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  1. Agree with all that but not the timing it could have waited until Monday
  2. Wondering what he has achieved which justifies his huge wage out of the club ???
  3. Deal could have and should have been done after the weekend and would really have allowed 2 weeks to replace the players bar the Scottish cup game next weekend . We knew these players were going to struggling rivals so not the day the deal needed doing . It should have waited until after the weekend Honestly how bad is this club been run these days ? Bloody joke bit of common sense surely .
  4. Great decision releasing a quality player like this when so much junk in the squad needing cleared up well before him . But it’s the way the club is being run these days . Very badly run club . CEO is a joke
  5. Get rid of Gardiner and take in probably 3 half decent players with his unearned wages. Or 2 and a part time clown to fill that place upstairs .
  6. Thing is he’s now running out of clubs to go to . Gets found out wherever he goes . Time running out at ICT though. Good Riddance hopefully v soon .
  7. This guy really has no people skills . All he does is cause controversy after controversy . Would not be missed one little bit .
  8. Club will be here long after he goes . Tell me what has he achieved since arriving at the club and to what benefits to the club has his wage been worth paying .? Be surprised to hear anything positive tbh . Won’t hold my breath for positive answers.
  9. Liam Dalgarno is the type of guy you would want on the board Gardiner is the exact opposite and is so bad and unpopular it’s only a matter of time .
  10. At this rate it will be automatic relegation! Wtf is playing without a striker all about ? Being a striker himself that should be 1 area he knows about . Substitutions and timing of them 2 can also be bewildering at times . As fir being sent off yet again . Things are bad enough without you being in the stands again . Personally want DF to do well so come on sort it out Big Dunc !
  11. I think majority of fans would be elated if the club got rid of our ceo . Total waste of money and as unpopular as they come .
  12. Now get that poisonous Gardiner well away from our club and make this club a great club once again.
  13. Great 3 points .Hopefully a run of points and pick up of pace . Get Gardiner and Robbo out and use their wages on players in January window .
  14. Most fans now at least can see how bad and destructive they are to the club and board members alike . Individually I bet a lot of think the same, so hopefully for the good of our club changes happen soon and stop this charade that has been brought to the club .
  15. Be such a bad move . And not a forward move . Fans need a massive lift to drive them back be that Gardiner and Robbo on a one way ticket out of the club or an ambitious signing of a manager or both in an ideal world
  16. Well that’s no use as most fans don’t want Gardiner or Robbie as part of the set up anymore
  17. Gardiner will no doubt come out of the hiding when the new manager is in place and he thinks it’s settled down . His dog will either appearwith the new manager on a post thinking that’s all we need or some other pish stunt that thinks it buys some fans . Doesn’t buy it for me . Guy is a waste of our finances and needs to go , along with JR . Totally un needed at this size of club that we are nowadays . Spend the money generated and bring in a decent manager and coaching staff and bin this rubbish .
  18. Not popular by all by a long shot . Cracks showing
  19. Mine has to be 1/ Scot Gardiner I believe in all honesty he has NOT delivered anything that he said he was out to achieve for ICT and has just made our football club 10x worse through a lot of bad decisions . Bad egg on the board for me and a must to go . 2/ John Robertson I think he has had his day and couldn’t cope with it last time . Would truly be a mega cheap option but such a backward step and will not get fans returning . Average coach so how does he suddenly think he is a messiah now. Been more interested in his book , media roles and really anywhere but near his employers on match day . ICT is a football club that plays most games on a Saturday so why wouldn’t his job entail a Saturday at the game ?
  20. Certainly not a very popular choice by majority on here even if it’s on a temporary basis . For me it’s a big No. couldn’t hack it when things were going wrong and buried his head in his book
  21. There would be an uproar if that was to happen . His coaching wasn’t great neither it was Donald Park his number 2 who was the fantastic coach in that partnership
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