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  1. I notice Robbo being linked to the St Johnstone.vacancy.
  2. Incredibly difficult to plan at the moment with lockdown or big gatherings likely to be in place for some time. Football likely to be on the back burner for some time. Very unsettling for players thinking of geographical moves. We have quite a few players out of contract soon but can they find alternative employers?
  3. The Good News is fantastic. If I had a dream about really Good News on top of this Good News it would be that Scotland's riches club by far, Celtic, donated a matching £1.5m to the SFA for distribution amongst other clubs. They are a great family club but putting a small sum back into the Scottish game would be absolutely honourable.
  4. Robbo needs to tell the players that unless they plan to take Arbroath as seriously as if they are Celtic or Aberdeen or Ross County then there is no point in travelling.
  5. From Stad de Kessock Bridge to Stad de Stamford Bridge......
  6. An interesting life so far.
  7. Under no circumstance should anyone post the prediction of an easy win against QOS on Tuesday.. ..especially with no hope fixtures against Partick (twice) and Arbroath on the horizon....not to mention the three points we will handover to Dundee United...
  8. Toshney made a big difference. The team did play with a lot of energy but two defensive errors almost gifted Morton a win. We certainly were the better side but it's points that count. Carl is beginning to be quite inspirational - it was his deft flick on that enabled Toddy to score two in a row. MacGregor ran his socks off for 73 minutes. Morton were on a charge up the table so a vital win. However, the pack remains waiting to chase us down. Alloa away is never easy.
  9. 12 league games to go, 24 gone. 6 very good teams competing for three play off places. We can get a good slot if we believe in our players - last night was the best team we have played this season. Supporting the team on Tuesday night is just the beginning of moving forward. Morton scored four today....
  10. Raith will almost certainly be a Championship side again next year. Should be a great game and tougher than last year's final. Hopefully dancing in the streets of Inverness rather than Raith. Rooney will enjoy the venue.
  11. Success! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51658213
  12. According to the Pars website, Danny Devine deflected the ball past Fon Williams - once an ICT player, always an ICT player!! With 7 games in March it is absolutely critical that home supporters absolutely support the team during difficult periods. Away supporters are always positive.
  13. Absolutely critical result. Brilliant news. With all the Hibs players probably now going to sleep, our boys will no doubt have a Pizza, and then a long journey home up the A9. They will not get to bed before 2 am Wednesday and then on Friday set off again. Amazing.
  14. No boycott - just get behind the club and team. We need to get winning games or we will drop out of the top four. This has been a major distraction.
  15. Robbo has hinted that Aitken did say as much. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/john-robertson-makes-james-keatings-21550325
  16. It will be interesting to see what line the club takes after legal advice from a key sponsor. James has in effect been called a simulator by the referee and endorsed by the SFA (I await seeing the definition of simulation used by the Tribunal for judgement). So potentially there is a right to a legal remedy given no further right of appeal within the SFA 'rules' which are of course, not statute. Imagine the referee putting his case to a judge 'From where I stood in the gales and pouring rain, James dived into the penalty box without any contact from an opposing player which the SFA define as simulation and for which they require me to issue a yellow card. ' Judge 'Can I see the definition please?' SFA we use the word 8 times in our disciplinary protocol. We do not have a definition because everyone knows what it means. Imagine the counter case - Rangers player cited as a witness 'I attempted to obstruct James but in so doing in effect body checked him.' James then shows the judge the videos. Who in their right mind would accept the argument of the SFA ? Technically James might have a case for damages to his reputation. So far no one has brought such a case to my knowledge, but then none of us had heard of Jean Marc Bosman until his amazing legal breakthrough. I will leave that to the legal advisers.
  17. Raith supporters will almost certainly support us if justice is not delivered by the Cup Final. Also 'SFA are Weak Teacakes' which might not be positive for Tunnocks.
  18. Indicating 'Did not go to Specsavers'
  19. As a referee, he may find that in the next few games, supporters on both sides, mock him. The SFA have hung him out to dry which is understandable given the weather conditions on Sunday.
  20. Seek a Crowd fund for an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. How can a body check on a player be defined as a dive? SFA would say you have no right of appeal even if SFA ignored clear evidence. We need to see what the club say on the matter regarding an appeal to a higher court of appeal. Specsavers could suffer reputational damage if their sponsored referees actually see bodychecks as dives. If fact, Specsaver adverts are very funny and they might like to use the incident for their next advert to prevent reputational damage to themselves.
  21. We do not want the game on Friday the 10th April to end too late if we are playing the next day at Hampden on the 11th against Celtic!!!
  22. The most dignified result here would be for Aitken to apologise after seeing the foul on Keatings which resulted in a second yellow and to say that in the rain and wind there may have been an error on the disallowed goal but in real time he felt the decision was fair. As for the football played by Rangers, that was potentially a very good work out for Dundee United. Regardless of bias towards the club, the Colts played to a very high standard in quite appalling conditions and as Robbo said, were unlucky not to get to the final.
  23. 28th of March - https://spfl.co.uk/league/challenge-cup/fixtures St Johnstone do not have a game that weekend I presume because Scotland play Israel on the 26th March. so mid way between Kirkaldy and Inverness is Perth, well at least in Stadium terms.