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  1. Clearly no player at the club is, "not for sale", but selling Draper to County would be a massively negative move and would paint a very bleak picture in terms of emphasising the power shift in the Highlands. I very much hope we can keep hold of Ross but pray that he goes anywhere but over the bridge if he is departing. With regard to OFW by my reckoning we currently have six (6) goalkeepers on professional contracts; OFW, Ryan Esson, Mark Ridgers, Cammy Mackay, Daniel Hoban & Martin MacKinnon. Unless I'm misinformed and one or more of the younger lads have moved on? Seems like rather a sizeable number of keepers to have on the books at one time.....
  2. Whether you run a professional club, a pub team or even a P1 school team you should have the common courtesy and courage of your convictions to clarify your intentions as to whether or not you require the services of a player who has previously represented your club/team. When it comes down to professional players with mortgages and dependents it becomes altogether more critically important that you are frank, open and professional in your dealings with players who, for whatever reason, are no longer part of your plans. I'm sure we're not the first club to withdraw a contractual offer to a player following a change of manager but what sets you apart is how you handle any such difficult conversation. It appears that we have entirely lost any semblance of what is and isn't acceptable conduct in this regard. Most worryingly the damage that the incumbent regime has done to the club's reputation in the last few weeks is quite frankly staggering. We seem to lurch from one public relations disaster to the next and someone needs to take this situation in hand as a matter of urgency. If you were a player or agent operating in this environment would you be particularly receptive to dealing with a club who are repeatedly shown to operate in this manner?
  3. Surely if messrs; Warren, Raven, Boden, Fon-Williams, Mulraney and McNaughton are not back training today we can assume they are not part of Robertson's plans. I don't buy any suggestion that they were "still on holiday" - they had a full month to have their holiday and senior players should not be missing the first week of pre-season training given the season we've just experienced. Looking at the 17 players in the training pic which was circulating last week we have a very limited group to choose from and need reinforcements urgently.
  4. A fee for OFW?!? The only fee likely to be payable is the the one we'll need to pay to get him off the books. Zero market value. Seems like a nice bloke but apart from his worldy in the Celtic game a regular bombscare. That being said County fan Ridgers could be worse. Anyone got Deano's number?
  5. Notwithstanding the Shearer question it's rather hard to believe that the club think that ditching the U20s is a smart move at the same time County have just lifted the development league title. If you're the ICT supporting parent of a promising 12 year old and both clubs come in for you which club would appear to be offering a clearer pathway to first team football and what would be the point of sticking with ICT if you're currently a stand out for the ICT under 15s? You'd have thought we might have learned our lesson from the Stuart Armstrong situation when we last were demoted. I would very much appreciate if the club could make a clear statement as to how they see the youth set up functioning given the absence of an outlet for U20s. As a youth football coach myself I truly am all ears on this one.
  6. Two weeks since Foran departed, two and a half weeks until our first friendly, a little over four weeks until our first Bet Fred Cup match. Numerous Championship sides are shuffling the pack with players being signed up all over the place. Meanwhile we seem to be twiddling our thumbs, as per usual. Whilst I appreciate that we need to make the right decision here, prolonged prevarication and a failure to bring a solitary player into a severely depleted squad is a recipe for disaster. The lack of activity and general malaise within the club eluded to across the media is going to have a significantly negative impact on the quality of manager/players we can attract. Finger oot gents.....
