic qualifying for CL group

    i believe this cash is already budgeted for so its not like we are suddenly going to sign a striker who can actually score with it
  4. Fans Boycott

    Fans have decided that no matter what Vigurs or Polworth do then they arent good enough, they follow some of the sh1te they read on here, someone says Polworth is sh1te therefor he must be sh1te, and it doesnt matter if the lad turns up on Saturday and plays a blinder, these people will still complain he misplaced one pass. McKay on the other hand scored some goals for us once upon a time ( done sod all since he left us) and therefor is immune to the p1sh these fans dish out. Fans have their favourites who can do no wrong.
  5. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    Both have been reprimanded, no statement required move along, nothing to see here.
  6. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

  7. Robertson - Worst ICT Manager ever!!!!!!!

    Said it plenty before the last time Robbo was here he had Donald Park with him, players like Bobby Mann etc all rave about Parky. This time he has Brian Rice.
  8. Robertson - Worst ICT Manager ever!!!!!!!

    He may have had little time but he still signed utter jobbers like Chalmers and Cooper who anyone could see arent good enough, even at our level.
  9. Robertson - Worst ICT Manager ever!!!!!!!

    Nope that would still be Foran.
  10. Dumbarton -V- Inverness CT

    " I don't think he will walk, as it's his team, he signed most of the players, and his reputation will take a hit" What reputation is that? He has done nothing since he left us the first time, im not so sure Robbo has much of a reputation as a manager, and as i said on another thread, the last time he was here he had Donald Park beside,he doesnt have that this time and its clear he is struggling.
  11. Robertson Out

    Let’s not forget that the first time around Robbo had Donald Park with him, and plenty of players from that time rated Parkie as the best coach they ever worked with. Robbo has done nothing since then and that time with Park. Maybe he was the brains? Maybe it was Park who was actually the difference ?
  12. Our Signing Strategy

    There's a strategy?
  13. 7 Wins In Our Last 41 League Games

    Fact is @forresjags we are a team in a transitional period on and off the park, we havent got a "core" of SPL players, we have pretty much got a new team, and any new team are going to take time to gel. I dont expect us to get promoted this season, i would love to be wrong on that, all these players coming in, with the exception of Baird, are younger guys who could possibly grow into a team to take us back up. Our Team Last Saturday below so 7 new players, 5 of whom have never played in this league before 28Ridgers - New 17Seedorf - New 5Warren 22McKay 16Calder- New 7Polworth 24Trafford- New 11VigursBooked at 30mins 4Chalmers - New 9Baird- New 14Oakley- New
  14. 7 Wins In Our Last 41 League Games

    hhhmmm OFW- We cant punt the guy quick enough as far as Robbo is concerned Warren - yup give you that one Raven - See OFW Polworth -Never got past the "potential" tag he had a while ago Vigurs- Should be a good player in the League we are in Tremarco- Out till at Least November Mulraney - One season where we got relegated not sure exactly where your "core of an experienced SPL side is still there" is
  15. Transfer in and outs

    Sorry but a back 5 made up of Ridgers Mckay Elsdon Donaldson Chalmers actually gives me cold sweats.