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  1. What will we do if we have 11 on the Field
  2. Have not been on for a while . Merry Christmas . Good result today.
  3. How much money is the reward for finishing in 7th place this year? Might be able to pay for a good player if enough.
  4. Neil Lennon still has it - That kick was the best of the match. Could a comeback be in the works ? LOL
  5. These guys always play great vs the old firm .
  6. That would leave any neutral fan speechless. I was looking forword to a great game that would be decided by the players . What did I get? A Ref that brought the game of Football to a new low. Its getting harde to be interested in this garbage.
  7. Listening to open all mics Sounds like the best game for along while
  8. Scarlett's Post is right on . what in the world are these people thinking? You have to Advertise the product if you want anyone to pay attention to it.
  9. Man Alive , this most likely means a lot of boring games as all teams will be playing not to lose. So much for entertaining the fans.
  10. Ah , I got it now - again on Gaelic Radio.
  11. I guess "our Friends" in BBC Don't think Canada is in this World - Once Again .
  12. Thank the lord for Gaelic Radio. Whats the problem with broadcasting games overseas? All we get is English games - great propaganda for the so called best league.
  13. Way to go I H E And the best team won to.
  14. Maybe I shouldn't say , but due to Wanderers Link , got to hear the game in Canada. Sounded like the broadcasters were Hearts Fans LOL. Thanks Wanderer.
  15. This is what needs to be fixed in european football. Small teams can never get anywhere when the same big teams keep grabbing any of their players that start looking good. I myself am bored to death with Rangers ,Celtic, Man U Real Madrid.
  16. I see that ref Macdonald has retired . What % of games that he was involved in did ICT got any points? Seems he always buggered it up or do I just remember the bad games?
  17. I noticed that Celtic had a poppy on their shirts today.
  18. Good start to the 2nd round of games
  19. Thats one Point no other team in the SPL has this year
  20. 2001 Hastings and Xuasa were playing - Canadian Connection.
  21. Most likely 2001 or 2002 , Didn't have a computer untill 2001 LOL.
  22. Yeah , thats a really nice look.
  23. Never saw so much diving in a game , and i used to think Klinsman and Ronaldo were up there with the best from the Olympics. The Spanish now take the championship . Relly hard to watch that crap.
  24. Scotland must somehow get the refs on there side like a few teams in the cup. That was shamefull yesterday.