  7. New Chairman, new board members - same breathtakingly poorly constructed board statements, seemingly etched on the back of a cornflakes packet with crayons borrowed from sevco's press department. Does no one on the board actually proof read these statements before they're issued? I was under the impression that the board was littered with Fortune 500 captains of industry. Given they all seem to be retired/semi-retired heavy hitters surely they could wheel one of them into the stadium, between rounds of golf and afternoon G&Ts, to cast an eye over this opus before it's fired into the cyber world to echo through eternity. Suffice to say if someone put a statement of that quality in front of me at work they'd drown in a sea of red ink. If we move on to the actual content of said statement we quickly get to the following molten bronze pearl of wisdom..... "It is important that we select the right person for this key position.". Wow!, just wow! Although factually correct this could possibly be the greatest understatement since Captain Oates advised that he was going outside and might be some time. Given how poor their last selection was I would have thought the importance of not picking another clanger was abundantly clear to all and a more impassioned statement would have been appropriate at this juncture. Moving quickly to the retained playing staff, assuming we're successful in agreeing deals with Cammy MacKay and Kevin McNaughton that would leave us with 14 signed players, including three (3) goalkeepers. Perhaps a slight over provision in the goalkeeping region given the paucity of outfield players...just a thought. Least said about the ex Newport County retainee, soonest mended. I'm also intrigued by the "others targets" statement. Targeted by whom precisely? Rice? Kellacher? Tommy Cumming? a long serving G4S steward? It simply beggars belief that these guys think they're capable of identifying players who the new manager will ultimately have to work with. Retaining contracted players is one thing, bringing in square pegs to fit into a new manager's round holes seems to be a rather foolish enterprise, but hey, we're good at that these days. Enough already, I'm away for a lie down in a darkened room....
  8. The drivel spouted on this thread is more depressing than the entire Foran era.
  9. A truly inspirational call to arms from the board. Bravo chaps - you must have been up all night drafting this monosyllabic masterpiece. Pitiful.
  10. Time for Sutherland, Cameron and their cronies to come out of the shadows and tell us what the plan is moving forward. I can't believe the easy ride they got yesterday. A few choruses of "sack the board" and that was it. These clowns are asleep at the wheel and have to be held to account. Absolutely shameful that a board can lead us over the precipice in this manner and then give no indication as to their intentions. It's clear that they need to step aside and let new blood, with new ideas, move the club forward.
  11. Foran was a great player for us but has been a lousy manager. He's taken a top six squad and relegated us at the first time of asking. Has lost all credibility with this "three bad apple" garbage. Funny how we waits until we're down to air his dirty laundry. Classic diversionary tactics from a guy who's clearly out of his depth in this role. Instead of slating players he'd be better looking at coaching colleagues who've slated him all season to anyone who'll listen. Despite the above the blame for today's relegation lies at the door of messrs Sutherland, Cameron and the Sutherland installed puppets on the board. Shameful mismanagement from parties who are entirely detached and uninterested in the footballing side of the Sutherland vanity project. Time for radical change from top to bottom.
  12. Never made the game tonght due to prior engagement. Feared the worst but even my abject pessimism failed to predict the utter shambles which transpired. Enough is enough. Time for a change of direction at all levels. The incumbents have nothing to offer. We need a radical overhaul of all levels from kids to first team. On current form we will be fighting relegation from Championship next season. Unbelievable to contrast with where we were a mere two years ago. A massive missed opportunity from our non-existent board. Sad.
  13. Absolute garbage. Just because you like going on the pish in Ayr, Dumfries, etc.doesn't make this good for the club I'm any way. Relegation would be an absolute disaster, even more so if our neighbours stay up. The real blame here needs to reside at the door of the clueless, faceless board who are utterly invisible and show no direction, vision or aptitude to manage a Premiership club.
  14. Absolute garbage from start to finish. Possibly the worst performance from a team fighting relegation you could ever imagine. The team that drowned at sea with their hands in their pockets. Too late now but Foran has got to go or we'll be heading for League 1 this time next season.
  15. Matchday Thread

    Do not let the 92nd minute equaliser cloud what was an absolutely atrocious performance from start to finish. The staring formation, long high ball tactics, poor substitutions, lack of energy, lack of fight and overall body language of the team was extremely worrying. They looked terrified from the start and no one appeared to want on the ball. The lack of passion or fighting spirit displayed was frankly unacceptable from professional footballers who's livelihoods depend on the next few games. Richie was a great servant to the club but I fear he is way out of his depth in this role and appears to have very little support from the team around him. If we play like we did yesterday on Saturday then we're dead in the water. Massive improvement required or we are going down.