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  1. Sounds like a good idea, would definitely be interested. Much prefer the highlight/interviews through the club than the bbc!
  2. Murchison


    Saw an interview with him a few months ago as he tries to get into management, not sure if Russell Latapy would be interested in coming back. Certainly would know the club and players. His leaving always seemed a bit strange, I thought at the time it seemed Hughes was creating space for his pal Rice. Was just as big a part of our most successful spell.
  3. Murchison

    David Raven

    I said last season I was disappointed he was only given a 1 year deal, and now equally disappointed he seems to be unfancied and possibly on his way out. Don't see the logic behind it.
  4. If you look at the form over the past 10 games, we are exactly where we should be. There are 5 teams with worse record, and 6 teams better. Only team below us on better form are Partick, but still have St Johnstone ahead of us on a worse run. We have 6 games to the split, and even if the current form continues it should be enough, will be close anyway.
  5. Top 6 would obviously be preferred but I don't think its vital. While this has obviously been a harder season than last year (understandable with the players lost, and the success of last year), i'm not panicing yet. We have managed 32 points from 27 games, so over a point a game. Even averaging a point a game for the last 11, we should be fine.
  6. Typical, my son is the size just above! Come on JD Sports, reduce the Youth strips too!!
  7. Don't think it would be fair to say it would be purely money motivated. Unfortunately Dundee would be commutable for him from Edinburgh, so I'm pretty sure the chance to live with his family again may be quite a big draw. Pits not looking good by the sound of things, but will wait until I hear something official. If he does decide to go I wouldn't grudge him it. We've replaced successful managers before, and I'm confident we will do so again.
  8. I stay in West Lothian, although don't get to as many games as I used to due to work/family. Looking forward to tonight though, I think living in West Lothian as they bought their way through the leagues made me hate Livi even more. Worse than County!
  9. BBC now reporting the same, 1 year deal.
  10. It was a flag and ICT. Great job done organising it.
  11. I'm going through myself as meeting folks at Hampden. Taking the car from West Lothian. If you don't get anyone else I could get you at Bathgate.
  12. All makes perfect sense. Feel the same, although I've stopped myself from saying expectation. Been going with confidence. Don't want to take it for granted. Can't wait.
  13. Think thats likely. Stayed there earlier in the year and a barman said that the team regularly stay there when down in the central belt for games.
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