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  1. Maybe he is interested as most people would obviously want to look at an offer to decide whether or not its worthwhile to pursue. Dont like the club refusing to allow another club to speak to the manager as it can create bad feeling. Rangers were allowed to speak with McInnes but he said No. Robbo could do the same
  2. Poster of the year should go to Alan Simpson Funny guy He got me biting far too many times but he got me Well done 🤣🤣👍👏👏👏
  3. Alan you have lost it mate but it’s funny 😂
  4. Disagree we choked the semi final at the National stadium as we never played well at all as a team That did not happen in the playoffs at all imo
  5. Still never answered my direct questions tho Choking in the play off semis is that really what you think two debatable decisions changed the outcome of both games imo I don’t wish you to go away but wish you well in the future but cannot agree with your view of the season. Have a lovely summer
  6. On the flip side home fans dont offer same support as away fans.
  7. WOW maybe travel away and see what we have done on the road.
  8. Yes some of our fanqs need to get real they think this has been an ok season Jeez what will it be like when reality sinks in like Falkirk fans Some people really need a reality check
  9. So do you think we should have been higher in the league than County United and Falkirk? Do you think we should have done better than last four in Scottish Cup? I await your answers
  10. What do folks on here expect of ICT We have come third in the league with probably the sixth top budget in the league We have reached the semi finals of the Scottish Cup We reached the semi finals of the playoffs and decisions from the officials have cost us. I think we have massively overachieved and the management and players deserve a lot of thanks for this. Also the away fans deserve a lot of credit. The neagative posters on here need to have a reality check and if they are not happy with what we have achieved this season, have a look at where Falkirk who are a bigger club and have a far bigger fan base than ourselves are this evening . We certainly have a lot of moaners in our support. Have a good summer folks hopefully the sun will lighten some perspectives on here🙏
  11. We didn’t score but actually we lost four goals which cost us in reality . Dont concede don’t lose Score and could win So in the second game the ref definitely cost us by a terrible penalty decision. just how I look at football
  12. Well done on all the reports and previews I for one appreciate the effort and enjoy reading them
  13. We have had our differences over the season mate but that summing up is spot on . Im sure big Jordan would admit he should have scored and Doran too but those lads have played their hearts out all season and especially in the playoffs. Whatever anyone thinks of misses should have a look at Nicky Clarks and then you will inderstand what a sitter is. I agree "Monumental effort and then the ref did his thing"
  14. I agree with you He says his daughter likes the big guy and Jordan is her favourite player Alan just likes to have an alternative opinion 🤣
  15. Thanks mate Now you are being all inclusive First word of your post refers to me and second refers to your good self enjoy the game tonight 👍
  16. The irony of your post is lost on your self 😂
  17. I don’t think I’m the only one mate ,so please don’t despair on my behalf I’m ok thanks 👍
  18. Your view of a footballer certainly differs from mine Polworth and White are very good footballers and the fact that teams like Motherwell are signing Polly is evidence to this. White has been top scorer with us and also been top scorer with other clubs he has been with, he also can link up play on the deck as well as be good in the air. i certainly would much rather Polworth was in the team than out of it. Can’t understand the criticism that Liam takes at times when he has been very good for the club.
  19. Nick Walsh is a clown of a ref. He has previous with Caley and tonight he was just so hasty to give a red card. Think its worth appealing but Robbo is not of same opinion. We are good away from home so still in with a good chance. Thought all the players played their part tonight in a very good performance considering we played two games while Utd were resting.