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  1. Ayr's goal deffo reminisant of "hand of GOD"
  2. hope so any points would be welcome
  3. no no no no this is a stunt !
  4. Can't see Ossie being our man! I agree this is just another Warnock stunt. I doubt Ossie even knows where Inverness is. It's a long way from Hertfordshire that's for sure.
  5. Lunchbreak at work. Logged on out of boredom but soon cheered up when I heard the news. Had a large smile on my face all afternoon Sorry!
  6. Attended IHS 1975 - 1980 Role was 1600 until Charleston opened. When I started in first year there were 10 register classes.
  7. Thanks for nothing BBC. Surely you're not allowed to depress the licence payers like this. GRIM VIEWING!
  8. Have just read the article quoting Charlie. Sounds like the man himself would have been quite happy to be the interim boss rather than Graeme Bennett but was snubbed again. Charlie is an honourable person who knew what was best for his team even when it mean't his leaving. I don' think he should apply for the full job for lots of reasons but surely he should be found a role within the playing side especially at present.
  9. Yes agree! Here's to a much better 2009 for all Caley Jags fans.
  10. I'm with Caley D on this one. What exactly are we thanking Brew for? Bringing us to the verge of relegation! However I do wish him well for the future and hope he finds another job soon.
  11. I like Robbo but going back has not worked with Brew unfortunately. I think we need an experienced manager who has new ideas to bring to the club. Lets set our sights high this time even if it does cost the club money as going down to Div 1 is not an option.
  12. I can't believe how elated I feel about this! Things can only get better from now on surely and as we are not too far adrift from the rest and now have a real chance of staying up. Very surprised but happy sense is being shown at last.
  13. I loved going to the Playhouse at Christmas to post my letter to santa. They had a great fish tank in the tea room as well - afternoon tea there was always a great treat. I also remember the fab grotto in Benzies as well. It's so different these days not so special I think. Great memories of this time.
  14. Score in 1978 (29 July)was defo 6-3. Urq scored 2 and John Docherty scored the other for Caley. Billy was the first signing John Greig made as Rangers manager.
  15. With out current home form not sure if I'm as pleased as I should be with a home draw!
  16. I agree with Charles I think it was near where the stadium is now
  17. Alan I realise this is a matter of principle to you but I feel an archieve on here is a good idea. I think those of us about in those days have a duty to educate the young fans and incommers as to the origins of ICT and what people went through to both oppose the merger and form ICT. I would like to keep the memory of my beloved Caley alive and I'm sure Jags fans feel the same. It would be such a pity if archieve material got lost and hope LSM, for instance, can at least be posted on John's site or the Thistle archieve site. I just think a larger audience would be achieved on here. This site cant be that bad as far as you are concerned as you are posting on here like the rest of us. Caley D hope this idea is taken further with or without LSM (which I loved and probably find more entertaining today).
  18. There were Caley fans locked out at St J that night. But my abiding memory of that night is the convoy of cars going back up the A9 that night - just car lights as far as you could see. If my memory serves me right there was a bit of needle for that match as it was a replay. At the first match a lady took ill in the Caley stand (I think she was the wife of the ST J physio) and there was an almighty fuss as Caley did'nt have an ambulance/medical team in the ground as was the case in SFL grounds. As for the old days I miss the crack of the HL but take great joy in seeing SPL teams playing in Inverness. I think I'm just older now so would maybe feel the same even if Caley had gone it alone then. I think sometimes us pre merger fans who feel Caley should have gone it alone may see the issue through rose tinted spectacles.What happened happened and ICT came into being and is what we have and support and that is that. It is no use going back over old ground. People made a choice and if some Caley and Thistle supporters don't support ICT that is their loss (my brother amongst them).
  19. I remember the Christmas lights across eastgate when I was little. They were missed when the building work started to take place.
  20. There was also the Queensgate hotel - long gone- but destroyed in a fire I think.
  21. I don't know what happened to Eddie Davidson but he was a committee member at one time - hence the blue blazer.
  22. Wish I'd known earlier. Good luck to the boys. I wonder what the score is
  23. Don,t use the car park myself. I think the free bus from the bus station is much better option.
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