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  1. We won the first six league games last season did we not and look what happened . Bar the cup final that was due to a technicality we had a bloody awful season .
  2. Well would you trust Scott Gardiner behind u ? or maybe we just don’t trust him at all
  3. Be nice if someone caught it on video
  4. Only one Amateur and it’s Dodds .Way out of his depth .
  5. The opportunity was there . The contract was finished . Something quite not right at our club the last couple of years and it stinks .
  6. Well not even end of July and normal service has resumed
  7. If u look back similar quotes were made in previous seasons . Dodds is one awful coach . How many would come out and say Hell yeah what a great last 2 seasons that was and reward it .Bloody awful the last 2 seasons wake up !!
  8. *2 seasons feels like 4
  9. People are calling for the managers head after the dismal last 4 seasons ! Getting into the Scottish cup final by default is not something you reward after 4 awful seasons ? Maybe an awful lot of fans are missing something??
  10. CEO has that answer I guess
  11. Should NEVER have got that far
  12. We need a new manager with fresh ideas.
  13. Absolutely nil when it comes to communication . What exactly does one do for their wage at the club ?
  14. caley1

    v Dumbarton

    Their in League 2 ffs 22 months and counting unless there really is a God
  15. 1 Idiot running the club these days we are neither Rangers or United stop mucking about with our club .
  16. Well said ! And yet we reward that with a 2 year extension . Some will buy into that . Some won’t
  17. Just hope the club have his ‘’email ‘’address
  18. Funny how club are so quick to respond when they want to . One certainly likes to be heard when he wants to .
  19. I bet Coco the clown never got his 2 year head coach extension by email ! Well done Shane for going public . Show these Dundee mob for what they’re worth .
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