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  1. Getting a company car. If I don't get the asking price (or very near) then I'll keep it and put it on retention until I have my own car again at some point in future.
  2. Flag is up for sale at £1000....ovno. Email me on [email protected] if interested. Also, if anyone interested in car number plate CA13Y TH, selling it for £1500....ovno.
  3. And that those with good intentions don't add to the problem by stripping the shelves even faster 👍
  4. No relegation and promote all teams currently sitting in promotion/play-off positions....added benefit of giving us a 16 team top league going forward 👍
  5. TV companies don't have the resources to televise every game, nor do they have space on schedules, nor will they want to subject staff to additional unnecessary travel.
  6. I personally don't give a toss about the football as people's lives are more important.
  7. I reckon it's four easy 3-0 wins for us...so 12 points without any trouble.
  8. I know, but under most previous managers (including Robbo previously) the club played closed door games against HL/lower league teams most weeks if we didn't have a midweek fixture. The practice only really came to an end when the reserve leagues etc started.
  9. I've been doing the 3-0 win thing from day one of Caley Thistle....whether we were playing Strathspey or Celtic. It'sa bit of fun. No need for anyone to be getting their knickers in a twist over it 😂
  10. When did people start perceiving that playing twice a week was some kind of negative? Back in the early years when the fixture calendar was less congested we'd be playing friendlies against teams in order to get extra game time as it was beneficial...Robbo has also said himself recently that it's not a problem...so it's no excuse. Also, dropping points against teams below us the way we have has been happening all season, even when we've not had as many fixtures, so 🤷‍♂️
  11. Sixt who often operate through local operators in smaller locations. Focus Vehicle Rental used to (not sure if they still do) be the local "partner" for Sixt and provided all the vehicles for their bookings in the area. Not sure if a local operator would be able to adjust a booking even if you could track them down (as their contract is with Sixt and not you), so you may have no option other than go through the central number to get things sorted.
  12. I was going to put "Easy 0-5 Away Win" but was trying not to get people's hopes up.
  13. https://highlandfootballweekly.podbean.com/ https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/highland-football-weekly/id1497468698 https://open.spotify.com/show/14SiWIGaJdVDmExuj97WkH?si=WtIRAEapQ4mNqK_povTfOg Follow on Twitter - https://twitter.com/HighlandWeekly
  14. The accounts don't lie and the club is still spending the same now as we were in the Premiership....that's why we're posting £800k+ annual losses just now! As I've asked before....If it's not being spent on the squad, where is it being spent?
  15. £1000 for 10 people. Includes entry to game, pre match drink, half time pie & pint, full time stovies and meet the players in the "exclusive hospitality suite". Given the difficulty (not testimonial committee fault as I understand it) in getting a date sorted, and the mounting fixture congestion, then probably not much option other than to take a chance on this date.
  16. As it was us raising the "complaint" and it was fast-tracked then I think it may be correct* that the club don't take part in the principal hearing....so it's possible that they won't know who the panel were. However, the idea that the panel all joined a Webex conference and just sat saying nothing to each other is a bit ridiculous. *By correct I mean in relation to the JP Protocols, not correct in terms of common sense.
  17. The appeal I was present for had the 3 panel members sitting around the same table....so unless anything has changed, the club would have been sitting with them and/or they would have been on the screen (via video call).
  18. Do people really believe that there's someone who didn't look at all the evidence? All seems a little too convenient a 'get out' for the SFA to cover up an error in a system which is not fit for purpose! I personally don't think the panel need to be named...even if there really is one of them who's done what they are accused of...but whoever was there from the club will know who they are and given how far they went with the statement, if they felt they needed named I'm sure they would have named them.
  19. Because the panel do not "re-referee" the decision...that was a point that was established during the Josh Meekings case. What they do is make a decision on whether the official has correctly applied the rules. If the official, as they have here, says that even allowing for the contact they consider the player to have gone down easy and it was simulation then (as per the Meekings precedent) it's not for the panel to say if that was right/wrong. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, and I am not saying it is right, but that is the system....and that is what needs changing. G
  20. Take nothing for granted, it could very well be the one person who is rumoured to have sided with us that has been ditched....this is the SFA after all.
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