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  1. Maybe the the players realised a play off place for the First Division was a possibility. Some interesting results today. A great result.
  2. We need hunger in players. That has to make up for lack of match fitness.
  3. Rooney was man of the match in the League Cup Semi for St Johnston for whom Jamie will also have a cup final . Polworth sent off after a yellow for a second offence deemed a straight red - he may appeal but then receive a notice of complaint that the first yellow was not stringent enough for a kick and lash! Even more interesting, Yogi wants to sign Jordan White from Motherwell! ...and, George Oakley may sign for Kilmarnock after a spell in Bulgaria.
  4. Bear in mind that the punishments dished out to St Mirren and Kilmarnock were severely reduced yesterday, then a distraction is needed.....plus Dubai.
  5. ....https://www.footballfancast.com/leicester-city-transfer-rumours/leicester-transfer-rumours-ryan-christie-celtic-brendan-rodgers Lots of speculation on Ryan's future which could result in a healthy bonus for ICT.
  6. Yogi is a great guy. He is likely to get things moving in Dingwall after a tanking by Celtic this week. Welcome home, well almost..............you have a longer cycle ride this time around........
  7. Actually feel sorry for Kettlewell and his family. This is not a good time to be out of work. I do accept that something must be wrong in Dingwall at present and sacking a manager is the consequence of a long run of results.
  8. All we want now is for Ryan to be sold to an English Premiership side in January and for the finances of the club to be strengthened. That was a polished performance last night. Kai is great to watch. Roddy must now stay grounded - his goal was top class. Harper is a competent replacement for Carl. The key was playing as a team. Deas and Divine both had very competent performances. Storey may be re-discovering himself. Keatings is pretty confident too. Who would have thought ICT would shine in pink!!!
  9. All the players worked really hard today. However, Kennedy offered something very special especially in the second half. We were very privileged to be the first fans to see a Championship game this season. Masks are brilliant - they stop 'supporters' moaning at our players. It is clap or nothing. Credit to the club for creating the facility for us to be the first guinea pigs. Credit to them for the load speaker announcements being audible and sensible. Credit to everyone who attended and respected the arrangements....and credit to the Raith team for never giving up and making this a great occ
  10. Just in. Donald John Grump, originally from Stornoway, has apparently issued a Tweet saying the ballot for tickets to the Raith game was rigged. He believes the Raith supporters will tomorrow be dancing in the streets of Raith. Apparently the Club did not count all season ticket holders with a mail in address. It seems Tommy our former groundsman has also been hiding details of season ticket holders to prevent Ross County being able to check to see if they have more than ICT. John Robertson's only statement is that he does not play golf on a Grump course.
  11. Quite remarkable how many ex-ICT players were involved in European ties this week. I make it six with three scoring. Ryan Christie scored for Celtic whilst Dean Ebbe played for the New Saints in their win against Zalina from Slovakia. Marley Watkins played for Aberdeen against NSI Runavik along with Jonny Hayes (as an aside, it seems a long time ago that he and Richie Foran nearly came to blows against Dunfermline!). Our ex big man Jordan was on the bench for Motherwell and as noted by Robert, Polly regained his starting place after Turnbull joined Celtic.
  12. From a business point of view ICT as a company wants to survive through the pandemic. However, income streams will be reduced and who knows when supporters will be allowed back into stadia. So the signing of Devine is a good piece of business. He is an experienced player and like all players will have made mistakes. He is a good buddy of Aaron's and will be known to other players such as James Vincent. He knows the club and should settle back into Inverness very quickly. He can play in a couple of positions in the back four and could have played for Northern Ireland if he had not switched alle
  13. All clubs should now make it clear that any further breaches by players will be subject to disciplinary action. One more false move and the game in Scotland that is currently clinging on financially could be irretrievably damaged by greedy idiots.
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