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  1. Change is needed and until such times I'm afraid things will continue on a downward spiral
  2. Dont know much about this player but he once was held in high regard. Islam Feruz was released by Chelsea back in January. An ex Celtic youth who turned down a Celtic contract to sign up with Chelsea. He has represented Scotland at various youth levels from under 16 up to under 21. Might be worth a look to see if we can ignite the promise he once had. He is still only 23
  3. Does anyone know what Owain Fon Williams is doing now ?. As far as i can see his loan contract ran out at the end of November. He is still contracted to ICT until May 31st next year.
  4. Grim, Woeful, Disjointed and the list could go on and on. The fast decline of this club is so worrying. For a long time now with yesterday confirming what i have said for months. No pace just nothing, No out ball, No width, No urgency, No one willing to take a man on. No movement. I have never seen things so bad at this club. I am now going to leave myself open for criticism but i genuinely can see Peterhead knocking us out of the cup on Saturday.
  5. One thing that has stood out for me both this season and last season is we are so slow all over the park. No one seems to be confident to take a man on with a back pass most of the time preferred. There is so little movement or runs of players to open options up for whoever has the ball. Going back to my opening the pace we play our football is far to slow. When we go a goal behind you expect a reaction and the tempo and attacking to move through the gears but just nothing happens. That is the stand out thing i have noticed for months now.
  6. Very worrying times lies ahead i fear. Forget promotion its just not going to happen. If we can finish away from relegation at this moment i would grab it with both hands. The saddest thing for me is only going back 2 or 3 seasons we had a great team with some great players. Now we have the poorest team Caley Thistle has had for i don,t know how many seasons. A rebuild of the squad has just been done at the club and without a doubt another one is required asap, Well at the end of the season. I think now is the time to start looking for the right players to get this club moving in the right di
  7. Looking at the comments over the last couple of days it seems Richie is still getting paid by the club. Sadly Richie as manager never worked out and i for one was glad when he was removed from his position. His removal however was left far too late and in my opinion this should have happened after the heavy defeat away to Hamilton. There is talk that Richie will get paid for the length of his contract which i think would still have 3 years or so remaining. This is purely rumour and not fact. If this is the case then surely the club would be better having Richie working in some capacity withi
  8. Could you send me link please
  9. I phoned the club to reserve my seat for Saturdays game. I was told i would have to use voucher in season ticket book. I said that is fine and was then told that i would have to give them voucher before i can get ticket. I again said ok i just want to reserve seat. Was then told no you cant reserve your seat without presenting the voucher so i explained i did not live near Inverness and i could not give them voucher. As i am not in Inverness before Saturday now i cant reserve my seat and have been told it might sell before i can get in and i might have to sit in another part of the stadium.
  10. For the cup game vs Brechin, Does anyone know if you still have to get a ticket for the game if your a season ticket holder ?
  11. Wonder how they will get on playing for 2 teams UK TRANSFER TALK‏ @DrpFootball Follow More Partick Thistle F.C. have announced a double signing today with the capture of keeper Mark Ridgers and striker George Oakley. 3:34 am - 3 Jul 2017
  12. Just had a look at Falkirks website and their season ticket prices etc. One thing that stands out for me if i am seeing it correctly is under 12s are free in all parts of the stadium. Only restriction is max of 4 kids per paying adult. A great way to bring youngsters into the game
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