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  1. Cannot agree with you as he is very good at linking up play We must watch different games 😂
  2. Think Robbo got it totally wrong today player wise and formation and could have cost us the game. Keatings was injured he should have pushed Vincent up into his role and brought in Welsh from the start to partner Carson as the two sitting midfielders. This would have kept the formation together that was successful against Morton by winning 5 nil. However he opted to start with Storey and White up top in a four four two which just didnt work.Thankfully he changed it mid way through first half and put Storey wide of a front midfield three. This allowed us to start passing the ball much better. Second half he started the game reverting back to a 442 and White was collecting the ball spraying passes wide and getting involved in the game so well only to be substituted bizarrely imo for Todorov who did absolutley nothing. We got lucky with the pen and gained 3 points from a game that the management got completely wrong tactically and got a lucky break to gain 3 points. If something isn't broke dont try and fix it Robbo 4231 was working fine for us and if Keatings is out then play young Roddy in there with Vincent and Welsh behind as sitting two. Play White up top as he is our best man up there by a country mile to link play up. If Robbo is so insistent to play Storey then it has to be as a wide player to replace either Walsh or Doran and not changing formation to 442. Lucky day at the office today by getting the pen. Still some would say its better to be lucky than good.
  3. Gregor

    Top scorer

    He has had less time brilliant impact player to have on the bench to come on against tired defences with his pace.
  4. That’s a decent shout by the management team at the start of the season Would certainly be unusual for any team to field a 1-11 nowadays with injuries etc. Maybe See this soon
  5. Absolutely correct Mantis The majority of participating players paid or unpaid and the fans who attend games do so because they have a love of football.
  6. Well balanced post Totally agree with all you said.
  7. Very good performance last night by all the players Bit surprised reading on P&B s lot of negativity on our first half performance from those watching on tv . However judging by my view and those around me at the game we were all pleased with the movement all over the park of the team which I think can be missed on tv. Very enjoyable evening and four different goal scorers. It’s good that on the front four positions we have two players for each position when Mitch comes back to replace the starters. In our 8 games goals coming from all over the pitch and it’s good to see the forward players getting goals early season. Great start in the league 2 home wins and coming away with a point from 2 visits to Dundee is very encouraging.
  8. Have a good weekend Mantis Cheers 🤣🤣
  9. Scottish Championship career stats as per Mantis ratio of our 4 forwards KEATINGS 0.33 goals per game 44 goals from 137 appearances WHITE 0.23 goals per game 28 goals from 120 appearances STOREY 0.09 goals per game 3 goals from 32 appearances TODOROV 0.08 goals per game 3 goals from 35 appearances So Keatings and White have best ratio and as such should be played as a two pronged attack imo. However whoever the manager decides to play lets hope that chances are created for the forwards to have a chance of converting. By looking at total career stats and drilling down to Championship stats then my conclusion is still the same Keatings and White have proved they are the front runners for starting spots in the team. So Stan, if White isnt a decent goalscorer at championship level , he is still way ahead of Todorov or Storey in his performance at Championship level.
  10. Only quoted the six players from recent times career stats Yes if you take Storeys and Whites time here at Inverness on its own then you are correct Storey 0.36 or 1 goal in 2.78 games White 0.31 or 1 goal in 3.22 games However football isnt just about one season its about a career and over a career Whites stats are consistent and decent. I mean if you were looking at Stevie Mays stats over last 5 seasons 85 appearances 8 goals is only 0.09 goal per game or 1 goal in 10.6 games. Not an outstanding ratio at all. But lots of football fans would love to have him at their clubs. This must be based on his total career stats of 256 appearances 90 goals which shows a ratio of 0.35 goal per game or 1 goal in 2.84 games. So I think I was quite correct to look at individual players total career stats rather than a snapshot of their career.
  11. Would love to go 442 But with slightly different team Ridgers Rooney Donaldson MCCart Tremarco McGregor Vincent Doran Walsh White Keatings
  12. I disagree let’s have a look at past and present strikers career stats Rooney 435 appearances 180 goals 1goal every 2.41 games McKay 385 appearances 128 goals 1 goal every 3 games White 366 appearances 109 goals 1 goal every 3.35 games Keatings 199 appearances 54 goals 1goal every 3.68 games Todorov 110 appearances 18 goals 1 goal every 6.11 games Storey 217 appearances 32 goals 1 goal every 6.78 games I think there is a total misconception that around a goal every 3 games is bad. The reality is it’s really quite a decent return for a striker especially on the money we as a club can afford to pay.
  13. Gregor

    New ICT Podcast

    A good listen once again on way to Saturdays game Thanks to to you all.
  14. What a terrible performance , only positive was Dundee were not that much better and could only win by one goal which Ridgers should have saved easily.
  15. Think White is the guy who I would contnue start with atm. But its good we now have another player to come on as sub White has scored 18 goals for us and its just not about his goals. his workrate hold up play and bringing others into play is integral to how we play. Tonight wasnt his best performance but it wasnt any players best performance to be fair. But we won and thats what matters Im just happy that we have another striker to come into the team as a replacement for White as an impact player and the team dosent suffer from it as it did when Austin replaced him last season. Personally think White is the starter and Todorov is the impact player
  16. Well the arabs got beaten by east fife so early season games are not always good indicators
  17. Have to agree with Moray Jaggie, would start with same team as saturday
  18. Gregor

    New ICT Podcast

    Was a good listen Well done guys
  19. Maybe not I agree with Robbo when he said 4-1 was a bit hard on Raith Got a feeling they will get something from Peterhead game
  20. We didnt play 442 yesterday it was a 4231 formation. Lots of positives going forward yesterday just need to tighten up at the back where we were as you say a bit scrappy at times.
  21. Another defender would be a decent addition Would prefer him to be able to play right back as Todorov can be played at centre back. That would allow Carson to be used in midfield where he will be most suited imo from what Ive seen so far. Looked good in St Johnstone game
  22. Good summing up Peterhead are no mugs as they drew with Dundee too.
  23. I think that is a very good point re playing two different teams in early games
  24. He is a decent player no doubt about that but not sure if title is signed sealed delivered.