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  1. filtongas

    Ex player

    For anyone interested, Gary Warren`s Yeovil 5 miserable Derek Adams Plymouth 1 ....
  2. filtongas

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    No, this board need reminding that they are shambles,.
  3. filtongas

    Who wants Gary Warren to stay?

    Your management have picked up a bargain in Warren, we should never have told him he was not wanted, you have got a winner, leader and gentlemen, he will encourage your younger players and run through a brick wall such is his commitment, i can only see yeovil going forward, unfortunately we are going backwards rapidly, good luck next season.
  4. filtongas

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Welcome back Gary.
  5. filtongas

    ICT in Europe

    Congratulations on reaching europe from a Bristol Rovers supporter.
  6. filtongas

    Shifty Ciftci

    as mr meldrew would say UNBELIEVABLE !,the sfa must have mistaken ciftci for a turkish delight
  7. filtongas

    Shifty Ciftci

    Obviously conclusive tv evidence does not apply to thugs like ciftci and his dodgy club, what are the sfa afraid of
  8. filtongas

    ciftci again and again and again

    will he be let off after scott brown deliberately put his face into the thugs boot ?
  9. filtongas

    Partick Th -V- Inverness CT

    Good report i h e but where do get warrens fantasy bookings from ?
  10. filtongas

    Graeme Shinnie

    I don`t understand how one booking in 25 games for a centre half [ warren ] can be descibed as indisipline.
  11. filtongas

    Wishing You Luck

    Good luck to you today, underdogs to prevail... Bristol Gas.
  12. filtongas

    Sportscene. No surprises

    At least Thompson said we have the best center back partnership in the league, so he does know a bit about football.
  13. filtongas

    The new manager thread

    Ian Holloway full of passion, honest, honurable available...
  14. filtongas

    Butcher offski?

    Terry, if you want to leave us please say so and go, you do yourself and OUR club no good whatsoever with this hanging on.if maurice is going with you he should NOT be in the dugout today, thank you for what you nearly finished but if you don`t want to see it through goodbye..
  15. filtongas

    Inverness CT -V- Hearts

    Also at the gas yesterday, caley and the gas 2 cracking results...