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  1. Your sources are correct. Gonzo.
  2. Here's another one for you: Quality pic Alt. You don't have another 1 min later by the time I climbed up? What a trip! Classic. http://caleythistleonline.com/gallery/category/487-europa-league-astra-giurgiu/ For all the pictures..
  3. bit harsh on those trying to create something as a poster said not everyone could afford or was able to go abroad Maybe so. If I had not added "you rocket" at the end nobody would have looked twice. I suppose it's uncalled for. Best of luck with the venture. I think the ten hour car drive home from London and the fact I have seen a ton of these threads in the last 10 years left me cheekily optimistic. I personally couldn't afford to go either but I begged, borrowed and stole so I would not miss the game. To the OP. Best of luck with what your trying to do and sorry you couldn't make the
  4. Any more fence pictures bud. Could you pm me them. Think we need a thread for all the videos and pictures and videos...
  5. Should have went to the game last night. We had drums, flags and bags of bantz. You rocket
  6. Add me to the travel forum. Paid and will be there part of Chibbers group
  7. Highly doubt it will be released before the Astra game. I'd say not long after the away game going on previous releases
  8. Don't really understand the tears about the club not releasing anything about a charter. Get online and book it if your worried. Simple. Great work on the bus.
  9. I've just been summoned for jury service starting 20 July!!! One of our pals wrote to them. Exact same scenario and they pardoned him. Get writing
  10. From what I have read and heard the player say. Marley will be gone next week. Devastating.
  11. I thought that but according to UEFA Regulations Article 9.05 the team that is drawn first plays the home leg first. Seems we therefore have a 50/50 chance of home leg first (unless Sepp Blatter manages to get involved) That says 2012/2015. No change in rules? This is fifa.
  12. I would like to take the time to say how impressed how fast the ICT shop/office delivered my top. I ordered late yesterday afternoon and it was in Glasgow today. Good work. I expected it to arrive tomorrow at the earliest. Now on to the shirt itself. At first view from the pictures I was a hater. I planned to give the money to the club and add it to the 'others' Now I have it in my hands I think its a touch of class. Its' different in a good way.
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