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  1. Fairly certain thats Oakley's barnet, moustache and tattoo combo. I'm less certain about Polly but still quite sure its him
  2. Didn't realise Murphy was looking to get into management
  3. Id rather the club folded than the majority of the names here getting the job.
  4. Whilst I agree that there is probably plenty of talented young players locally and Stuart Kettlewell is clearly doing a good job at County. The bulk of their development squad is made up of guys from the central belt and a couple of English guys. Within their ranks they have 2 ex Rangers youths, 2 ex Dundee United youths, and one each from Watford, Chesterfield, Partick Thistle and St Mirren.
  5. ubern


    Can't say I remember anyone specifically asking to do a deal with JD. Yes, people wanted an outlet in town where they could buy the shirt, and maybe people questioned why they couldn't buy it in there, but I don't think anybody specifically called for it to be manufactured by JD/Carbrini. A quick Google shows them to be the terrible supplier they are, and that's without mentioning how ugly the training/leisurewear is with the massive Carbrini across the back of every item. We are never going to be any manufacturer's main priority and that's why we should be looking to working with on
  6. ubern


    FAO anyone at the club. Please do a deal with one of these, they can't possibly be any worse than the charlatans doing it at the moment. http://www.justsport-group.com/ (Supply Nike kits to Dundee United, Hibs and Kilmarnock) http://www.pslteamsports.com/ (Supply Puma kit to Dundee, Macron to Motherwell and various brands to a whole load more, I would imagine this is where County's Macron stuff is coming from) http://www.teamwearscotland.com/ (Supply Joma kits to Partick Thistle, St Johnstone, Dunfermline and Dumbarton) As the self appointed club kit director I've de
  7. ubern


    JD own the Carbrini brand. Its the same company.
  8. He moved to a Fulham side in the midst of a relegation dogfight in January 2014 where he made one appearance against Man Utd, then in February went on loan to MK Dons in League One til the end of the season but picked up an injury in April that put him out for more than a year. He spent last season on loan at Shrewsbury where he played around 30 times in League One. Considering many of the better players from the Scottish Premiership (Marley Watkins, Billy Mckay, Kane Hemmings, Marvin Johnson etc etc) are making moves to League One these days I think this is about as good as we could hope for.
  9. Its worth remembering that first time round at United Gunning was good, good enough to make the team of the year in his first season and then secure a contract with Birmingham at the end of his United deal. People are questioning his attitude, but to my knowledge this has only been an issue during his second period at United where he was playing under a manager who's idea of man management is bullying into submission. I do, however, have big worries about his knee(s). Don't think hes been fully fit since leaving United first time round.
  10. Motherwell supplying a live feed via their twitter for anyone interested. https://twitter.com/MotherwellFC
  11. Been doing a bit of sleuthing on this and I've decided it was a guy called Jamar Loza. Lewis Horner and Loza have recently started following each other on Twitter. Loza was released by Norwich this Summer after various short term loans. He's 22, described as a pacy winger/striker, been linked to a number of clubs in England's lower leagues and has even been capped by Jamaica. He is certainly the sort of player we would sign. One of those stupid career best bits in 3 minutes agent videos below.
  12. They had their pitch relaid over Summer and is now the same as Falkirk have.. Still not grass but apparently much better than before. I know we won't because nobody does anymore but I'd really like us to play two up front on Tuesday. Boden was completely exposed whenever the ball came into him on Saturday and when Fisher came on he had a few decent flick ons. OFW Raven McNaughton Warren Tremarco Mulraney Draper Tansey King Boden Fisher Subs: McKay, Brown, Horner, Vigurs, Polworth, Doran, Sutherland,
  13. Buy a smartphone lads. No need to even attempt to hear the announcer.
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