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  1. Hoping I'm not too late, Slater + 4 please!
  2. From the Dundee site (and addressed to home fans): "Prices for this match are £20 (adults) and £10 concessions ( Under 16, Over 65 or Students with valid student photo ID)" I've deleted the family area stuff as it's in the home end. Source: http://www.dundeefc.co.uk/tickets-information Wonder if anyone can confirm.
  3. 1-1 ht, calum ferguson for us. Nice finish.
  4. If that is how you meant it, perhaps it would have been better to say " we could have been 11 points worse off" rather than "we would have been 11 points worse off" Hmm. If pedantry is the point, I think RiG originally describes the simple of subtraction of points based on the simple removal of McKay's goals. So his sentence was pretty accurate in itself, and more to the point the gist of what he was getting at was also pretty apparent. But I love pedantry, and think everything everyone posts should be qualified so exhaustively there can be no misundersandings and each thread is o
  5. I don't think it's absolutely ludicrous to suggest the club might not want to qualify for Europe for financial reasons, nor ludicrous to think that would influence its decisions between now and the end of the season. The suggestion could be incorrect, and I certainly hope and imagine it is; and of course it's a pretty negative thought to allow at this stage. I'm sure the club are pushing as hard as they can to bring someone in. Plenty free agents out there. As long as we get someone with the right qualities to allow this very good team to fulfill it's potential, I'm not particularly worri
  6. And now Calum Ferguson moves to Brentford? Or are our under 20's among those on the wind up on Twitter. Ok, I think they are, but we must have something lined up.
  7. Apparently January bids being considered by (According to Sky) Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9560107/transfer-news-english-sides-eye-up-inverness-starlet-ryan-christie So not much of a story yet. Wonder who his agent is?
  8. On first reading I thought that would be a crying shame, but why not? It's hardly like a McCarthy defecting at 15/16 because he hasn't been called up by Scotland yet. Think Shinnie can make squad with us. We just need either friendly or B team game in Sneck/end of season award for performance in SPFL - player of the year should about do it. But given his versatility and the fact he must be a good guy to have around the team (Captain of ICT at what age?!) then why not. Whittaker's nothing great.
  9. The Sun says "Yogi's snub is hell for heroes", calls it "poor form". That's a bit strong. Maybe I'm being too blinkered but I'm just delighted we won and kept a clean sheet. Given the stick he takes for his comments, I chuckled at it. Let Russell take some of the attention. Let the result and positives in the performance stand, without noise about him or as some would put it, his deficiencies. But there can't be much point reading into it.
  10. If things worked, why drastically change them? I'd keep Tremarco, Shinnie, and Williams in the starting XI, and not worry about rushing Foran back, for one. Tremarco would be the logical omission to keep Raven and Shinnie in the team, but I thought he was awesome against Aberdeen. Sounds like Yogi's loving Liam Polwarth, and the exposure to the first team can only be good. Reintegrate the returners gradually.
  11. Isn't t he trying to get any offer which we ultimately couldn't refuse out of the way earlier, so we have time to bring in a replacement - and also so the matter can be taken as resolved before deadline day, reducing any period of uncertainty? If it works. The question of whether we should or shouldn't sell is immaterial. The club is run as a business, and while no-one at the club will want to sell, of course there is a price at which they'll feel they must.
  12. Slater

    John Hughes

    I'll confess that I've not been around enough lately to follow every interview, and have only seen Hughes' games on TV. He was not my first choice and I wasn't exactly delighted when the annoucnement was made. But that doesn't matter. What Hughes says, or is reported to focus on, about our local youth; playing attractive football (reputedly); and making slight changes rather than drastic, all strikes me as pretty spot on. We clearly have a good group, and I don't see why it can't continue to achieve. With tweaks here and there and maybe a reinforced coaching staff why can't we con
  13. Might Mr Bannerman be best placed to say whether we need this thread, or put differently, WTF the BBC is up to?
  14. Same, but other way round for me. Hope the board sticks to its guns and we don't have a vacancy until at least the end of the season though
  15. Anyone know if it'll be on the iplayer afterwards? I'm on fecking nightshift, but it is quiet...
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