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  1. Never made the game tonght due to prior engagement. Feared the worst but even my abject pessimism failed to predict the utter shambles which transpired. Enough is enough. Time for a change of direction at all levels. The incumbents have nothing to offer. We need a radical overhaul of all levels from kids to first team. On current form we will be fighting relegation from Championship next season. Unbelievable to contrast with where we were a mere two years ago. A massive missed opportunity from our non-existent board. Sad.
  2. Absolute garbage. Just because you like going on the pish in Ayr, Dumfries, etc.doesn't make this good for the club I'm any way. Relegation would be an absolute disaster, even more so if our neighbours stay up. The real blame here needs to reside at the door of the clueless, faceless board who are utterly invisible and show no direction, vision or aptitude to manage a Premiership club.
  3. Absolute garbage from start to finish. Possibly the worst performance from a team fighting relegation you could ever imagine. The team that drowned at sea with their hands in their pockets. Too late now but Foran has got to go or we'll be heading for League 1 this time next season.
  4. Matchday Thread

    Do not let the 92nd minute equaliser cloud what was an absolutely atrocious performance from start to finish. The staring formation, long high ball tactics, poor substitutions, lack of energy, lack of fight and overall body language of the team was extremely worrying. They looked terrified from the start and no one appeared to want on the ball. The lack of passion or fighting spirit displayed was frankly unacceptable from professional footballers who's livelihoods depend on the next few games. Richie was a great servant to the club but I fear he is way out of his depth in this role and appears to have very little support from the team around him. If we play like we did yesterday on Saturday then we're dead in the water. Massive improvement required or we are going down.
  5. Has he brought his gloves?
  6. Anyone got Dean Brill's number......?
  7. I'm not for a moment suggesting that having a game today prevents us from signing anyone but it certainly prevents them from playing tonight or last Saturday when, according to our manager, we had a "must win" match. If we intended to bring players in I would have suggested the appropriate time to do that was during the shutdown to get them bedded in and available for three vital league games.
  8. If we have the funds and intention to invest then this business should have been done prior to the Partick game. Ludicrous to have a crucial game on deadline day and any potential recruits unavailable.
  9. Proper old school away game and unquestionably our real derby. 80/0s flashbacks aplenty throughout the day. County rivalry artificial and a pale imitation of the real thing.
  10. Gut wrenching seeing Ryan sign for the dismals. I'll no doubt have a steady flow of deluded dandies at my door today crowing at this loan signing. Despite being about 16 years old at the time young Ryan was bang on with his assessment of the dons support. Hayes and McGinn definitely offski I would suggest.
  11. Young-ish Irish striker incoming. Unlikely to be first team contender straight-off. Also expect one or more heading own A96.
  12. Nice one Roddy. Seasons greetings from the Stonehaven Masif. Perhaps 2017 is the year you spot that elusive Panamanian Eagle.
  13. Shout out my main man ymip junior. Certainly less frequent attendee than rig but proudly flies the Stoney ICT flag at away games the length and breadth of our fair nation. Sole ICT fan in an ocean of dandies, very young team, and sharpest dressed 12 year old on the block.
  14. matchday thread

    Absolutely shocking performance from the point Accies scored until Polworth slotted home the equaliser. I won't dwell on this abject performance and take some solace from taking a point when we deserved nada. Onwards and upwards ! With regard to incidents after the game I missed the initial incident outside the ground but was party to an attack by the same four or five Hamilton dicks in the car park further from the ground. Absolute sh1thouse behaviour from these guys against a group of our younger fans who were clearly not looking for aggro. I sincerely hope these guys get their comeuppance at some point this season but fear they choose their targets carefully and focus on non combatants who are not looking for bother. I have to say that the performance of the local constabulary was nothing short of a disgrace. If we had a "firm" looking for bother then I'd almost understand if they chose to let them get it on but the police were simply too lazy or complacent to keep on top of a very small group of Accies neds who were allowed to run riot today. First time I've seen bother after a game since Highland League days and hope it's a one off but would hope we can collectively avoid a repeat at Hamilton in the future.
  15. matchday thread

    It sure is Mantis. The wee man was a bit of an internet sensation as the youtube video and subsequent gif were all over Pie and Bovril and he went as far as to tell me he'd "gone viral". It was on our way back to the car after the semi-final win at Hampden. Funnier if you'd heard the boy foaming at the mouth prior to jr's timely intervention . Same guy filming who took the infamous "Jacqueline" clip.