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  1. That’ll be radio silence on that then !
  2. But he will be signing his book at half time if anyone is interested
  3. I think the club are missing the point here regards JR the majority of fans also don’t want him at the club as he really wasn’t there even giving his support to a club paying his wages ,whether he liked Dodds or not he was happy picking up his wages and disappearing to anywhere but where the team were no match day . Could be an interesting weekend
  4. He’ll probably head for Dingwall and go Fuk where am I going . **** wrong club
  5. Now for the third sacking ! Scot Gardiner !
  6. People finally waking up to these frauds
  7. Scot Gardiner is so bad for our club it’s unreal . This guy has a streak in him that likes to cause controversy and trouble . I wonder what sort of wage he is robbing the club for . Certainly never heard a good word said about him . Bad bad news of a guy and like u say if he wasn’t our ceo we more than likely would not be in this mess we find ourself in . This guy needs shown the door and take his controversy with him .
  8. Totally agree or we are cementing over the cracks only .
  9. John Robertson assisting charlie ? He needs to go too along with Gardiner club is in a bad position because of those 2 .
  10. It’s got that bad his interview is not even been listened to now by fans it’s excuses after excuses just utter dribble after dribble .
  11. Thats so easily solved so that does not need to be used as an excuse . Get rid of our useless non speaking scot Gardiner and also the elusive John Robertson . That money would more then likely pay of Dodds contract and also go towards a coach that actually knows how to coach . .
  12. Loyal fan ? No backbone . Absolute pathetic excuse for a chairman . Why are you even doing the job if you cannot do what’s right for the club . Where does your loyalty lie ? Club or jobs for boys ?
  13. They all need to go . Scot Gardiner has done nothing for the club but give it bad exposure and actually cost the club money with his failed concert fiasco etc and there’s probably more we are not hearing of so has failed our club miserably and financially . Dodds should definitely go now and this muppet should follow him out the door .
  14. I know where he wouldn’t be !! Not a legend in Inverness by any means just a money grabber sucking the club dry
  15. Yet again another week goes by and still Ross Morrison and co carry on with this charade .Communication as always a big Zero . I So expected far more from him tbh it’s a disgrace and not ideal way to run the club . we now have the Worst manager by far and could be followed by the worst Chairman at this rate .
  16. Is John Robertsons contract about to finish ?
  17. He can fek off to county or anyone else that has money to burn . We certainly don’t have money to waste on him or ceo .
  18. Scot Gardiner is the root of our problems
  19. Ross morrison needs to start now and sort out this continuous mess that the club is in or ship out Blame does lie on him being chairman . He has the final say in running the club with the decisions made by CEO Scott Gardiner and sporting director John Robertson in the running of this club . 8 games now and no win . ‘Unbelievable statistics’ Why are you just carrying on like nothing is happening ? . You’re fuking up the club between you. Loyal supporter ? My arse no loyal supporter behaves like this .
  20. I sincerely hope not. Just look back at United last year I personally thought they were good enough to easily stay up .
  21. Tinted glasses on some folks . Grab a point out of 4 games and the happy clappers think he can do no wrong . 3rd year of the same old **** football or hoofball as it’s better known . Be no real fans left at this rate as long as its lined the pockets of the above mentioned money grabbers .
  22. It’s amazing how Some people just see things so differently. (Pint of whatever they’re drinking please ) . Going absolutely nowhere if left like it is .
  23. Funny how it’s always football never the rugby . The same fans can turn up at the rugby and even have a beer but as it’s football it’s a oh no .yet we Scot’s are supposed to be the best fans in the world . Whatever next
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