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  1. Great Podcast guys, I thought it was just the right length and entertaining, cant wait for the next one!
  2. Would have been nice if they smiled! Kit looks alright, im a fan of the Away kit so I think ill get that and the third kit.
  3. looks Wullie was a Jaggie pre '94! (I heard he supports the Dons but I'm not having that!)
  4. I've seen that attendance is up +6.4% with an average of 2548 at Caley Stadium. Still leaves a lot of empty seats when the capacity is 7500+ but atleast its up!
  5. Has James Vincent been linked with anyone since leaving Dunfermline? How about him?
  6. Nathan's from down that way so I think its more of a personal move rather than a financial one. I wish him the best of luck but for one reason or another I don't think it worked out here, I personally thought he would go on to try and get a freekick or penalty as he would go down almost straight away.
  7. Cheers Kingsmills, Just out of interest can Alcohol companies still sponsor football teams? If not, then how about Citylink since the sponsored the team on their first season in 94? Of course it will be the company that makes the best offer to the club but it doesn't hurt for the club to put feelers out and see if a deal can be reached.
  8. I looked into this just out of curiosity thinking it would be really smart for a Caledonian style Home shirt sponsored by Parks (Im sure they bought over Macrae and Dick?) And a black and red away shirt sponsored by Tomatin. Home shirt similar to the 2016-17 season. Away top black and red like the 2013-2014 top (modelled by the hero that is Richie Foran! 😉) If Caley do it that way I'll be making the drive up to get one on the day!
  9. Yeah I know, I"m meaning more like Falkirk, Perth and Aberdeen where they have one "big" team and not like Dundee where theres Dundee United and Dundee FC.
  10. Thought we were talking about Crowds? I'm drawing similarities with us and Saints as they are a one team city like us. We've both had success in recent years and both have stadiums far from the city centre with not a lot around it. Saints make a bit of cash from funerals and meetings, like you say, but they too suffer from low turnouts.
  11. My brother and I were at Hospitality against Queen of the South and it was cracking for £40, he then went to hospitality at Saints V Celtic and it was a cold chicken drumstick and some crisps for £100+ They may have more room for activities but they suffer from an uninterested city unless its a big big game, like us.
  12. Personally I see us just ticking along like St Johnstone, the only real difference is what we have managed to achieve in such a short time. Saints pull in about the same in attendence maybe a couple hundred more DESPITE being pretty much slap bang in the centre of Scotland, and being an older club they too struggle to pull in the crowds and hadnt seen an improvement at home games despite winning the Scottish Cup. Just like us.
  13. You just need to look at how the two clubs have invested in themselves since either of our promotions and you can tell who are the "Big team" now. Besides they have a millionaire chucking cash at them and we have been mis managed for goodness knows how long which I hope will change soon We still have the edge on wins in the Derbies though, so, you know... silver linings and all that.
  14. This will be a tough one, approaching the last hundred yards and injuries are thinning our ranks, Tough few weeks! Mon the Caley!!
  15. Really hard to watch that guff. We were awful and can't totally blame the result on Nick Walsh's borderline ridiculous decisions which ruined what could have been end to end entertaining football. Second worst penalty after Vigurs from White and no idea why Walsh and Tremarco were taken off, I think even Carl questioned it. County certainly had 12 on the pitch tonight and we were lucky it ended 2-1. Naff.