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  1. Confirm me for both buses please.
  2. I got on to site and then it comes up server not responding. I’m just going to listen on radio Scotland and claim my £13 back as I got that far before it went kaput.
  3. I would have taken you up on the kind offer but I’ve received my copy from Santa and my Godson Robert.
  4. I sincerely hope that all those in ICT who have tested positive will have a speedy recovery with no ongoing ill effects. Their health is more important and I wish them all well. They won’t be having a very Happy Christmas now but I hope they recover enough to have a Happy New 2022 Year. Lizi xx
  5. My screen froze at 81st minute too but assume I missed nothing.
  6. I’ll be there, hoping for a good game - please ICT, to send us home happy on the Travel Club bus, with 3 points and still top of the league.
  7. Garry Wood, Ex ICT player (around 2008), playing for Brechin in Scottish Cup on BBC Scotland just now. Recognised him before commentators said his name!
  8. lizi


    If this is true, then I am disappointed in both Kira and Michael.
  9. My seat has always been in Section G. A lot of the “young ones / singing section were around me for years and they were moved “because they occasionally used bad language which may be heard by those in the then “Family Section”. Accordingly quite a lot of season ticket holders had to change their seats. Now there’s no “Family Section” and children in every part of the Stadium. I’m unhappy that drums etc may be moved even further from the Main Stand and my seat in North Stand (maybe to be as far from the Main Stand as possible to disturb the sweetie rustlers!?) I also don’t agree that
  10. Jenny actually has a bigger rattle than me!! So we can be double trouble at times.
  11. When Jennie and I sit near each other, our rattles make a good noise! All good for our ICT.
  12. Totally agree. Carson can be a match winner with his crosses, Sutherland such a miss in midfield, when he’s not in the team there’s such a difference of loss of good passes. Particularly noticed when he has to go off injured - the team loses shape. Onwards now for ICT with them both in the team plus of course Billy and Roddy.
  13. My post sounds like I had a great time at evening games at Dumfries - it was totally lack of sleep that I had trouble recovering from! Honest!
  14. The very best of luck and very safe travels to you and the team, there and back. Sorry I’m now too old to go to such a faraway evening game, I’ve been before to an evening game there and took days to recover, but I will be on the ICT Travel Club Bus to all the other away games as usual. Please bring back three points please and I’ll be shouting at the tv with my rattle in hand!
  15. Tickets bought. Every club seem to have different systems but eventually concluded the transaction with seconds to spare ! so the system said ! Stressful !
  16. I answered the questions in this survey as soon as I got the email.
  17. And another plastic pitch - not liked by some of our players. However I’ll be there, hoping to make my usual noise (plus rattle).
  18. I can assure you I was using my rattle to the fullest when Gardyne scored! Lizi x
  19. The proverbial game of two half’s ! The noise, atmosphere, singing, chanting, foot stamping in the North Stand today was absolutely great - everyone came away smiling. Today the North Stand sounded like our usual away crowd! Let’s have more of the same as the ICT players react to positive encouragement.
  20. Well deserved. Many fans have said they think he could be a future Team Captain.
  21. Our walk-up fans, without season tickets, were in the South Stand nearest to the Main Stand, and I could see lots of children there. Maybe families still undecided regarding season tickets, or Covid related money problems. The 100 or so Raith fans were in South Stand area nearest the A9.
  22. Wasn’t it a clean sheet v Peterhead a couple of weeks ago?
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