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  1. How about an end of season HM4 party at the Lizzy Beaten.....
  2. Erm...Ma Sky Blues?? You from Coventry Nil? You don't have to answer that question...
  3. Probably....it hasn't fallen down yet either....
  4. Oh...no..not Moy...getting one of my 'eads now!!! :roll:
  5. Just heading south Laura....gawd knows where we'll actually end up. We plan routes every year and always end up getting lost in the hills! :roll:
  6. Hopefully Howard it should only be for this season. The SPL is finishing earlier to enable players to be released for world cup duty, well, that's as I understand it anyway.
  7. Gringo


    That's just how clever I am....
  8. Once the finer details of the route have been compiled I will post it on the board. It looks like were taking the 'boring' terra ferma route along the A9 (both new and old A9) and various 'cycle' routes etc. Team Gringo will do Inverness to Dunfermline staring at 8 a.m. on Sunday 30 from the TCS. Yompa is doing the same journey but will start after the match on Wednesday 3 May keeping the HM tradition alive.
  9. It's only 24 miles to Carrbridge and we don't do blisters.... :)
  10. We'll get you some ear plugs... Just don't follow Jnr...(or be down wind of him anyway!) :)
  11. Looks conclusive to me RiG. Typical import.
  12. You could always get an insight to HM'ing on Sunday 30th by walking with us to Carrbridge. Only 24 miles. Easy peasy. We start at 8 a.m.!
  13. You'll be ok so long as you can fart. Gringo Jnr will take some beating though...
  14. :roll: :roll: Better belive it....
  15. Lots and lots and lots of frogs have now been sentenced to death....
  16. WAHOOO....(now where did I throw my boots?) Party time is on the way....
  17. Gringo


    10/10..... :shock:
  18. As it stands at the moment....we have no driver...we have no digs....we have no mapped out routes. Only two and half weeks to go... :(
  19. The SPL will never take the needs of the supporters into consideration. Their beloved OF are more important than any fan will ever be. :evil:
  20. The Bhoys from Glasgow were in my city today...they came down for Richard Shaw's testimonial at the new Richo arena. Not sure who was playing for the Tims but Championship side Coventry Nil beat them by 3 goals to 1.
  21. Your with friends here KCJ.
  22. Sounds as if you're well on the road to recovery now Jock
  23. I can confirm that Team Gringo will depart the TCS early on Sunday 30 Apr and head down to East End Park, Dunfermline for the final game of the season. More details of the day to day route will be annouced as soon as we put it all together. But first we have to find a driver - see other thread. We will, hopefully, finish the walk earlier on Wednesday in order to head back up the road on the bus for the Falkirk game as see Yompa off.
  24. Here here....18 team SPL would = 34 games in a season. NO need for a split and the OF would still get their precious 4 derbies a season. Bless um.
  25. Basically, its all a big cheat and unfair. But who in the SPL cares about us 'small' teams?
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