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  1. I hear popular beat combo The Beatles have split up too.
  2. An absolutely dire performance apart from McAlear's worldy. I'm rapidly losing faith in Dodds' ability to pick a winning team or motivate the squad. New blood desparately needed before we throw away the best chance in years of escaping the Championship. Rapidly turning into a massively frustrating season. Frustration aside you really have to laugh at Sportsound awarding the Championship to media darlings Killie and Del boy after one win against a bang average Queens side. They could be propping up the league and the pundits would still be tipping them for the title.
  3. I thought you were a maths teacher (retired) rather than a frustrated Ingerlish teacher? I think it's fair to say we could do with a certain Physics teacher (retired) to keep us right on matters of neurolinguistic and grammatical competence, dressing room decorum and employment law jurisprudence. I blame those pesky nats for this (frankly lamentable) decline in standards.....🤣
  4. Absolutely dreadful second half. Should have been home and hosed at half time. Going to be a long season....hugely frustrating after such a strong start.
  5. I believe we're in for 20% but this is a breathtakingly poor move for Ryan from a purely footballing perspective. Good to see him get away from Celtic and the toxic abuse he received from the greatest fans in the world but his agent needs shooting. Would have liked to see him try his hand abroad so to see him end up at a bang average Championship side is really disappointing and selling the lad well short.
  6. That's Fyfe off to Nairn until January which I believe leaves us with six defenders, assuming Carson is now classed as a defender. This would surely suggest we have someone incoming...or am I being overly optimistic.
  7. Just beat me to it. First match since Hibs at Easter Road in February 2020. Can't really count the recent Cormack Park debacle.....
  8. Good to see BBC Radio Scotland offering the balanced views of former Hearts Manager/Sporting Director Craig Levein and rabib Hearts supporter Alan Preston this evening. Preston taking the opportunity to talk up a Roddy McGregor move to "big English clubs". Given Preston's role as an agent (represented Dan McKay in his move to Hibs) it's nice of the BBC to offer Preston the opportunity to speculate - seems very well informed. Heaven forbid he might use this platform for his own personal gain.....
  9. Given Tuesday night's defensive train wreck this, on the face of it, seems like a very strange decision. Unless I'm mistaken that leaves us with six recognised defenders (Broadfoot, Deas, Devine, Duffy, Harper and Fyfe) which suggests we either have reinforcements lined up or Dodds has decided to play 2 at the back over the Winter period.
  10. Stoney Cowboys we are here...yeeha, yeeha! No Brokeback Mountain comments please 🙂
  11. Nipped along earlier in an attempt to catch some of the action. Total no go gaining access to the facility so ended up in a farmer's field with ymip Jr, a handful of Aberdeen fans and a former ICT player, all strugglling to make out a great deal. The Aberdeen fan we got talking to suggested we'd taken the lead early on - possibly through Shane Sutherland. Jay Emmanuel Thomas equalised for the dismal dons. Ten minutes into the second half the irate farmer decided to release his herd of cows into the field which necessitated a tactical retreat. We were then so far away it was again
  12. I'm hearing we're supposed to be playing Aberdeen behind closed doors at their Cormack Park training centre today. Said training centre is about a 5 minute walk from my work so if anyone knows what time it's kicking off I wouldn't mind a heads up!
  13. Jesus wept........it's a resounding no from the Stonehaven jury. Massive new season buzz killer.
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