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  1. Wyness13

    Stuart and Roy sign up

    Great news, I'm chuffed about this; for Roy especially! I think he's an incredibly valuable squad player!
  2. Wyness13

    Party Or Parade or Something?

    No, but we've booked the "Sightseeing in Inverness" open-top bus for our SPL winner's parade next season.
  3. Wyness13

    David Proctor Wins Player of the Year

    Well done and well deserved Bambi! :(
  4. Wyness13

    did butcher make a mistake?

    Agree with this 100%. Do not regret Dougie leaving us at ALL.
  5. Wyness13

    Engerland or Ross C**nty

    I'm with you Renegade. I don't see supporting a club/national team including the assumption that you must hate your nearest rivals by geographical determination. Having said that however; I'd rather England over County - purely because I don't want any of my Black Isle pals to have any bragging rights!
  6. Wyness13

    ICT Single

    Here, here! Let's all get along!
  7. Wyness13

    New Captain?

    Pretty glad of this news if it's true. I do remember a forum thread last season highlighting the fact that many fans thought Granty's captaincy was distracting him from his duty as CB in the SPL. Hopefully all parties concerned are happy with the decision and Grant, Richie and the team will profit from the decision (should the rumour be true, that is!).
  8. Wyness13

    Graham Alexander

    I hear we are getting Modric, Lennon and Bale in a straight player swap for Gavin Morrison.
  9. Wyness13

    Can ICT win the SPL?

    I don't think anyone outside the OF will win it (obviously; who ever does?), but I would have to say that any team in the SPL who put together a great run quite easily could. Any team in that league is capable of beating any other on their day - the keys to the title are stability, bottle, experience and an enormous squad! BELIEVE
  10. Wyness13

    1st game of new season - who do you want?

    Huns at Ibrox please. Easy!
  11. Wyness13

    ICT Single

    Cheers Rev. Aye as I've said I wouldn't dream of using this image without the consent of all parties concerned outwith this forum where it seems that the distribution of images concerning the club is pretty relaxed. I'll take into account all suggestions for a next alteration of the design! How many times are images posted on these forums without consent? Just look at the light hearted Ross C*unty threads. Wyness13 has clearly stated that if he were to use the image any further then he would ask permission. I really do not see the problem here, if there was a problem I am sure the admin would have offending images removed or would not post copyrighted images themselves.
  12. Wyness13

    ICT Single

    The base image is mine CaleyD, taken privately at the end of the Dundee game. The top-layer is a crop of Cox's legs from a photo taken from the caleyjags.com site which was sent to me in high-resolution after I requested it; if this image were to actually be used for a final piece of artwork I would ask permission from the site for it to be included in a final distributed design. The crest I found in an image-search from google but surely all rights to the crest are owned by the club and this would pose no problem if the image was used?
  13. Wyness13

    SPL Planning

    You could be right about Hayes but I've always wondered whether his physical presence (or lack of) will play a part in his capability in the SPL. If used the right way he could completely take defences by storm, if not I fear he could become very frustrating as there is no question of the talent and ability there! Some of his SFL "signature moves" may be brushed off by bigger, stronger and more capable SPL defenders - here's hoping that he takes the step-up in his stride though and continues his reputation as one of the best players ever to play in an ICT shirt! Odhiambo is far from the finished article, so i'd expect his appearances to be from the bench. It depends on Rooney's character, if he can go 75 mins or so without a sniff at goal, and then take one chance and score, it's ok, but some strikers need to warm up with a few chances early on, that wont happen too often, so ability is there but is the mental strength. One player who i think will set the heather alight is Hayes. He will be rightly targeted as the dangerman, but he can handle that, i think ICT may see a lot of money being offered for him, a record amount for the club.
  14. Wyness13

    6 players let go

    Absolutely gutted for Duff. No other problems beside this. He looked really promising and like a player who would eventually develop into a good, solid first team fixture.
  15. Wyness13

    SPL potential

    These would be my changes exactly, apart from McBain who I would also give 3.