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  1. Another club statement...

    I presume this relates to the young lads going on the park after the goal which was a bit daft but in no way warrants this sort of hysterical hand wringing, yet again. This constant vilification of our dwindling support really does my head in. Rae is presiding over an utter shambles off the park, and serious under performance on the park, and seems to be using these regular attacks on our own fans to deflect from these glaring shortcomings. You can guarantee that there will be yet another negative article on the BBC website this afternoon which is completely unwarranted. I'd be more interested in hearing when our emergency loan players are arriving or an update on the impact our COO and Commercial Manager are having on addressing the aforementioned operational shortcomings. "Barley Chatterman to thread, Barley Chatterman to thread....unacceptable social malaise in the bagging area."
  2. Can hardly summon up the enthusiasm to head down to Tannadice or Cup Final which is a pretty alarming state of affairs. Would love to know the real story behind the Calder/ Harper/Mckay debacle. Pretty much sums up where we are these days. Can we actually survive a second train wreck season of this nature? Woe is me.
  3. Nathan Austin

    It appears that Compo and Clegg (not saying who's who..) had switched off their hearing aids to avoid Donview's moaning :)
  4. Very important that we stay on same level as our neighbours over the bridge who are also in the eight team "Progressive" group but I believe they're appealing and looking for Elite status. Would be a real issue for our ability to attract local talent if we were on a lesser ranking. Out of the 8 "Elite" Academies only Aberdeen outwith the Central Belt which seems totally unfair and biased against the provinces. I guess Malky doesn't fancy the drive North. Poor old Dundee in the third tier!
  5. Excellent team performance today. Vigurs, the Stonehaven Pirlo, absolutely bossing the midfield - ably assisted by Polworth with another energetic performance. Coll Donaldson has stepped up and looks solid in the centre of defence, even Ridgers had two excellent saves. Back-to-back quality performances on the road. United were absolutely woeful and if either side is going to feature in the play-offs my money would be on us. We are way behind but these last two performances have been grounds for significant optimism that the corner has been turned. Huge game next week against the Pars. Happy camper tonight.
  6. If my U14s defended as poorly as this lot I'd be mortified. For alleged "professional" footballers to be so defensively abject is simply beyond comprehension. We're shipping 3 or 4 goals every week with defenders switching off, failing to track runners and showing absolutely no willingness to meet balls in the air. What do they actually do at training all week? Looking on the positive side the club has enough footage from our weekly catalogue of ****-ups and bloopers to release a Christmas stocking blockbuster......perhaps a multi DVD version by Chrimbo. 😂😂😂
  7. Pointless slating sub-standard signings for being sub-standard. They're simply churning out performances commensurate with their ability and the salaries we're offering. The outrage is that someone within the club has felt it appropriate to shell out two and three year contracts to guys who are quite simply never going to get us into promotion contention but that again seems to be in line with Yogi's recent comments regarding board members calling the shots on signings. I guess as we plummet through the divisions one or two of these players might ultimately find their level but wouldn't count on it. It was fantastic while it lasted but I think we are clearly raking over the dying embers of our meteoric climb from Highland League to Scottish Cup glory and should probably try to get our heads around a future consisting of part-time lower league obscurity. A truly grim proposition but seemingly inevitable unless we see fundamental regime change and significant investment in the club by a wealthy benefactor with cash to burn. Robbo has clearly taken on the gig on the basis that he'll work with whatever squad the club can throw together so is probably safe until the point they opt to throw him under the bus and install another patsy who accepts to work with the dross they've assembled on and off the park.
  8. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    Relegation battle ahead with the worst defensive unit I've seen in the club's history.
  9. St Mirren -V- Inverness CT

    We ship 5 at Dunfermline, 2 absolute shockers agains Aberdeen kids last week, 4 so far at St. Mirren. A defensive train wreck every week.
  10. Dear Charles, possibly only one thing saddens me more than the farcical club statements and moral outrage vented on here and that's the fact that your crusade to police this forum and the general conduct of our support goes unchallenged when you're very clearly a dispassionate voyeur rather than an actual supporter who has some emotional investment in the club. Your sneering, self aggrandising tone of moral superiority and intellectual snobbery quite frankly gives me the boke. I have absolutely no interest in debating your jaundiced, prejudicial and classist views on ICT matters on this forum but if I ever actually have the misfortune of bumping into you at an away game (simply never going to happen is it Charles?) then please feel free to correct any misconceptions I've picked up on here over the years.
  11. Yngwie - the cordoned off sections were evident at both matches and had no relationship or proximity to the "incidents". Moray Jaggie is absolutely correct that there were damaged seats all over the stand nowhere near where the incidents took place. I personally had to move seats at both games due to the state of the seating. Like Chris a little bit of me dies every time the club issues a statement these days - needless, knee jerk and utterly depressing. However, these statements pale into insignificance when compared with the absolute state of our hand wringing/bed wetting contingent, falling over themselves to berate the youngsters or anyone who tries to add a bit of context to events that have been blown out of all proportion by the club, media et al . The board's time would be better spent investigating how we've found ourselves post-window with a plethora of defenders who can't defend and strikers who couldn't hit a coo's arse with a banjo.
  12. Irn Bru Cup 3rd round draw

    Bah humbug.......will need to be Crusaders away next round
  13. Very much a game of two halves. First half we looked pretty comfortable and had all but put the game to bed against a pretty shaky Dons side. Second half was very disappointing and highlighted how weak we are in defence. We also appear to lack a cutting edge up front. The goals we're scoring are coming from midfield. As far as I can see we have signed some very average players and look particularly fragile at the back. Communication between a very unconvincing keeper and similarly limited defenders looks very suspect and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Good to see Tremarco back and scoring. One player I do like the look of is Trafford but his needless reaction to an appalling tackle from Frank Ross which led to a red card for both players was totally unnecessary and hugely frustrating. I'm praying for an away game in Ireland in next round. Only chance of European football we're likely to experience for the foreseeable future.
  14. Hahahaha.....as I'm well into my 40s I don't think I qualify as "Young Team". Try reading what I wrote without jumping to conclusions. I was in relatively close proximity to the youngsters and could clearly see what was going on - as opposed to the travel rug brigade who were tucking into a fruit scone back in the sneck and have been pontificating on here ever since. MASSIVE over reaction to a nothing event which elicits a modern day media feeding frenzy. Did no one on here actually go to the football in the 1980s/early 1990s when things really did get out of hand on occasion - get some perspective people. Old Team #1
  15. BBC Article on this is an absolute shocker. Mr Rae's OTT and ill considered statement pounced on by media and a non event is portrayed as some sort of breakdown of western civilisation. Great start from our illustrious leader.