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  1. eileanacheoICT

    Dens Park - to go or not to go?

    For those not able to make it to Dundee, does anyone know which game sportsound will be offering live commentary from? I assume it will be The Rangers Aberdeen game...
  2. eileanacheoICT

    Partick v ICTFC

    I'll be there, along with a couple of Welsh first time attendees. Can't wait to get the season underway. Where is everyone heading for pre-match pints?
  3. eileanacheoICT

    Pay What You Can

    TopSix, there are fans that travel from Skye and even Lewis and the Western isles but unfortunately these have long been Rangers strongholds and to a lesser degree Celtic and Aberdeen - similar in Wester-Ross though with some more C*unty fans. Sadly this has been the case for generations and is a tough situation to break down! If we continue as we are with a cup win/run here and there and continue to finish top 6, it'll hopefully help turn some of these fans away from the old firm etc but it'll take time to break down the generational traditions in places like Lewis/Skye.
  4. eileanacheoICT

    Pub for SC Final

    The beechwood wasn't worth a sh1te
  5. eileanacheoICT

    Pub for SC Final

    The teuchtar triangle ie, Snaffle bit, Park bar & Islay inn.
  6. eileanacheoICT

    Dundee Away Roll Call

    Decent pre-match pubs in Dundee?
  7. eileanacheoICT


    Anyone got the ticket prices for the Dundee game this saturday?
  8. eileanacheoICT

    Richie Foran

    Any update on Richie's recovery? Would be good to see him back in the squad, especially with a tough run of games during the festive period.
  9. eileanacheoICT

    Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

    Who did Hughes lose the plot with at the end?
  10. eileanacheoICT

    Inverness CT -V- Aberdeen

    Poor game but decent defensive performance barring some slack passing. Warren has been playing like a man posessed!
  11. eileanacheoICT

    saturday night pub glasgow

    The Snaffle is always a good shout and often frequented by ICT fans when our games are broadcast on the TV. Apart from that, it probably has the best pint of Tennants in Glasgow! The Park bar is fine but it gets too mobbed at weekends and the park brand of Accordion and Fiddle club music gets hellish old after a while!
  12. eileanacheoICT

    Aberdeen V Inverness C.T.

    What a finish! Get in!
  13. eileanacheoICT

    Greg Tansey

    All I Remember Tansey for is his goal from out with the box against the Pars. It was on sky sports, it was fairly important but can't quite remember why.
  14. eileanacheoICT


    How's the weather been through in shneck? The rain and wind hasn't stopped here on Skye for a good 20 odd hours! Still likely to go ahead?
  15. eileanacheoICT

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd