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  1. Trialist in today's development squad.. any ideas?
  2. I'm glad Kenny has been open and willing to discuss, atleast showing he still has a bond with us, even if it wasn't the answer some folk were looking for. It's a step in the right direction to helping a few fans, probably myself included, get over it if it's to stay.
  3. For claiming to be a family and fan orientated club, they've missed a huge step in engaging with the fans prior. I can't note anything, even down to the club briefly saying "oh, by the way, we're making a small change and that's that".. was just left for people to notice and feels it was an attempt at going under the radar in a way. It just seems too much like one or two heads have grasped onto an idea they've liked or conjured, pushed it by themselves and that's the final say. No point in bashing the slogan use anymore, it's been done enough.. It's the manner in which it has been
  4. Nobody is saying the club name has changed, I think. It's merely the application of the adopted motto. Where might we have seen the latest version in the last 6 months?
  5. I get the feeling, however much support it may have behind it, that it would fall on some particularly deaf ears.. =/
  6. I love the cleaner version of the badge, especially for media and design use. Can't seem to shift the feeling of tackyness that the club badge includes that motto though. The motto itself, aye I'm ok with it but using it on the clubs official identity, I just can't seem to like. Almost childish. All for it on fan gear and merchandise though for folks to pick up of their choosing.
  7. That's a stunner. Model doesn't seem to lot it well but the top. Crying out for years for this very thing.
  8. You're in luck then, they're no longer sponsoring us.
  9. Saw various tweets about it too. Don't think it's much of a rumour.. can't see it not being true.
  10. Stoneyfield, the retail park isn't in the town centre. Just saying.
  11. If the year extension option is true, then surely it's paramount the club try and act on it.. if they're any sort of interested in themselves as a club. Surely.
  12. Maybe the club could be chasing up what the reasons are. If they already have, maybe they could update us fans on the situation. Even if JD don't know then maybe someone at the club could say such things.. let us know they are trying, yeah? Or, you know... just none of the above.
  13. No friend of his at all. Plenty of us had something to say, including me. I just assumed somebody couldn't be quite that retarded.
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